Integration Lifetimes and the Splitting of the Worlds

I keep thinking about Inelia Benz’s recent post, “The Splitting of the Worlds –Coming to a planet near You!” , urging people to consider an option besides simple light or dark … positive or negative. According to Inelia — and I had previously written about this, too:

“The physical separation is really up on the human collective mind right now. I would say, for now, just observe it.

“As I observe it, and this is something that is coming out in the Interview with a Psychic Assassin book, there is a third option manifesting. It’s is so outside of our reality scale that it needs to be observed.

“Basically, light and dark can and do exist without the other. In fact, that’s the only way they can exist. We can see both because there is both existing separately from each other in our world. There is also a reality where neither exists.

“And something that is just appearing in our awareness, is a reality where they both exist as One. Not light and dark making grey, but making a color that is not in our spectrum. Not a reality where they neutralize or mesh, but where a new element emerges.”

This third option has the potential to transcend the duality and extremes currently thrashing collective consensus reality. It’s akin to what I’ve called an “Integration Lifetime,” in which the goal isn’t fixing a single relationship or issue, or succeeding at a particular career, or evening the score; no, it’s much more complicated and yet infinitely simpler than all that! Integration Lifetimes (and there are millions here living them right now in microcosm of larger processes on our planet) aim to reclaim all the disparate facets of our multi-dimensional beings and empower ourselves to live and be in the world but not of it. Even that phrase fails to reflect all the subtleties of an Integration Lifetime, because once you find that new set point and way of being, you can suddenly afford to be “of” the world, too. The weight of the world won’t weigh you down.

The integration process begins with dis-integration, which is why I encounter so many of you as Medical Intuitive clients! Life falls apart in ways that prohibit you from using bandaids, splints and crutches as permanent cures. After the dis-integration comes a period of the Void. You’ve lost everything you thought you knew and were, but you can’t see or feel or know what’s coming, because “it” remains so far off your radar that you miss “it,” even when “it” begins to permeate your being. The Void can last awhile. However long it lasts, it feels uncomfortable. The sooner you embrace that discomfort of uncertainty, the sooner you notice something massive, healing and deeply nourishing moving through your life. It seems murky at first, hidden in the shadows, and in fact, Shadow Work becomes an important part of moving from the Void into the New.

Shadow Work requires great courage and fortitude, but it offers great rewards, as well. You begin to recognize the eternal parts of yourself, even as you catch flickers of new versions of you that look and feel vaguely familiar, yet somehow more whole, grounded and vast. For some people who tend to live very multi-dimensionally, such integration can even include making peace with linear time and the rational mind. For most people, it requires exploring (and sometimes even mastering) the concepts, ideas and skills that you find scary and repulsive. It’s not about right/left or right/wrong. Nor is it just a blob of formless, mindless goo. Real integration is about options, choices and responsible co-creation.

Most teachings on the Law of Attraction suggest that we must only focus on that which we desire, so that we don’t send ourselves into the downward spiral of “miscreation.” Although it sounds good to focus only on the positive and that which we do want, it actually takes tremendous energy and mental gymnastics to attempt to ignore things we’d rather not experience. The tricky part is that not everyone’s living in the same type of incarnation. People on a “regular” lifetime can leave their Shadows for dealing with another time. People here on Integration Lifetimes, by contrast, find that when they ignore Shadows, the Shadows get bigger, more threatening, and scream for more and more attention.

As a Medical Intuitive, I see so much of this dynamic play out in complex, chronic health crises, especially Lyme Disease, brain injury, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, endocrine disruption, and various autoimmune conditions. These sorts of conditions can easily become a game of whack-a-mole, which so perfectly mirrors the larger world right now with its myriad crises and intertwining rabbit holes. Just when you think you’ve gotten a handle on one symptom or corrupt group, another three blindside you — screaming even louder for attention. Most days during the week, I speak with at least one, sometimes several people who confess that they are paralyzed by the fear of death. Sometimes it’s the fear of suffering. Sometimes the fear that this current symptom or situation “will never go away.” Not just mild anxiety. We’re talking paralyzing, white knuckled, raw FEAR.

