Flash Silvermoon ~ Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for October 2014

Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for October 2014

By Flash Silvermoon  

Fasten your seat belts folks because this month of October has all the bells and whistles that can really make life interesting if not challenging! I know that the last 3 months have not exactly been a piece of cake for anybody so cut a piece of whatever cake makes you feel good, be it gluten or sugar free or a thick piece of rich dark chocolate. Now take some good bites and read on. Chocolate always makes the news feel better. Last month I spoke of massive saber rattling and the rising of the women and I do believe that we saw both manifest in a big way. This month both of those energies will be even stronger.

Have you noticed that THE CONVERSATION has been about Domestic Violence and violence against women? From the NFL to Washington to Hollyweird and a new group made up of many powerful women called “Why I stayed!” So often women get blamed and persecuted by others for not jumping right out of an abusive relationship when most often they do not have the where with all to support themselves and kids immediately. The Why I stayed women are suggesting that one should get a plan together and put some $$ aside so that they can make a well thought out escape unless of course there is extreme and immediate danger.

Astrologically things will really be heating up even more for women’s rights and rebellion. More about that as we approach the Full Moon in Aries on the 8th. Before we go there, Oct 4 Mercury goes Retrograde in Libra til Oct 25. I have spoken on many occasions about the challenges present during Merc retro cycles. Clearly no one can afford to stop everything for 3 weeks nor should we. However, we should be extra mindful during this time about our communications and try not to begin or sign anything binding or permanent til after the retrograde. This is a great time for good prep so that when Mercury goes direct your projects and ideas are ready to fly. Sometimes this retrograde can bring old loves or other relationships back from the past. Just be sure that old problems are corrected before diving back in all the way. I encourage everyone to NOT make a defining decision about a relationship of any kind during the retrograde as you may have to  re decide a couple of times before you are done. Mercury retrograding through the Venus-ruled sign of Libra will put even more emphasis on relationship during this month.
Some of the good news,things that you may have lost can sometimes return from the black hole where they have been hiding. Important projects that have been left unfinished can be completed now and that can be very empowering and satisfying.  Because retrograde means that the energy must move backwards before it can go forward, everything slows down a bit and I for one do not mind slowing down the War Machine for a bit more diplomacy or other less violent solutions.
With both Chiron, the planet of the Wounded Healer and Neptune all in the Neptune- ruled sign of Pisces, we are dealing with many challenges with water from flooding again, torrential rain and residual oil and toxic chemical leaks. Besides the water, Neptune energy rules toxins and disease as well as deception. Clearly we are dealing with some possible diseases spreading and the possibility of a disease spreading. Do we know for sure? Who do we trust when the story keeps changing as to just how dangerous or real the Ebola threat is. Once again we are dealing with a time when we must trust our own inner compass our own third eyes to know what the truth is. Are we still dealing with Weather Wars even though HAARP has been dismantled? Who is Isol? More questions than real answers I am afraid so just don’t drink the fear laced Kool-Aid to keep your stress level manageable and occasionally a NEWS FAST to just keep it real and peaceful. We are living in times when our own psychic abilities are getting stronger and are much needed. Use these eclipses to help turn on that Light to see the truth in all its brilliance.

October 8 will be Full Moon in Aries with a total Lunar Eclipse! Yes this will be a very powerful time and all Full Moons tend to bring the energies to a head. This lunation will certainly do this as not only will it be a Full Moon in Aries which was referred by the Ancients as the Blood Moon, but the Moon will be conjoined with the planet Uranus.Uranus always brings a lot of surprises to the party too so in some ways the energy will feel very unpredictable. The intensity of this time may show itself by more volcanic and tectonic eruptions. Where there is imbalance we will see the most difficulty.
I learned a lot about the energies at play for this particular moon listening to the late great Marion Weinstein who used to have a wonderful show on WBAI FM in NYC called Marion’s Cauldron. She explained how this moon can arouse some of the most violent energy for the entire year. This makes sense as Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, considered the planet of war. Marion also shared that this was an ancient time of animal sacrifices in some cultures.  It is best be very careful of our animals during this moon, keeping them indoors at night and making sure that their potential aggression is well managed. [See my posts below Astroflash re.Gem Elixirs, Flower Essences and Healing Stones to help you and your animals get through challenging times more easily.]

