The Self Reliance Summit Is Really Good So Far!

I didn’t blog about The Self Reliance Summit ahead of time, because I wasn’t sure how it would be. Sometimes Self Reliance folks make the leap into major doom and gloom prophecies, so I wanted to observe the vibe of this Summit before alerting readers to it. Over a half hour into the first talk, I’m really impressed!

I had heard Marjory Wildcraft ( before, but until this afternoon, I knew nothing about Nathan Crane, the man putting together the Self Reliance Summit. I was so pleased to hear that the reason he looked forward to interviewing Marjory is that she embodies such tremendous joy getting in tune with the Earth and growing her own food. In addition to her expertise, he likes her attitude. They both value growing food for positive, empowering reasons, rather than from a place of fear. So far, they’ve talked about growing your own food, activating your root chakra, the importance of positive vibration, Cuba’s agricultural renaissance, making the shift to local foods, tips for beginning gardeners, and analysis of the financial crashes in 2000 and 2008 — all in a very upbeat, “what lessons and blessings can we take away from this” kind of way.

Update after talk #2 with Matthew Stein: another self-reliance talk that gets into some surprising areas not often expected when talking about things like EMP’s and the Carrington Event! After giving the initial “why” of preparedness, Matthew gets into specific suggestions for what to have on hand and what sorts of skills to acquire. Towards the end, he and Nathan get more esoteric, even talking about the Dan Tian energy center and suggesting something I often mention to people: practice listening to your intuition about little things now so that you know how to listen and trust if/when your life depends upon the guidance.

I’ve had numerous brushes with death that had I not followed my intuition at the time, I probably would not be here today. Likewise, I can attest that when I’ve ignored my intuition, I’ve injured my brain, gotten linked into situations that took way longer to get out of than to decline engagement, and generally have found a life of ignoring intuition far less thriving and fun. By contrast, when I do follow my intuition, magical, blessed things happen every single day. Life just flows. šŸ™‚

Some of Matthew’s initial talk may scare people, but it’s important, valid information. Denial won’t save you, but facing fear head on can both protect and liberate you. He addresses multiple layers of how to deal with even the direst situations, so I’d actually recommend this talk especially for people who tend towards anxiety. His positive attitude and action tips remind everyone that there’s always something you can do, even if it’s “just” learning how to tune into your spiritual and intuitive guidance.

Each talk will be archived for 48 hours. Obviously, I haven’t listened to the rest of the Summit yet since it runs through October 7, but given Nathan’s positive slant and vision, I think it’s likely the rest of the event will be empowering and energizing, rather than scary and depressing. Here’s the link for anyone else wanting to sign up for these free talks that run from October 1-7.

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