For people on an Integration Lifetime, positive affirmations rarely work, and — even more frustrating — these folks have usually done a lot of spiritual growth work, plus extensive study of natural and energetic healing, Law of Attraction, metaphysics, Ancient Traditions, science, art and more. They look around at people far less aware having far fewer and less intense issues, and they begin to judge themselves for “being a fraud” or “flaky” or “self-sabotaging.” Meanwhile, such judgment exponentially fortifies the blocks against healing and integration! Someone not on an Integration Lifetime reading a bunch of Hay House books might find that material life changing, because they’re encountering new material. But few things feel new to those on an Integration Lifetime. This sense of world weariness extends even into alternative spiritual and healing realms. These souls might feel initial resonance but then quickly return to feeling bored or disjointed — huge levels of awareness coupled with seemingly disproportionate 3D problems.

The worst thing you can do on an Integration Lifetime is try to make yourself conform to “normal” expectations and compare yourself to people not on an Integration Lifetime! Doing so will add to your confusion, because not everyone thriving on Hay House, yoga and Law of Attraction is on an Integration Lifetime! They might be great people with a lot to offer the world; they might be on a fast track to spiritual growth and development; but if they’re not on an Integration Lifetime, then don’t be surprised when their “sure fire” methods backfire for you.

This dynamic has implications for collective consensus reality and splitting timelines, too, bringing us back to Inelia’s comments: “And something that is just appearing in our awareness, is a reality where they both exist as One. Not light and dark making grey, but making a color that is not in our spectrum. Not a reality where they neutralize or mesh, but where a new element emerges.

“The urge to separate to different realities seems to be somehow related to the emergence of this new vibration. It is almost like if we don’t separate now, we will be all gobbled up into the new element and that is so unknown, so different, so ‘not human’ that we are pushing our choice hard now.”

The challenge for those on an Integration Lifetime is that “healed” does not mean “returning to the way things were.” No model exists for the new version of you, because you haven’t yet given birth to it. In the same way a child hides in the mother’s womb, this new version of you hasn’t yet seen the light of (any) day. It’s a new Creation, still nebulous in the realm of pure potential. We are in times of tremendous choice right now, and the type of lifetime you’re on largely influences what choices your soul will find most satisfying. The urge to split — although a strong one — also feels a bit “been there, done that” to those on Integration Lifetimes. To those younger souls just discovering things like the Law of Attraction and Reality Creation, splitting the worlds into light and dark, positive and negative seems like a fabulous opportunity. Even those on an Integration Lifetime might sometimes fantasize about living in the land of lollipops and gumdrops. Organic and sugar-free, of course! 😉 But ultimately, those on an Integration Lifetime would find themselves bored with that scenario, in the same way that people who’ve gone through a major life transition find old parts of their life feel too small or “flat.”

Healing for those on an Integration Lifetime is not so much about removal, as it is about conscious Creation. Sometimes Creation involves a carving away — like sculpting — but that carving away does not become an end in itself. Rather, the carving away exists as a step, perhaps many, many steps, in service to a greater vision, inspiration and spontaneous engagement with the material. Carving reveals Shadows, as greater depth encourages the play of light and dark, but the whole of Creation eventually reveals itself as far more than the sum of its individual cuts. An artist adds something with each taking away, infusing the Creation with life force energy until that Creation can hold its own.

I believe the third option of which Inelia speaks has begun to hint at its arrival, because enough people on Integration Lifetimes have come far enough on their individual journeys to open space for something beyond the Void. Old tugs to the familiar remain, but continued Shadow Work coupled with active, conscious Creation in both the imagination and in tangible ways — will continue to gestate this new option until the birthing time.

