Must View Video from a Media Whistleblower

Wow. Thank you for telling it like it is. This video comes to us from a German journalist who reveals journalist ties to the CIA and identifies himself as “a non-official cover.” He decided to speak out because he’s ashamed of the ways that the media promotes war through propaganda. He admits to having taken bribes and describes Germany as “a colony of the United States.” All “respected” German newspapers or news organizations are “guests of “trans-Atlantic organizations,” which expect pro-American articles and news coverage in exchange for bribes and honorary citizenship.  This is happening in Germany … but he suspects it’s “especially the case with British, Israeli, Australian, New Zealand, Taiwanese, Jordan, and many other countries where you find people who claim they are respected journalists, but if you look behind, you will find they are puppets on a string from the Central Intelligence Agency.”

A must watch for anyone who thinks “conspiracy theorists” are nuts when they claim mainstream media lies and that the CIA has infiltrated everything to manufacture consensus reality.

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