Continued Discussion on Energetic Self Defense

Today’s post bumps up more comments into their own post as people continue to discuss various methods of energetic self defense, as well as sharing stories that illustrate the complexity of this topic. I do love my blog readers! Thank you for caring and for being willing to look at “the good, the bad and the ugly” and for committing to finding more and more ways to live well in love and beauty. You can find the two posts this post references here and here.


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    This worthwhile discussion continues. What would you do? Many thanks Laura.

  • Posted by seattle72 on October 11, 2014 at 4:06 pm  edit

    Great food for thought here. I grew up with child neglect and child abuse, a dynamic very similar to the forces creating same between ‘authority’ and ‘citizen’, at least those of us in the 99%… Restoring a balanced sense of healthy boundaries after discovering my sovereignty upon leaving that situation has been very challenging. Its all too common a pitfall to become like those who harmed you once you’ve awakened from your victim’s slumber and become an avenger. Personally I found myself swinging between two extremes (avenger to total pacifist to avenger…) to come to a more balanced, healthy place (I hope). It continues to be a work in progress.

    This discussion reminds me of something I read in a psychic self defense book. The author suggested that imposing love and light on conflict can actually exacerbate and irritate a situation that really needs to express as it is, in order to properly heal. I think there is a lot of wisdom in this. He used War as an example. For some reason, I sometimes think of it as imposing the color pink on tomboyish girls. Forcing a role on someone or something that wants to express as they are, evolve on thier own timeline.

    These ideas have tempered my decisions to just send love and light to anything that I find distasteful or not in alignment with my path.

    Thanks Laura, as always, for creating this space to share. 🙂

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  • Posted by renegadepoet on October 11, 2014 at 7:05 pm  edit

    Very important subject Laura. Protection is the ground stone of existence. The base we build everything upon. Protect yourself with circles, with mirrors, mantras, runes, talismans, gemstones such as smoky quartz and black tourmaline. Start with your body, your aura, then widen it out to include your house and family unit, the things you most value. I personally favour an energy field similar to electricity; but keep it neutral. When the attack comes invite it in as far as you dare, then send it back bright and hot like an exploding star. Remember, they cannot stand the force of light.

    All this has been learned the hard way from experience. Enjoyed the discussion.


  • Thanks, Mike. Yes, all good tips! I use all of them — learned from experience, too. Thanks for sharing more here.

  • Thanks for the additional insights, Seattle72. Finding that tempered balance is key. 🙂

  • As kids, we knew this magick. When another kid was being mean or insulting, we spelled them by saying, “I am rubber, you are glue: Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you!”


    Just want to add the story I saw about the group of family and friends having dinner together in LA – this was a few years ago – when a robber broke in through the patio door, with a gun, threatening. He was a poor young black kid, they were rich and golden, and evidently very cool, kind, self-confident people who ended up talking him down, giving him red wine, and connecting into him. In the end he tearfully apologized and left.

    There was another case of a bank teller who connected to the robber, got him to stop, also cry, and pray with her thinking of Jesus and his own family, who he did not want to shame.

    Love is not soft and weak, nor must it be hard to work it’s own magick. Even “robbers” can be reached by Love, experience Grace and find their hearts. —

    When we live in fear we become a magnet for fearful experiences. I like what you do, Laura: recognize the truth that bad is out there, install your defense traps and protections, and then don’t think about the bads until your intuition / Spidey senses alert you. Best way to live in the light!

  • Thanks for the additional stories and comments, Diana. Beautiful! I have also witnessed situations diffused with humor and compassion. It can sometimes work, but the key is discerning when. It also takes courage and an abilty to look at one’s own Shadow in order to see oneself enough in the robber/rapist/killer to connect with that person as another yourself. You can’t fake that kind of authenticity, but if you can muster it AND the person is willing to connect that way, then it can become a beautiful moment that truly heals.


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  1. Re: the idea that the CIA was behind the counterculture. I think “that” idea is the real CIA plant. “If you can’t beat them then claim you created them” sort of a thing. The 60’s did not at all “dumb down” people and make them zombie slaves – quite the contrary. The CIA’s war in Viet Nam was eventually brought down by the counterculture. There is a general op at work lately that is trying to claim the CIA is behind everything and that they can “control our minds” with cell towers, etc. That stuff is the CIA op – they are trying to paint themselves as being the master controllers of us all and to be into everything. It is in my mind a silly conceit but very effective if you can get everyone to start believing it. Mind you, I am a orgoniteer, but I have never bought into the idea that “they can control our minds.” The only way they can do that is to make you think they can.



