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Jon Rappoport ~ Ebola: What Op is Being Planned for Western Nations?

I appreciate Jon presenting the two scenarios below, as clearly from all the media hype, “they’re” planning something. Like Jon, I don’t necessarily buy into the fact that it would be “Ebola” per se, but since we don’t really know what they’re up to, having a strong immune system and knowledge/supplies on hand for detoxing chemicals and/or potentially mandatory vaccines seems wise. I posted a comment the other day to the effect that people totally relying only on Vitamin C “because it absolutely cures Ebola” show a strange picking and choosing of when they do or do not believe the media. If you don’t believe reports that Ebola’s so “deadly” and “widespread,” then why do you even believe it’s Ebola in the first place? This dynamic was one of the inspirations for my post about “Dealing with That Which You Might Not Know.” Of course, that post applies to many things, not just this media circus.

As for ramifications of either of these scenarios, I would just suggest having at least a few weeks’ supply of bottled water,  food, toilet paper, natural hand sanitizer, supplements/essential oils, and anything else you feel you absolutely need on hand. With all the weather anomalies, poisoned water events, and various police state trial runs for “shelter in place” it’s always smart to have some backups on hand, in your home, just in case you’re not allowed to leave it.

If we can believe reports from Africa, some cities have been quarantined with people not allowed out of their homes. Whether true, necessary or not, this sort of thing has already happened in the US after the Boston Marathon and in smaller trial runs elsewhere. Last winter, for example, most of Indiana was on lock down “due to dangerous weather.” If you got caught on the street during the lock down phase and you weren’t an emergency responder or en route to emergency care, you could have been arrested and/or fined up to $5,000. I can vouch for this, because it was broadcast all over the news and internet here in Elkhart County, although for a much shorter duration than many other parts of Indiana.

We don’t need to buy into the fear or hype in order to recognize potential complications/inconveniences and prepare for them. No need to panic when you know you have what you need on hand.

Blessings, love, courage and discernment … Laura

Jon Rappoport ~ Ebola: What Op is Being Planned for Western Nations?

In this article, I’m not going to try to recapitulate everything I’ve written about Ebola so far.

I’ll outline two possible scenarios for the near future in Western nations.

Scenario 1 and Modified Scenario 1.

Both would be planned ops.

#1: Announcement: a vaccine is available. Authorities will declare who should take it. In an extreme situation, people in certain sectors will be commanded to take it. And if they don’t, they will be quarantined, regardless of their health status.

Quarantines in selected areas would be enforced by police and troops stationed on streets, taking people to their homes, ordering them to stay in their homes. In those areas, businesses would be ordered to close.

Flights in and out of selected areas would be shut down.

The vaccine would be called safe, “according to limited tests,” and “less risky than Ebola.” People who fall ill or worse as a result of the vaccine would tend to be labeled as Ebola cases—“the onset of the disease was more rapid than anticipated.”

“It’s the disease, not the vaccine.”

As part of the overall scenario, Ebola case numbers will be grossly exaggerated. In fact, most cases will be casually diagnosed from visible and general flu-like symptoms—eyeball diagnoses made by doctors and nurses at clinics, hospitals, and offices.

Blood samples taken to confirm these people’s diagnosis, at labs, will shockingly, to a large degree, show no presence of Ebola—but this fact will be covered up, as it was in the case of Swine Flu in 2009 and SARS in 2003.

If no vaccine is released, then the pharmaceutical profit center will focus on medicines that “fight viruses.” These drugs will be toxic and have significant adverse effects. Again, patients who fall ill will be labeled “Ebola rapid-onset.”

Here is Modified Scenario #1:

It can be characterized by the after-op wrap-up: “We in the West escaped by the skin of our teeth. We almost had an uncontrollable nightmare on our hands. But thanks to public-health measures and the tracking of suspected cases, we averted doom…this time.” Heroes named and applauded.

No widespread quarantines. No major troop presence.

In that case, the main target of the op would turn out to be, as it is now, the West African countries. Borders sealed, chaos and massive quarantines inside, debilitation and death from a number of ongoing and long-term causes, none of which really have anything to do with Ebola:

Severe malnutrition; starvation; war; poverty; industrial pollution; contaminated water supplies; stolen farm land; overcrowding; prior toxic vaccine campaigns for yellow fever, polio, meningitis; toxic medical drugs.

All adding up to: destruction of immune systems, after which any germ passing through the territory accelerates dying. Ebola, cholera, flu, pneumocystis, measles, etc. Ebola itself is not the threat.

And if all that is not enough—perhaps the intentional introduction of a virtually undetectable chemical(s) that debilitates and kills for a limited period of time and then dissipates. The victims, of course, will be labeled “Ebola.”

Meanwhile, through brokered IMF “assistance” deals and other backroom agreements—with the West African population too weak to resist—outside financiers, investors, and corporations will expand their stranglehold over the rich mineral resources and land of those countries.

My best guess at this time is we will see Modified Scenario #1, the “by the skin of our teeth we escaped” op. Western nations will not be said to be overrun with Ebola. There will not be massive and widespread quarantines in all nations.