Different people engage Shadows in different ways. My dear friend and sweet faery twin, Tania Marie prefers not to work as an activist exposing wrongs or fighting for rights, but she’s got a body full of extremely potent, powerful, deliberate, beautiful and what some people have even called “scary” tattoos. She’s got a dragon, snakes, and jaguars, occult symbols, Moon goddesses, and ancient languages all in black, black, black ink all over her body. That’s a lot of intensity, money and pain, which she wears in indelible ink as an unapologetic reclamation of the power, Shadow projections, and often corrupted goodness attached to all these things. Embodying the Shadow literally on her body allows Tania to live her life with innocence and childlike wonder while still honoring the vastness and power of her being. Her book, Spiritual Skin, helps others to explore a similar path.

Tattoos are widely popular right now, but not for everyone. Some people invoke and integrate their Shadows by embracing whatever taboos have most defined their lives. Others move through various Archetypes and roles. Others attract life threatening illness or injury, which makes them reconcile with their own mortality. Since we all die at some point, this last version of Shadow Work opens itself to everyone — even those not on a full Integration Lifetime. Inelia has noted that “Gaia (Earth/Terra) has actively been pushing for a physical separation that is done through time, three generations, and is trauma free and gentle.” Those on Integration Lifetimes tend to feel deeply connected to Terra and tend to be the ones walking a fine line with awareness of this unsustainable civilization and way of life crumbling to its core (scary Shadow stuff!) and the joy, freedom and excitement of creating and welcoming the new.

As more and more Integration Lifetime folks move through their own process of dis-integration and learning to accept the Void, the human frequency on this planet continues to rise and offer encouragement for entirely new ways of being. We can reclaim the best of the old and the new, while consciously finding ways to integrate the pain, darkness and fear boiling to the surface of collective consensus reality. Energy adepts know that energy is energy, so we can mitigate the need for drastic physical events like pandemics and devastating tsunamis by exploring their energy signatures and finding different ways to rearrange and morph the energy. Kind of like radical feng shui!

Those who’ve already journeyed through the Void might find their skills and experiences increasingly welcomed as we redecorate and remodel reality, as the awakening masses begin to ask, “OK, we see it, but what the heck are we supposed to do with all this stuff????” The splitting of the worlds option gets rid of it, along with a whole lot of the material world. The integration option might involve some decluttering, but it doesn’t necessarily mean gutting. Think “re-purposing” or making art from junk, beauty from the discordant, healing from pain. The collective has not decided on a path yet, but individuals will each make their own choice. Collective consensus reality just means the tipping point of people with relatively aligned choices. If you suspect you’re on an Integration Lifetime and have been hammering the “positive” button, I’d simply encourage you to use this time delay to make sure you won’t be bored with your selection. Red pill, blue pill. Why take any pill? Or maybe you want a purple one. Maybe you want a world beyond pills.

Collectively, we’re in the Void right now, which means we wait. We can drive ourselves crazy with the waiting game, or we can use the extra linear time to explore and begin to create all sorts of worlds before we fully move into the new. You know what they say: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow’s a mystery, but today’s a gift. That’s why they call it ‘the present.'” I’ll repost Joanna Macy’s wonderful talk on the gift of Uncertainty and wish you many blessings:

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    Love this post by Laura. Good for thought and creation. What do you and I really want in the world to come. Love this piece.


  2. Posted by seattle72 on October 4, 2014 at 3:06 pm

    What a lot of great info here! Thank you for sharing this, much food for thought.

    Years ago in 1999 after the download, I kept having people come to me telling me I had to pick a side, they were annoyed with my fence sitting. I remember getting a sign where I saw each side pulling on me, pulling me apart! I remember in subsequent years understanding the dynamic of the tension created by these opposites, upon which sat the material world as we knew it. After much thought I elected…no side at all, explaining niether side was whole, complete, integrated, the path I preferred.

    Thanks again Laura! So glad you are out there in the world doing the work you’re doing.


