Quick Reminders

Only three days left for the September Specials, and just FYI, I have received “word” that this is the last month I’ll be offering either of these specials for the foreseeable future. 🙂 Also, we still have two spaces (possibly only one space) left for the October 4 Accelerated Reiki 1 & 2 Certification Class held in our little faery cottage, with an optional in-person garden tour. Details on the specials and class below:


$44 Tarot Sessions

Half Hour Tarot Readings for $44 instead of the usual $55.55 (21% off).

Tarot readings are particularly good for people who don’t know what kinds of questions to ask me; they just want some kind of guidance because they feel unsure of what’s coming or what to focus upon. Tarot also seems to benefit those people who have exceptionally good things coming their way, yet wonder if I might be “padding the reading” or “just saying what they want to hear.” The cards don’t lie. (Neither do I – but the cards seem that much more objective a medium for delivering good news.)

I have several different decks ranging from Robin Wood’s classic version, to an antique Italian set, faery cards, and even a Jane Austen Tarot, which is surprisingly thorough! I most often use Robin Wood’s deck, but I intuit which deck most suits any given situation or person. If you’re interested in a reading, please contact me to set up a session. I will then invoice you via PayPal. During our session I can email you a photo of your spread: wherever you happen to be, you can now experience the immediacy of an in-person reading. Offer valid through 9/30/14.

Timeline Tune-In and Tune-Up

This type of reading seems so important and helpful right now that I’ve felt led to extend it for another month.

This hour session helps you to recognize your likely trajectory based on current energy patterns, intentions, and habits … and then, I search for the closest parallel reality versions of “you” with very slight differences that lead to more preferred (and more varied/greater opportunities for) positive outcomes. The scan and download are actually easier for me to do than to explain here, but if you’ve ever seen the movie “Sliding Doors” with its alternate reality story lines that intersect at certain points throughout the film, I’ll be scanning you for the stickiest intersection points.

This reading gives you a heads up regarding the types of feelings, thoughts and experiences to watch for if you’re looking to sidestep onto a more positive timeline without needing to slog through linear time to get your desired life. In some cases, the preferred outcome even requires a sidestep, because the laws of cause and effect already set in motion on the current timeline are barreling you toward their “inevitable” end result. Fortunately, linear time’s not all it’s cracked up to be! These “timeline hops,” “portal points,” “reality jumps” — whatever you want to call them — are not only possible but powerful, and with awareness and practice, you can learn to surf such opportunities, charting your own course from current to next closest to preferred realities.

$133/hour if prepaid on or before 9/30/14.

(Offer can be multiplied if you would like one or more follow-up tune-ins, tune-ups at some later date.)

Please contact me if you’d like to sign up for one or both of these specials.


Students will receive all instruction, handouts, attunements and hands-on training to certify them as Reiki Level 2 practitioners. Pre-registration required, as space is limited in the cozy cottage, and handouts will be delivered in advance. Click here for more details and/or contact me to reserve your spot.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Laura~ I would like to get a tarot session with you, but may not be able to purchase it until tomorrow evening or on the 30th….is that too late?



  2. oh~ never mind! I just read the whole reminders post! Thanks! I’ll be contacting you soon! 🙂 mia



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