Some Words About Suspected Controlled Opposition

I left the following as a comment on an article called:

Is Mike Adams at Natural News Promoting Ebola As An Agent Of The Cabal?

I do not claim to know whether or not Mike is controlled opposition, since his articles often airbrush supporting “facts” to suit the point of his articles; however, in this particular case, whether fear mongering or not, he has offered and continues to offer a lot of empowering information for those inclined to face dark possibilities as a means of ensuring that we can subvert, sidestep or move beyond those ill intentions into a healthier, freer reality. Due to his frequently knee-jerk right wing rants and loose interpretation of embedded-link source materials, Mike Adams remains in my “take what resonates and leave the rest” category, but having lived in Texas, Arizona and California, and having contact with chronically ill people from around the world, I have personally observed much of what he shares in his articles. For that reason, I choose not to throw this baby out with the bath water. Anyway, here’s my comment, as submitted. Make of it what you will:

I am not a Mike Adams apologist, as I agree, he has been pumping the fear big time, but to be fair, he does offer a free online course at, in which he mentions all the issues supposedly not mentioned by him in his articles. He encourages people to listen to the free programs for information on protecting themselves from pandemics, medical martial law and vaccines. He has covered medical martial law in articles, and this particular episode offers information on a variety of antivirals, Chinese medicine, herbal remedies. I have not listened to the programs, but he provides bullet pointed summaries. If you look to the side of each episode, vitamin C IS listed: .

In Episode 3’s summary, he includes information about Ebola as a possible bioweapon intentionally released in Africa. Episode 7 covers much of what Jon Rappoport continues to mention — that Ebola only happens to people who are immune compromised. Unlike Rappoport in his Ebola rants, Mike makes the connection that many Americans are severely immune compromised due to drugs, toxins and poor food choices. Yes, we have superior sanitation to third world countries, but any natural disaster or even short term grid down scenario could very quickly change our sanitation and food situations to extremely dire.

I don’t vibe with Mike’s fear mongering approach, but this article completely ignores whatever he HAS offered — for free. He has, imho, a firmer grasp on just how full of holes America’s perceived safety net really is. Also, if this IS a weaponized strain of Ebola — or if mandatory vaccines are used to inject something else into otherwise healthy bodies — then how do we know for sure that Vitamin C alone will cure it?

As a medical intuitive, I agree with his multi-pronged treatment strategy, because we actually don’t know what we’re dealing with. We do know that MSM is hyping an Ebola pandemic for some end, probably martial law, depopulation, BigPharma profits, and/or an African land/resources grab. We do not know how that will play out (or not) in the US. Fear mongering or not, Mike offers information on a variety of strategies to unburden the toxic load of the body and rejuvenate the immune system — tactics that would help if something “left field” like smallpox or some unknown toxin were dispersed on people. I would love to believe that Vitamin C is the total cure for Ebola and that we’re only dealing with the kind of Ebola that people have so far encountered. In the event that the situation’s more complicated and fluid than that, he’s doing what he can to offer many solutions beyond “just” Ebola.

Will he make money selling the supplements? Certainly. But that does not necessarily indicate that he’s cabal controlled. For what it’s worth … this article appears to be at least as biased as it claims Mike is.

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  1. I think one of the most revolutionary wellness devices is the so called “zapper.” I make my own using 100 volt maximum surplus muscle stimulators used by school physiology and neurology labs. I must have 20 of these apparatuses bought over the years on Ebay. I wait for them to come up cheap, say $50.00. They also will drive a mobius coil to wrap a crystal embedded in orgonite thus creating what the orgonite community calls “power wands,” but I think they are more useful as “zappers.” The ones I own go from 0-1,000 cycles per second and up to 100 volts. This much higher than usual voltage option means they can be cranked up to thoroughly cleanse the blood of infectious agents. I don’t dare sell these as careless folk could shock the crap out of themselves or even electrocute themselves, but since I put one of these together about 4 years ago I have never had an infectious illness – at the first sign of a cold or whatever I just hold the wetted electrodes in each hand, crank up the power until it is just beginning to hurt and sit for at least 10 minutes which is the amount of time it takes for all you blood to go rushing through your hands in its circuit around the body. The blood rushing past the electrodes in your hand is purged of bacteria and viruses. Don Croft claims he used these things in Africa to cure AIDS though he was using the much, much weaker battery driven jobs he sells. I think it entirely possible they could have a huge effect on AIDS and Ebola – especially in the more powerful forms such as I make. Are you familiar with these devices?



