Drought-Stricken California to Ration Water

I appreciate Ann’s thoughtful, heart-full introduction to this post. Every time I read about the drought in California, I can’t help but conjure images from Starhawk’s novel, “The Fifth Sacred Thing.” Indeed, parts of that novel continue to prove more and more prophetic. May we all find our balance, and please — everywhere — let’s start crowdfunding projects to help us make better use of the sacred water we do use. Do so many hundreds of gallons REALLY need to get flushed away? Do people in deserts really need green lawns? Living locally also means honoring the nature of place. Some places are not meant for such dense human settlement, but other places are just a permaculture project away from being lush havens. I lived in New Mexico, and it was insanely dry there — only to find, years later, in the book Gaia’s Garden, a property right outside Santa Fe as one of the most gloriously verdant examples of a permaculture turnaround. We cannot continue as we have, but that need not be a horrible thing. Necessity truly IS the mother of invention.

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  1. yeah, what she said! 🙂 so, so true. and to add to your thought on the “do desert areas need really need lawns”, i think i mentioned to you that when i returned from alaska, i looked at all the landscaped homes with plants that have no business being in this environment and all the lawns and felt sickened by it. i’d always felt the unnaturalness of this, but it hit me even more deeply. return to natural harmony!!! thanks for posting



    • I wondered if the unnatural landscapes were part of the sickened unnatural feeling you experienced on your return. Yes, it was always odd when I lived in AZ and saw all these green golf courses and green lawns, and the desert humidity levels changed due to all the swimming pools. So weird. Now, in AZ, many are converting their pools into underground greenhouses for hydroponics or aquaponics. At least that’s a closed loop and far more sustainable than the insanity of pretending you don’t live in the desert! You don’t get all that sunshine and little to no rain and not have the environmental bill come due sometime……

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