“This Artificial Reality Must End” ~ Joseph Chiappalone w/ Jeff Rense 03.15.2013

A fascinating discussion between Joseph Chiappalone and Jeff Rense — layers upon layers of information in here. Thanks to “bumpercrop,” who embedded this video as a comment on Exopermaculture.

Warning: not everyone will resonate with or like this post, and that’s fine. If it’s not for you, then just don’t watch it. I’m posting it for those who’ve recently commented on how “surreal” the world seems anymore, for those who had been throwing themselves into helping people shift and who have recently received the very strong message to back off, pull inside themselves and move forward in their own lives in peace. “It is done.” This talk expresses much of what I’ve observed happening in my own life, with clients, and by keeping a finger on the pulse of the world through conversations with very awake people I know all over the place.

In addition to the most awake people I know consistently sharing about their sudden, startling detachment from the world, many of these same people have also expressed or experienced what seem like severe lapses in memory, plus vertigo and/or bizarre visual changes. I’ve experienced some of this myself, but I find it interesting that I’m hearing similar things from so many people right now — and that all of those people just happen to be the more tapped in, tuned in and aware people I’ve encountered over the years. I consider it a pulling away from the artificial reality, because these people — including me — are perfectly fine when engaged in the new realities we’re creating.

It’s just anything old paradigm that seems fuzzy, irrelevant, won’t lodge into long term memory, or mysteriously finds itself roadblocked out of interface. Calendar conflicts and mix-ups, missing emails, people who swear various conversations never occurred — all of this and more has become quite common among people leaving this old, self-destructing reality behind. Pick an end game crisis, any end game crisis, and you’ll see what I mean. Fukushima; Gulf Oil Spill; WW3 with its “mutually assured destruction”; worldwide, weaponized Ebola pandemic; the “ISIS crisis”; Hercolubos/Planet X; worldwide volcanic upticks; worldwide earthquake upticks; runaway GMOs; California drought set to trigger world-wide famine: you name it, we’ve got it. And more. I see this sometimes with clients — where everything falls apart at once. It’s a recipe for certain death or a massive, life-altering and rejuvenating quantum leap. Simply put, we are in evolve or die time. And for all intents and purposes, most of the key decisions have already been made.

Anyway, here’s the talk, and again, if what he’s saying doesn’t compute, then this video’s probably not for you. I’m posting it for those people for whom nothing computes anymore, because this message probably will. 😉

NOTE: The practical suggestions of how to live in the time of split start at minute 28:00.

UPDATE: a little comment discussion with Ann on her blog:

“Or maybe I’m already living in an alternate reality?” Yes, that’s the point of his talk … or at least what I took from it. 🙂 See the intro to the video:

The Jeff Rense Program
March 15th, 2013


[SNIP] the thought you should be leaving this essay with is that of Joy, for all that is happening is eradication of the putridness from our lives. By the Process of Finality we shall see the end of Evil, the end of its exploitative mechanisms, the end of all the pains, suffering, misery and ignorance that we have been subjected to since spirits were trapped in matter.

What will follow will truly be a reward for those who have wanted, and sought, Simplicity, Truth and True, Universal, Immutable Love.

The others who wanted nothing but exploitation, hate, lies and murder can go back to where they belong: to the Hell of their own creation. They will, in time, be transmuted to exist no more. [SNIP]


  • Seems to me he’s assuming material reality will no longer exist here. True? It smells like “Ascension” to me, where people simply want to leave Earth and be done with her!

    • laurabruno says:

      If that’s what he meant, that’s not how I took it. I took it that the old, infected overlay would be destroyed and anything viable (natural) would survive in a better, clearer version … kind of like the Hopi prophecy of specters and unnatural overlays simply fading away. From the link you shared, maybe he did mean all of material reality would be destroyed. I just took it to mean this VERSION of material reality — which, for many of us, has already faded so far away as to have become completely “surreal.”

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  1. everything you shared, of course you know from our conversations, is on point to my own experience with the major detachment, pull away, the vertigo, memory loss, eye sight…joseph shares some good insights for people in the second half on how to pull within and find that inner peace amidst whatever happens. thanks for sharing!


  2. Yes, I thought his advice was right on. Go through the motions but don’t engage. Love you! Glad you’re here now, wherever that is! xoxo


  3. agreed! yes, it’s the same thing we both are following and i heard us in the advice he shared. lol! yes, wherever we are, glad we’re there together. p.s. the timing of this also is interesting with a dream i had last night where my brain was being rewired or something. may have to share later. love you!


  4. Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:
    I’m definitely NOT a doom and gloom person, and only focus on the reality I choose to create, but regardless of what we are creating in our lives, there are things taking place around us whether we may want to accept, understand, or acknowledge it or not. How we relate to this, engage it, judge it, allow it to define us, fill us with fear, or empower ourselves, will be key in how we are affected or not, and the change we have the ability to create.

    I am not an advocate of fear, nor do I look at things in black and white, so it is up to each of you how you choose to maneuver in life and how you choose to interpret and allow things to affect you. It’s up to each of you to decide what feels right to you and how you process what you do accept as reality. Awareness is key, and if you do your own shadow work, these things do not have to be the monsters they appear to be. You gain greater ability to know you can transmute anything and create a different version of “reality.”

    This post may shed some light, as Laura shares, for some of you that are experiencing that reality shift and the symptoms that come along with it.

    Laura and I have shared many a conversation about this and everything she wrote was on point to my own experience of feeling the major unconditional detachment and pull away, as well as the vertigo, memory loss, and eye sight shifts. Not to mention the prophetic dreams, visions, and experiences speeding up, as well as literal dimensional reality awareness teetering on more deeply embodying our true multi-dimensional experience. My guess, as Laura shares, is that many of you also are.