    • Yes, thanks for mentioning. They can, indeed, be very effective. I just seem to be wired so differently than most people that I personally have a strong aversion to zappers. That’s not to say they don’t work — Just not my preferred method. I have not been ill in 11-15 years (can’t actually remember the last time) and that was the first time in many years prior to that. Vibration, diet and herbs keep me going strong. 🙂



  2. Laura, Mike makes MONEY selling ‘remedies’ and ‘preventative therapies’. No virus ‘threat’, no GMO ‘problem’, no ‘health crisis’, then his income disappears. Period. Remember, he now works with Alex Jones, whose Mega-Million$ operation simply CANNOT be free of financial/cabal influence anymore. Just connect the BIG OBVIOUS dots…..

    This does NOT mean that his INFORMATION, his preventative steps and therapies, are somehow not real or effective, no. It just means that his reporting of the news is simply going to be provided with the proper ‘slant’ (fear-based — no fear of sickness=no product sales) that supports maximum sales of the products he offers. Basic MARKETING STRATEGY, you see. I should know. I sold Amway in my early 20’s when I was a MARKETING PROFESSIONAL in the SF Bay Area…. 😉



  3. A follow up comment I left on Jean’s site to someone asking how the article was at all biased and arguing that “no one” would listen to the program so why hide the information in there …

    laurabruno says:
    September 24, 2014 at 10:11 am

    It is biased because many of the things it says he remains silent on, he’s not actually remaining silent on. He’s got at least seven 40-minute episodes, which also include bullet points, and he mentions this program in all his recent Ebola articles. Whether or not people choose to listen to the program does not negate the fact that he took the time to make it and releases it for free.

    As I’ve noted, there are many times when Mike waves a convenient hand over listed “facts” in order to promote his own interpretation, and I agree, his articles often sound like fear porn. The thing is, people promoting vitamin C as the only definitive cure for Ebola are:

    a) assuming it’s actually Ebola we’re dealing with (if you don’t trust the MSM’s story about Ebola being so deadly and widespread, then why don’t you even consider that it may not be Ebola in the first place, or that it’s a different strain of Ebola?)

    b) assuming that Ebola won’t be used as a cover for something else that Vitamin C doesn’t treat (i.e. acute chemical poisoning, a weaponized strain, etc.)

    and c) that it’s wise to put all treatment eggs in one basket.

    I have appreciated the articles on Vitamin C I’ve read, and I have stocked up on various kinds. Let’s just say that I don’t trust the media on this one either, though. They are so pumping Ebola that I think it would be equally likely that “it” could be something that requires very different treatment than Ebola does. What a wonderful way to get rid of that pesky truther/alternative/non-compliant community by convincing them they’ve found THE one and only cure and then slipping something else into the mix for which that one cure doesn’t treat. How do you know for certain that colloidal silver won’t treat the actual threat anymore that you know that Vitamin C will? Both have many testimonials and strong effects at wellness, but how do you know for certain? Ditto on synergistic combinations of herbs. They are much more difficult to engineer workarounds because they are complex structures. I think people conveniently jump all over mainstream media and alternative media when it makes them feel like they have the “in” on information, but it’s a mistake to consider that the psycho’s running Ebola and other campaigns don’t know the world is awakening. Few people trust MSM anymore, so what a perfect place to hide truth. It’s also so vogue right now to have “no fear” that many newly awakening people have a tendency to dismiss even legitimate warnings, then wonder why they got burned after dismissing the message that fire is hot.

    All I’m saying is that anyone who 100% claims to know what’s happening is either in on it or deluded. We can make good guesses, some better than others, we can tune in to our (hopefully Shadow-exorcized) intuition, we can set positive intentions, but we don’t know all the layers of contingencies these folks have in play. I don’t like a lot of the tone of Natural News, but I agree with this statement on the biodefense site: “I believe in protecting humanity from all threats: Infectious disease, toxic chemicals, dangerous medications, heavy metals and more.” Maybe — like me — Mike considers this Ebola false flag a trickier bird than swine flu. The swine flu campaign flopped and many people know it. Yes, the “elite” are slipping, but completely dismissing the idea that maybe they learned from that flop and are engaging in layers upon layers of psyops in this one is also a mistake, imho. It’s wise to have contingency plans. “They” always do. Do you?

    My point was that, in contrast to the article, Mike does offer a lot of solutions and information on multilevels, much of that specifically the things the article accuses him of not offering. The article’s links have much information, too, and I’m not even saying that Mike Adams is not controlled opposition. I’m just encouraging people to look more deeply before throwing out the baby with the bath water. That’s old paradigm and very effective. Asking questions is fine — but be prepared for some grey answers.




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