The Ebola test: let the test’s inventor speak

Following along the trail that the “Ebola” scare is quite possibly NOT Ebola … I still contend it’s wise to have our immune systems in tip top shape, because with this kind of roll out of WHATEVER they’re plotting, it would be good to have a body healthy enough to reject poisoning and/or infection from unknown causes or (Goddess forbid) mandatory vaccines. It’s also wise to have extra food and water on hand, just in case a fake or real pandemic of a different sort sneaks in the backdoor while everyone’s watching the front. Worst(?) case scenario, upping nutrition and immune function will leave us all feeling healthier, more energetic and clearer, and having extra supplies on hand will leave everyone feeling more secure and less dependent on/influenced by external circumstances.

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  1. Posted by Ines on October 7, 2014 at 8:06 am

    Press TV announced that over 3000 people have died from this so called virus, that is nothing compared to how many people die each day of a heart attack in the US or how many drug overdoses happen in a day, it’s small in number compared to the hype given to it and the fear mongering they are causing. I too think that we are our own worse enemies, given the fact that we are hit from all sides meaning poisoned water, air and food, chemtrails, vaccines, GMO foods not labeled, we are suffering from damaged immune systems where a simple flu virus can now cause the body to fail literally because it doesn’t have the immunosuppression abilities anymore. I don’t know how it is in the US population, but here when someone has a fever they run to the doctor asking for drugs, neither side have the knowledge that the fever should not be suppressed right away because it’s our immune system working. Each time you take an aspirin for a fever, you are in essence suppressing your immune system from working properly. This too has led to the current conditions our bodies are in, totally dead, unable to fight off even a bacteria because of the constant drugs we take to suppress every symptom that we should leave alone for at least 24 hours.
    Not to mention the fact that Ebola can be cured with natural supplements such as Vitamin C, MMS, Melatonin. These people in Africa could be dying because they are already sick and just do not have the ability to fight off this virus. If this was just a dangerous virus, statistically it should have travelled all around the world by now and we should have many more deaths. Things just don’t add up, but there is an agenda for it, I think it will not be successful because African nations are starting to question this outbreak and are actually talking about this being Biological warfare against them, so the cat is out of the bag.

    You can’t tell me that YOU, as an African politician or anyone that has internet access does not read the information about Ebola..if I have access to this information then so does everyone else. It seems to me that these African politicians are getting paid to shut up, if they really wanted to expose this, they could have, the information is all over the internet.

    It will not be successful, it’s already a failure, we the people are waking up and it’s no longer easy to fool us.



    • Thanks, Ines, for the additional clarification. Yes, I find it interesting that the big Ebola roll-out may finally be what exposes the vaccine fraud in Africa and triggers those countries to take back their power from Western “philanthropy.” I read yesterday that India is suing Bill Gates for the damages caused by his vaccine campaigns there. Methinks the globalist corporations and psychopaths — sorry for redundancy, I forgot that in America, “corporations are people” and thus can be their own official psychopaths — have pushed the envelope too far. I wouldn’t put it past them to up their myriad assaults while they still can, though, so that’s where reclaiming our own immune systems and health becomes key. Thanks for your comment.



  2. Posted by C.W. on October 7, 2014 at 12:53 pm

    one more caveat – my renegade doctor husband used to tell me the US healthcare system will swing into high gear over one positive lab test, never mind that there could have been errors in the test or errors by the lab technician (his medical school back in the day required the med students to perform their own lab tests on patients, so they would learn how easily mistakes could be made and allow for the factor of human error!) They don’t do that now as far as I know (too time consuming? demeaning?)
    For an agreement with your posts on Ebola from Charles Eisenstein, check out



    • Thanks, C.W., but when I click that link I get an error code 404 — page not found. Is there another link you know of? Searching Eisenstein and a modest proposal, I only get his one for Facebook to become a gift based site. And yes, labs make mistakes a LOT! Again, I don’t think it matters to people in the bigger picture if they’re fighting Ebola or some other bioweapon — the PTB have laid their cards on the table with all this propaganda and with the Olympics pandemic ritual –that they want some kind of global pandemic. Let’s up our immune systems and carrying on creating a better world. 🙂



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