However, enough cases will be announced to scare people.

“We had a brush with disaster. It was a close call. A few more ‘links in the chain’ and we would have had a firestorm on a global scale.”

“Therefore, in the future, listen very closely to the medical experts. Do what they tell you to do immediately. Take your medicines. Get your vaccines, all of them, according to public-health mandated schedules.”

“Those leaders who are running and monitoring health insurance programs around the world should insist that delivering medical care is contingent on recipients taking their vaccines and other drugs as ordered and prescribed.”

Both Scenario #1 and its modified version are sheer reality-invention for the helpless, the mindless, the dupes, the pawns, the suckers, the rubes, and the merely uninformed.

As always, there is a vital relationship between a) those who know the truth and make it known, and b) the merely uninformed.

The number of people who wake up and realize what the op is, and refuse to participate—as they did successfully during the Swine Flu dud—can turn the tables and win.

If there is an X-factor here, you may find it through predictions of Ebola case numbers by the CDC (and the World Health Organization). If they back off a bit and modulate their estimates in a downward direction, you’ll pretty much know that at worst, this will be a “skin of our teeth” op.

If the CDC keeps doubling down with its “1 million Ebola cases” insanity, we could be in for a rocky ride. The CDC always lies. But if they keep these enormous predictive lies in play, it could be a clue the US government intends to fake a whole lot of Ebola.

And that’s what I’m talking about. Fakery.

Jon Rappoport

Jon Rappoport is the author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

As War Looms…keeping Faith with Mother Earth!

Empowering and loving things that we can do right now …

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

permaculture gardens at 008Such news as makes me angry…so off into the gardens to get working and channel my energy as best I can!

And as if Mother Earth

heard my despair, she has worked tirelessly overnight making the compost heap look beautiful…I laugh out loud in joy!

permaculture gardens at 003

This morning as I spread compost and seaweed on the vegetable beds, before mulching down with cardboard and straw, I ponder on putting the exposed earth to bed for the winter…this makes me feel as though I am nurturing the great Mother. 

It is all I can do to help assuage the horrors of what Man does to her!

permaculture gardens at 009

The big tidy-up is important, before the wind and rain sets in…and what a lot of tidying to be done!

permaculture gardens at 010

Just in case you thought anything about where the compost toilet is emptied…in these neat bins, holes drilled into the bottom of each, no smell, no…

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Quick Reminders

Only three days left for the September Specials, and just FYI, I have received “word” that this is the last month I’ll be offering either of these specials for the foreseeable future. 🙂 Also, we still have two spaces (possibly only one space) left for the October 4 Accelerated Reiki 1 & 2 Certification Class held in our little faery cottage, with an optional in-person garden tour. Details on the specials and class below:


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I have several different decks ranging from Robin Wood’s classic version, to an antique Italian set, faery cards, and even a Jane Austen Tarot, which is surprisingly thorough! I most often use Robin Wood’s deck, but I intuit which deck most suits any given situation or person. If you’re interested in a reading, please contact me to set up a session. I will then invoice you via PayPal. During our session I can email you a photo of your spread: wherever you happen to be, you can now experience the immediacy of an in-person reading. Offer valid through 9/30/14.

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This reading gives you a heads up regarding the types of feelings, thoughts and experiences to watch for if you’re looking to sidestep onto a more positive timeline without needing to slog through linear time to get your desired life. In some cases, the preferred outcome even requires a sidestep, because the laws of cause and effect already set in motion on the current timeline are barreling you toward their “inevitable” end result. Fortunately, linear time’s not all it’s cracked up to be! These “timeline hops,” “portal points,” “reality jumps” — whatever you want to call them — are not only possible but powerful, and with awareness and practice, you can learn to surf such opportunities, charting your own course from current to next closest to preferred realities.

$133/hour if prepaid on or before 9/30/14.

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Gratitude as a Revolutionary Act: You Are Enough!

These two videos came across my path on the same day, and taken together, they gather power. The first is part of another talk by Joanna Macy. The second needs a tissue warning. This mirror made women cry (in a good way).

Joanna Macy: “Gratitude is a Revolutionary Act”

The Mrs.: “I’m Enough”

From the YouTube description:

We are The Mrs., an all-female band from Austin, Texas. We recently asked women how they felt when they looked in the mirror. As you can see, we didn’t like the answer, so we decided to help change it.

“ENOUGH” looking in the mirror with such a critical eye.
“ENOUGH” of that negative voice we hear in our heads.
“ENOUGH” letting the world tell us who we should be.

The Mrs.’ debut single, “Enough”, was written to help women see themselves with a less critical eye, and realize that they are “Enough” just the way they are. Instead of creating a traditional music video, we opted to do something unconventional: take our message directly to the women who inspire us.

via Jamie Spector at The Raw Food World News:

U.N. Climate Change Summit Opening Ceremony: POEM TO MY DAUGHTER

Yeah, what she (and she) said!