    • Interesting take on this idea. I suspect it is somewhere in the middle. I know that as a child, I was placed in a “gifted” program, which had some creepy elements to it, at least in elementary school. First of all, when tested for the program, I purposely bombed the test so that I wouldn’t get put into the program. I did not like the vibe of the guy giving the test. He was seriously creepy. No one believed my results, so after much talking to my parents to try to get them to convince me how important this test was, I passed and was placed into this “program.”

      I did not, however, always participate as demanded. They did a lot of psychic training, intuitive testing, etc. I enjoyed the “games” but something always told me to bomb the tests when they administered them. Again, the teacher and test evaluators realized I either did not test well or was purposely bombing the tests, but they couldn’t prove it. Every time that they would give a test for psychic skills, I got a little message inside me telling me not to pass the test.

      I am certain, in retrospect, that they were trying to develop and select children with strong psychic gifts for black ops. One of the creepiest gifted classes was when the teacher did a several class spread on Lizzie Borden. We were shown photos of her prior to and after murdering her parents with an axe, and we were questioned extensively on what it would take for us to do something like that. Even at the time, as a fourth grader, it occurred to me that this was highly inappropriate. I complained to my parents about it, but I don’t think they followed up on it. These days, you hear about “lone shooters” who were very “gifted” or about these people selected to do remote viewing. I don’t know if they’re still combing elementary schools for those kids, but they sure were in the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s. I have heard even creepier stories from clients and blog readers, which, if you have done any research into MK ULTRA, really do go hand in hand with the program.

      Perhaps you are not able to be mind controlled, but I would wager that a LOT of people are. I think the CIA did co-opt the 60’s, but it has backfired on them, kind of like the internet has. Tools depend on who’s using them, and there’s always the possibility of someone claiming the tools as their own and doing something good with them, even if the tools were intended for something not so good. The people I know who made it out of the programming attempts have become powerful healers who use their intuition and psychic gifts to help others. Ditto a lot of drugged out hippies, who spawned the organic gardening movement, much of the return to nature movement, and many of whom really did pose a real threat to the establishment.

      The article sent by Mitch has some pretty well documented evidence that it was a CIA contrivance, though, including its modern day incarnation with all the psychotropic medications. I just think that what they created developed a life of its own, which will hopefully backfired big time. If you’ve not encountered people under mind control, you might not believe in it, but having witnessed a hypno”therapist” pull all sorts of shenanigans on “patients,” and being himself under extreme control of others, I can tell you that it does exist. Some of these people have never heard of MK ULTRA and would laugh if you mentioned it, but until being deprogrammed, they were essentially zombies.



  2. I agree thoroughly that the CIA is up to all sorts of skullduggery using mind control, and it is already an established fact that they have “plants” all over the place in the mass media, but I don’t think they are impregnating the airwaves with content against which we are helpless. It is probable that the cell tower and GWEN network could be used to affect mood and anxiety levels, but I don;t think it can be used ti inject thoughts into our minds though the CIA would just love for that idea to become mainstream. Below is a link to an article that dissects how the CIA for instance spins the UFO thing, and within it there are signs of what the CIA is in general up to. Their dominant op these days is to scare people and propagate anxiety because that is the best means of mass control.
    “Perhaps Deshere is giving us a glimpse into one of the most intriguing aspects of all of the Mirage Men’s elusive tricks: They did not have to perfect the brainchildren born in the labs of mad scientists – or necessarily even get the ideas to work at all – as much as lead the world to believe so. A preferred mind control technique may have been to lead a subject to believe his handlers possessed effective mind control techniques.”

    (This article interests me because I see this same kind of “it is futile to resist” meming being propagated in the orgonite community by certain of it’s higher profile participants. It happens often enough and blatantly enough that I have come to suspect it is some sort of psyop. When I publicly question the assumption that “they can control our minds” a peculiarly testy backlash occurs as if I have upset not just someone’s mindset but have interrupted an agenda. It is highly likely that intelligence assets have coopted the orgonite community for spreading certain ideas agreeable to the general message of fear and futility that is part and parcel of modern media/intelligence activities.)

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    • Thanks, I will check out the article. I agree, there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors happening. I still think the NSA “leaks” are as much to create fear of surveillance as to “help” people overcome it. People are now self-censoring — just like I’m sure people are trying to self-censor thoughts, too. On the flip side, Obama and his ilk are certainly ever so interested in mapping the brain and trying to control it. The problem is there’s a little thing called free will on this planet. Even though rarely honored, it is ours to claim. We do not need to accept the overlays and control …. difficult though they may be for many to discern.



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