I have also lived through a few harrowing events during this particular Full Moon that keep me very mindful about where I go and how I care for my animals. The police even concur that this and the Scorpio Full Moons are marked by more crimes of violence so………. not to try to frighten but rather to arm you with information so that you may be more aware and cautious.
Seeing how full moons bring  things to a boiling point, perhaps some of the violent criminals that have been at large will be caught. There is much more to say about this most prominent full moon. There are many planetary players interacting during this time, The Aries Full Moon is conjoined by Uranus and the South Node and they are all opposing the Sun,Venus and North Node in Libra with a wide square to Pluto! In plain English the world will be in a  pressure cooker. This can surely be a time of life altering changes for the good because Venus really has her loving arms wrapped around this potentially volatile energy. Because of the Mercury retrograde the warlike tendencies of Aries could be softened or at least postponed. The South Node in Aries will provide us with the courage and drive to release old patterns and the North Node in Libra will help us more creatively meet our aspirations with love and kindness. This needn’t be an either or proposition but rather a both and solution. We are to be integrating the energies of Aries and Libra internally and externally to achieve a greater balance particularly in relationship.
Women everywhere have been rising up in large numbers in all walks of life like never before and this is showing up boldly on much of mainstream culture from Talk Show hosts, famous actresses, singers such as Carole King and so many more coming out as survivors of domestic violence. Even stick waving sisterhoods in India are taking their lives and safety from rape into their own hands! For those of us like myself who are long time feminists, lesbians and woman identified this rising of the women brings pride and joy to my heart. Yes, finally and we are not going to take it anymore as a class. Violence against women effects every socioeconomic group,every race color and every religion and we are experiencing a huge Wake Up Call. The energy of this full moon connecting with Uranus and Pluto can actually inspire and conspire all of us to break free from the Patriarchal paradigm which is not great for anyone or anything and is bringing the whole planet to the brink of catastrophe. Patriarchy does not serve good men, the animals or the planet so this is not just some feminist rhetoric and the astrological aspects are giving us all the energy and impetus to elevate the Sacred Feminine and make this change! I do not see violence against men as a solution either long term as we all need a break from the violence laden Patriarchal model. That being said, when women as a class rise up against oppression, it is a great thing and a path of liberation.
Venus at the same time is in a tight square with Pluto and squares indicate conflict and a potential turning point so we are right on time to manifest Woman Power, not power over but shared power. We must endeavor to manifest this paradigm shift in all of our relationships too.
Eclipses offer us exceedingly potent energies. They can tend to erase and or highlight any point in the horoscope that they conjoin so if you have personal planets in any of the Cardinal signs, Aries,Cancer, Libra and Capricorn at around 14 degrees, this transit will effect you most profoundly. I have also noticed that both Gulf Wars began and ended on eclipses. All this being said, be mindful and let us all keep positive vision about our future and especially for this Full Moon in Aries, Practice nonviolence in your thinking and communication as we can determine a better outcome when we let our positive energies collect and connect for the highest good of all.

One of the great things about being an astrologer is that you can see the trends and the energetic flow so that you can ride the good waves that will take you where you want to go and ideally take a pass on activities that will not likely bear fruit. The cosmic road map stretches out in front of us and a good astrologer can help you navigate while using your personal free will to manifest your best choices.
I know that I am spending a lot of time talking about this full moon and there is yet another huge planetary aspect that will be affecting all of us. A Grand Trine in Fire signs will be warming things up considerably. Big Fire can manifest on many levels including inspiration, creativity, courage and passion. We are gifted with more heart centered energy so it behooves us to find a loving way to problem solve as well as basking in the sweetness of such fine energy. Fire literally can be a problem when it manifests in excess and has already burnt thousands of acres in California with no end in sight. Temperatures are blazing and the ground water is disappearing. Arsonists are partly responsible here as well as setting to flame the airport in Chicago. Both fire and water in excess can clearly have a more destructive side. While the grand Trine is seen as a most beneficial aspect it does signify the ability of whatever element represented, in this case fire, to get out of control. So yes fire in the belly, raging creative and loving fire and passion but let’s have a more peaceful relationship with fire when it comes to a more earthly manifestation.
On October 23 we have the New Moon in Scorpio with a Solar Eclipse. Venus is also conjoining the Sun and Moon here which sweetens the wonderful light that will be emanating as the result of this New Moon. There will be a major consciousness download as we shift into new and deeper understanding. A time of awakening to the wisdom of the heart and climbing out of the shadowy places that may have seemed to imprison us with past realities.

We can live in love or fear and it is time to give fear the boot. There is a major choice at this time between Light and Dark and I do not mean that in a racist way. I am speaking of the difference between destructive and constructive energies. Scorpio ‘s energy tends to put us in the deep emotional water and once we dive into the deep end of the pool we can run into old buried fears. This eclipse turns the light on and from there we can heal and emerge refreshed and renewed. Awareness is good and enables us to make wise choices. Fear can sometimes keep us from engaging in risky behavior however nothing hurts the heart and keeps it from staying appropriately open like fear. Trust is the key to forming loving balanced relationships and will provide healing. Part of the shift in consciousness that is occurring, should we choose, is a shift from the Reptilian brain “fight or flight” reaction to life.There is a much better way as many of you are beginning to appreciate as we connect more to a 5th Dimensional reality. 
Venus in Scorpio is very different from Venus in Libra.Venus rules the sign of Libra so She is very comfortable in Her own sign. While the Libran Venus sought balance and beauty, Venus in Scorpio adds Pluto to the mix and the proper sharing of power becomes crucial. Once trust is established and you know your partner is deserving of your trust, the most important thing is to release the need to control and replace it with acts of sharing and empowerment. One does not heal by becoming the one who has the upper hand in the situation. Upper and lower are just as diminishing positions for each party and will essentially lock you in to the Patriarchal power /over paradigm which is a system of domination liberating no one. Seems like Venus and Pluto are very key planetary energies this month as are the Solar and Lunar