  3. Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:
    This is such an important, at least in my opinion, powerful, and very well written and insightful post by my dear friend, Laura Bruno. Laura does a wonderful job at explaining the energetic environment that we as souls are experiencing, and how that equates to the kind of lifetime you are in, this time around.

    Some of us are experiencing Integration Lifetimes, which leaves many empowering and creative choices available than mere black and white, or even grey. Others are experiencing more “regular” lifetimes and so things that work for them will not work, and may feel either unsatisfying, or eventually backfire, for anyone living an Integration Lifetime who judges themselves against others not like them.

    I got a sweet surprise that she actually included some of my way that I live with and embody shadow in her piece. So you’ll get a glimpse of that in her post.

    We are all different and so we will need to choose the path of integration that works for us, without comparing to others. That said, if something you’ve chosen isn’t working, then perhaps you could revisit other options that may be more fitting for you, rather than ones you might have opted for as easier or because others seemed to be having success with it.

    I know this is so true for me, as I have no desire to, or can’t engage in, many of the things that I see others around me getting so much out of in their own lives. I know that it is perfect for them, but it doesn’t feel aligned with or right for me and leaves me hugely unsatisfied and gaining nothing from it. That’s why people are surprised to learn that I don’t engage in certain things they would “think” I should be, based on ideas of what people have about a certain way of being. I’ve carved out a way and things that work for me and I’m not afraid to be different since I know its for my highest good to follow my intuition.

    Remember, you are not someone else. So choose accordingly to your vibrational frequency.

    Excellent and resonating post. Thank you Laura for so clearly explaining this. I hope people will find some gems of insight and comfort to support their process.

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    The Void


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    “Red pill, blue pill. Why take any pill?” Love you, Laura! Thanks for this. As Lee Harris would say, it’s “bang on point.”


  7. Posted by Cindy W. on October 5, 2014 at 6:33 pm

    Yes, thank you for this post! I don’t know if I’m on an “integration lifetime,” but it is certainly a kinder way to describe the adventures of my life than to say (as some do to me) that I have “bad karma,” or I’m “a failure.” Actually, I’ve liked what someone said about scriptwriters, that a scriptwriter would not write a character whose life was perfect, always easy, and positive, because that wouldn’t be interesting. An interesting story has all the elements – loss, happiness, confusion, service – many different perspectives and events!

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  8. Thanks for the additional perspectives, Cindy, and I would say yes, you are on an Integration Lifetime. 🙂


  9. Love you, too, Nalla! Thanks for the repost.


  10. Thanks, T! Sorry for the late response. With the Reiki 1 and 2 class and everything else this weekend, I’m just getting caught up on replies. 🙂

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  11. Thanks, Seattle72, for the additional sharing. That’s quite a Fae response, too, if you can believe the mythology surrounding them that they were the angels who refused to take sides or participate in the War in Heaven. Blessings and appreciation to/for you, too!


  12. Thanks, Dawn!


  13. Brilliant! I so appreciate your wisdom around this topic. I was resistant to reading the article by Inelia when it appeared in my email which is usually a good sign for me that I should NOT resist 😛
    But. . . even though I could sense something brewing within my limited understanding while I was reading, it was not until you posted your article that I was able to sense with more clarity what exactly was ‘brewing’.

    Forgiveness, Choice, Inclusion and Love.

