:) :) :) Growing a new economy in America, by Mia Feroleto . . . a wonderful, positive story! Thanks, Mia!

This is a great story, and I have long said that a return to growing hemp could turnaround the US economy and ecology. We need to watch Monsanto’s fingers trying to get into GMO hemp, but this single crop has so much potential! I’m glad to see more recognition of the healing qualities of this magical plant. On Veteran’s Today, no less!

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  1. Posted by mia feroleto on October 6, 2014 at 1:16 pm

    Thank you so much for reposting it Laura! The tide is turning for sure. Mia



    • You’re welcome. Thanks for the great post! It’s so nice to have encouraging news. 🙂 There’s plenty of it, but it seems we need to dig for it and assert it to keep things moving in the positive direction. Blessings, Laura



  2. […] Mia and the return of industrial hemp might enjoy this earlier piece from February 2015, as well as this inspiring piece of hers published at Veterans Today. Thank you, Mia, for your bright spirit, big heart, and tireless […]



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