Oct 31 is Samhain or Halloween, the New Year, celebrated by  many Witches, Goddess Worhsipers and various Earfth- based Religious practitioners. The Goddess as Crone presides over this Holy Day. It is a time to remember our Ancestors and the Burning Times so that this level of persecution is never repeated. The Veil is thin and it is much easier to commune with those who have passed as well as our Ancestors a this time. Our intuition has been growing in leaps and bounds over the last several months and this will be a peak time.
Saturn in Scorpio will be the focal point of a T Square to the Moon in Aquarius and Jupiter in Leo which is likely to bring some very heavy energies into play which is very much in tune with a holy day for the Crone, the Ancient ones. This is not a light- hearted holiday anyway so we will want to use these planetary vibrations to right the wrongs and elevate the place of women and particularly the aging women that they may be honored having renewed inspiration and a better way of life.
The Moonhaven Mystery School of Earth Magic for Women will celebrate here at Moonhaven Friday Oct 31 more info below.  Happy New Year to all who welcome this new beginning.” When we know better we do better!
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  1. Posted by beth on October 4, 2014 at 5:05 pm

    lovely post, thanks Laura! blessings


  2. Posted by Kieron on October 4, 2014 at 7:26 pm

    Your last few posts have been very weighty and profound, which, to me, is a sign of how intense the energies are right now. Normally I absorb everything I read without much effort but these last few days, reading has been like chewing very thick bread, the kind that makes your jaw muscles sore.

    That said, this post and others have reminded me something about Capricorn, through which Pluto is slowly roto-rooting as our Cosmic Plumber (not my own idea, but someone else’s). That is, Capricorn is a feminine sign, and ruled by Saturn. That combo signifies, to me and others, the Crone, the wise-women, grandmothers, and so on, which may be why we’re seeing so much more of them lately!


  3. Aha, makes sense, Kieron! Crone energy, indeed. LOL, if people knew how old I am, they would laugh at this silly little Earth body that looks young and vibrant. It is crone time, and these concepts defy words, so they are very difficult to express in verbal ways. 🙂


  4. Thanks and blessings, Beth!


  5. Posted by Kieron on October 4, 2014 at 11:49 pm

    LOL Maybe one day I’ll email you a picture of me and you can try to guess MY age! 🙂 I’m routinely mistaken for 20 years younger than I am which is odd, because I was born old. I did not want to come out of there, and almost died, and as a kid, had to deal with things only old people had to deal with. I’m aging in reverse, kind of.

    Seriously though, it’s past time we get acquainted with this Capricorn/grandmother energy. Not that they should have to save us from our stupidity but maybe they’ll smack some sense into the collective. I have a healthy respect for crusty women twice my age, and get along with them more often than not. 🙂


  6. Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:
    This month’s astrological insights, as to the energetic environment abound and how you can use them constructively – includes October 8th’s Aries Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse. Thanks Flash Silvermoon and Laura Bruno for sharing.


  7. Haha! Me, too. One of my best friends in Goshen is 82 years old!


  8. Thanks for your replies all the energies are very heavy. Whenever I write Astroflash I seem to have to absorb the energy for the month ahead all in a day or two so needless to say I do really feel what I write about. Blessings Flash Silvermoon


  9. Oh By the way, the Tarot Cards posted are from my Wise Woman’s Tarot Book and Deck by Flash Silvermoon and you can find them on my site should you want to learn more. I am also a Crone who doesn’t look her age…64 here


  10. Posted by beth on October 8, 2014 at 8:55 pm

    hmm, a crone of 64 who does not look her age??? can you enlighten me with the meaning here(I think you mean you physical and spiritual age don’t match???) lol thanks 🙂


  11. Well, I’m not sure what Flash means, but this was a continuation from the comment stream with Kieron and me, talking about being older than we look. I was referring to the fact that I am so old (in terms of lifetimes) that how young I look is pretty ridiculous, although I also do look younger than 41. I think Kieron was referring to looking younger than his years. Then again, knowing all of you — and me — it could easily be the reverse in that we are all very playful and childlike, too, despite being old/crone in other regards…. I’ll let Flash answer what she meant, though. 🙂


  12. Posted by beth on October 8, 2014 at 10:36 pm

    I kind of thought that’s what you meant Laura, lol! I do think that certainly many lifetimes, lessons learned and mastered do qualify for a respected assignation of “crone by merit” how’s that?
    I too have had some “doozy” lifetimes, but wonder just how well I’ve mastered my lessons as my crone and my lil child are in competition…but, methinks they are merging quite better these days…laughter, joy, light those are lovely qualities and I wish to always have those present, that way I forget to count my earth age….:)


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