    We are bringing forth / birthing the new color from deep within our beings, the consciousness that Mother Earth has held for us or that maybe we even placed there for this precise choice point. And with each conscious choice to be that ~ we are allowing more and more to choose that as well.
    At least that is what I understand today 🙂
    Thank you.
    This article was definitely a blessing
    Love Suzanne


  14. Oh, good! Glad you found this article a blessing. LOL, it wanted out on Saturday — even though I had an all day Reiki class to teach and hadn’t planned on blogging that morning. Love and continued blessings, Laura


  15. I enjoyed reading this because I have always been on an “Integration Lifetime”. As you have said— –“the soul’s bigger goal of embracing every being they have ever been,”. — I know that not “embracing every being” one has ever been is what causes us to reincarnate again and again. Since time is an illusion, and everything is actually ‘right now’, our “past” lives and our “future” lives are all happening “right now”. When we “integrate” them we are “here” and there is no “other” other place to go. When that occurs we will no longer reincarnate, and then will will no longer need to die. I have known since I was a child that I would not die. I did not understand as a child “how” that would be, I just Knew it was so. Now I fully Know how. We are transmuting back into the Beings we were created as who are Eternal.

    “Others attract life threatening illness or injury, which makes them reconcile with their own mortality. Since we all die at some point,”

    When we fully “integrate” all our lives, the purpose of death will have been accomplished and will no longer be necessary.

    In Love,


  16. Beautiful! Love and blessings, Laura


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    With polarization still vying for so much attention, this 2014 article on Integration Lifetimes wants a repost. If you have Chronic Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue or TBI, you are for sure on an Integration Lifetime. If you experienced massive trauma at a very young age, you’re likely on an Integration Lifetime. If you just don’t fit into ANY group, political party or religion, you might very well be on an Integration Lifetime. Earth Herself is pushing for integration, so even if you’re not personally on an Integration Lifetime, by virtue of being here, now, you feel the dynamics.

    Integration remains one of the most challenging concepts for most people. If you need help along the journey, please feel free to contact me. Life beyond that core resistance is miraculous and magical. Radiant and healed.


  18. Posted by Eliza Ayres on January 25, 2017 at 11:40 am

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    Oh so there!


  19. Most families are little cauldrons of uncertainty at times, yet they most often embrace it because love is overriding and gives them no other choice. If you can expand that awareness to the larger global family then you arrive at the place Macy is talking about. It’s very hard to do.
    Thanks for re-posting this. Laura.

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  20. Posted by seattle72 on January 25, 2017 at 11:08 pm

    Bo, I always enjoy your thoughts. I have a lot of resistance around “loving” so-called ‘family’ when certain members clearly have no care for themselves or others. Perhaps it’s my White Mirror aspect in effect, reflecting back to others what they believe about themselves.

    I’m on an integration lifetime. Curious thing, lately I’ve been pondering the very opposite of integration, in the form of shedding a skin, like our magickal and wise snake friends. Sometimes I wonder if it’s not always about bringing all aspects in, maybe sometimes it’s about about letting go of what is false, like the psychic projection of parental wounds taken in and accepted as if they we our own.

    I’ve had more soul retrievals than I can even recall to count! Right now, I’m about digging deep to my core, trying to use that as my north star, and shedding that which was never really mine. It requires a lot of thought about why I adopted those personas to begin with, what about these characteristics resonated enough to ‘stick’ in the first place?

    Oh Mama, the times they are a changin’. Goddess bless us all and allow our souls to know peace.

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  21. Hi Seattle 72, I think you’re experiencing the carving away: “Healing for those on an Integration Lifetime is not so much about removal, as it is about conscious Creation. Sometimes Creation involves a carving away — like sculpting — but that carving away does not become an end in itself. Rather, the carving away exists as a step, perhaps many, many steps, in service to a greater vision, inspiration and spontaneous engagement with the material. Carving reveals Shadows, as greater depth encourages the play of light and dark, but the whole of Creation eventually reveals itself as far more than the sum of its individual cuts. An artist adds something with each taking away, infusing the Creation with life force energy until that Creation can hold its own.” 🙂 Thank you, as always, for your insights and sharing. I love your last line and prayer!

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  22. Wise words, Bo. Thank you, as always, for your observations. 🙂


  23. […] mine synchronously “out of the blue” from an old post of Laura’s from 2014 titled Integration Lifetimes and the Splitting of the Worlds – one of my favorites of hers and SO reflective and synchronous with all of […]

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