Yuri Bezmenov: Sleepers Emerge and Messiah Appears

This lecture by an ex-KGB defector took place in the 1980’s. Watching now, you can see how prophetic/accurate he was. It’s very telling about past and current world events and how we got to this place. Hint: not by accident:

See also this talk on “ideological subversion,” again keeping in mind that we are now over three decades further along in this process. The end is the most chilling part when he says that once the process is complete, people can be presented with true information and “it doesn’t matter” because “they will not accept it.” He considered the process nearly complete in the 80’s — a generation ago:

Now, with this in mind, please check out this extensive photo montage of the recent Climate Change March in Oakland, CA, which would appear (through dozens and dozens of booths, signs and photos) to put the communist agenda(21) of the “manmade” Climate Change Movement front and center, out into the light of day, not the murky halls of right wing conspiracy theory: if what I’m sharing makes you uncomfortable, then I double dog dare you to click here.

As I commented on exopermaculture the other day:

In addition to chemtrails, there’s also the fact that other planets in our solar system are also experiencing extreme weather events. Either the “elite” are chemtrailing and CO2-ing them, or there’s something else going on. I think people are much more comfortable getting outraged about “manmade” climate change than they would be in recognizing that there are much bigger forces in our little spot of the universe than solar panels and hybrid cars can “fix.”

One might even argue that the chemtrails are designed –at least in part — to hide more obvious things going on in the skies. Couple that with the budget shutdown charade last fall that just happened to close off the telescopes/observatories and send most of NASA (and by extension much of the international scientific crew) packing home from all their Antarctic research last year, and we might possibly be getting a tiny little bit closer. Manmade Earth poisoning is not a joke, but manmade climate change is a very unfunny joke, a way to fleece good hearted sheep, and a convenient cover for all manner of ill-intentioned plans. The looming fear of what else could REALLY be causing all this extreme weather, earthquake and volcanic uptick keeps people locked into “manmade” climate change outrage, because if it’s manmade, then at least “we” can do something about it.

Oh, but that all sounds like a conspiracy theory, doesn’t it? 😉

Which brings us back to yesterday’s post about becoming comfortable with uncertainty and “dealing with that which you might not know.” We need to keep ourselves out of the desperation vibration so that we can consciously choose to take our own actions, instead of begging some conveniently appearing, totalitarian authority figure to “save us from ourselves.”

What can you do?

Simple things. Grow your own food. Support your local, organic farmers. Befriend your neighbors. Support your local economy. Pick up litter. Vote with your money. Crowd fund innovators with techniques, methods or products that help clean up our environment and make us less dependent on fossil fuels. Make a Wonder Oven to cut down on cooking energy and put recycled styrofoam peanuts to good use. Walk to work. Take steps to take back your power, rather than giving away the last vestiges of remaining freedom by begging for carbon taxes that will hurt ordinary people far more than corporations. Hope for the best, prepare contingencies for the radically unexpected.

We are not alone in this Universe. That is meant as both a comfort and a warning. Beware the deus ex machina — literally “the god from the machine.” Deus ex machina is “a plot device whereby a seemingly unsolvable problem is suddenly and abruptly resolved by the contrived and unexpected intervention of some new event, character, ability or object.”

Blessed Be … and be the blessing you truly are.

Fall Garden Update: Bee, Bug, Butterfly and Flower Power

Asters, black eyed Susan's, thyme, lavender and feverfew

Asters, black eyed Susan’s, thyme, lavender and feverfew

Autumn beauty sunflower with a happy bee

Autumn beauty sunflower with a happy bee

Blurry borage with bee

Blurry borage with bee

Butterfly on a zinnia

Butterfly on a zinnia

So many grasshoppers this year, but also so many plants and birds that I don't see much damage.

So many grasshoppers this year, but also so many plants and birds that I don’t see much damage.

Cosmos and poke

Cosmos and poke

This larkspur made a surprising comeback. It's amazing what companion planting and ignoring plants will do. Nature knows how to take care of itself!

This larkspur made a surprising comeback. It’s amazing what companion planting and ignoring plants will do. Nature knows how to take care of itself!

Crazy carrots

Crazy carrots

Riotous abundance, including some of the carrots I've let flower (the white umbrels)

Riotous abundance, including some of the carrots I’ve let flower (the white umbrels)

Heavily harvested beets 'n' greens: once the beets come out, more garlic will go in.

Heavily harvested beets ‘n’ greens: once the beets come out, more garlic will go in.

As I've thinned tomatoes, daikons have thrived.

As I’ve thinned tomatoes, daikons have thrived.

Mums the word!

Mums the word!

Another abundant and heavily harvested bed of fall and winter greens.

Another abundant and heavily harvested bed of fall and winter greens.

Nearly ripe fairy tale pumpkin hiding among the pumpkin vines and zinnias

Nearly ripe fairy tale pumpkin hiding among the pumpkin vines and zinnias

Pineapple sage beginning to bloom, with rhubarb chard peeking out.

Pineapple sage beginning to bloom, with rhubarb chard peeking out.