    Anyway, this interview will likely not resonate for most people, but if you are experiencing any of the things Laura shared, and you do make it through listening, or would rather skip to Joseph’s insights on how to maneuver through whatever shifts and changes are occurring with splits in realities, you can forward to about the 20:00 mark. In this segment he’ll discuss how to pull within and find that inner peace amidst whatever happens…to go through the motions, but not engage.

    Thanks for sharing Laura!


  5. I find that I cannot tune into any MS info sources anymore without getting severe panic attacks. (I have a theory cooking that ‘they’ve’ cranked up the pressure to trigger people’s fear/trauama).

    When I stay away and just focus on my gig and the future I would love to have, I’m much, much better. I refuse to be a participating member in this broadcast network of that vibrational state!

    I too had severe vertigo starting late last year and through about April of this year, thank heavens that has finally subsided.

    When I have to deal with the un-real world, it’s dicey, very confusing, people in that reality are mostly malfunctioning automatons (matrix bots). It’s bizarre, truly.

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  6. Posted by Mitch Mattraw on September 18, 2014 at 4:17 pm

    My Pisces soul sistah Tania Marie has perfectly illuminated what I’m also experiencing directly from Joseph’s talk, not sure if I’m in alignment (as I pour over his website) with his extreme views on the end times are here and it will be shockingly swift, i.e., similar to Hopi prophecy however he’s very influenced by Gnostic mysticism as am I so it will be interesting to explore further into his writing’s, before today I never herd of Joseph so thank you Laura for posting this! so grateful 🙂

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  7. I am glad you are both here 🙂 . . As hard as it was to hear what he was saying, I know that at this point in the journey the only answer is to BE LOVE – Period. Thank you for the confirmation that I am not loosing it with the vertigo, and oh yeah, memory loss ( which I actually had to review your comment to be reminded of the other issue:memory loss – 😛 ) and the whole ‘one day your vision is fine and then all of the sudden it is not’.

    I had an interesting experience the other morning where I witnessed and became part of 3 veins of crystal rising up from deep within the Earth and I had the very clear knowing that these storehouses of wisdom, balance, harmony and Love were here to support us and that in truth they exist within us as well.

    All is not lost. . .as long as we have hope and beautiful beings like yourselves who take inspired Divine action.

    Much Love and Gratitude to you both, Suzanne


  8. I forgot to mention what I experienced in the beginning of watching the video. . I closed my eyes and tuned into what he was saying and where it was coming from and I saw this huge spiral, spiraling out into the vastness of consciousness that exists . . . the point it was at on the spiral was actually in motion as well of course. I then noticed that not only was this spiral spiraling out, it was also spiraling in the energy from very far out which I took to be a very good thing. And then, most likely because I have only recently started to be able to take notice of these subtleties, as soon as I did ~it was gone!


  9. Thanks for sharing, M. I’m hearing a LOT of this lately! Locally, I had all but washed my hands of things when I got another instruction to proceed, but only with certain plans and only in certain ways that happen to align with the new. It’s the only way I can engage the old — by invoking the new with perhaps an old overlay that i don’t believe but that makes it ever so slightly possible for a dialog. I suspect that won’t remain much longer either. 🙂 Yes, bizarre, truly!


  10. Thanks, Mitch. I’ve not checked out Joseph’s website, but I do feel the Hopi prophecy with a Gnostic bent is still possible. The longer the overlays, though, the more gradual it will appear. Time, of course, is all relative. To me, the time since December 21, 2012 has felt like salt water taffy. I can’t believe there are any overlays and stickiness left, but it appears that some stragglers are still awakening and choosing otherwise. 🙂


  11. Thanks, Suzanne, and LOL on forgetting about memory loss! Classic. 🙂 Much love and gratitude to you, too. Thanks for showing up and being you!


  12. Love the spiral imagery, too. Thanks for sharing, and yes, I have had the same sense, especially in recent weeks.


  13. Yay on the validation, I do remember feeling gratitude when noticing that the spiral was coming into our galaxy or consciousness or ??.
    And as I write this, I also feel that the ‘ timing’ of this talk is really interesting, it is almost as if him noticing the possible potentials within the Spiral allows it to be dissolved into the spiral of Life, Organic Life. . there is definitely something else going on and I think in a good way. When we can witness with no judgment as you and Tania have both said, it is simply an experience, no emotion other than the neutrality of Love which has the Power to transform all that is not Love.


  14. Posted by Who can you trust? Take two. | Exopermaculture on September 18, 2014 at 6:43 pm

    […] “This Artificial Reality Must End” ~ Joseph Chiappalone w/ Jeff Rense 03.15.2013 […]


  15. Reblogged this on Forever Unlimited and commented:
    Decide for yourself what is “real” don’t take our word for it, nor your handlers (government, corporations, family, etc.) YOU decide what you will believe…but first, inform yourself. Life is stranger than fiction. -PB


  16. When I was listening to this, I wasn’t quite sure how to interpret what he was saying…..I like your interpretation though, Laura, and I did have some similar thoughts, but i thought he might actually be saying material reality was going to disappear….hard to wrap the mind around that concept and what to actually DO in life if it were the case that material reality was worthless…I felt unprepared for such an occurrence! I feel like when the body FEELS good, and the mind/emotions, life in a physical body is not too bad- actually can be really awesome. It’s just when there is so much suffering, that the option of not having a body seems appealing….I want life in the body and on earth to be really special and amazing and I think it can. I must be healing, because I wouldn’t have said that a little while ago! ❤ Mia


  17. Yay for healing, and yes, I suspect he really is saying ALL material reality will disappear. That’s not my personal sense, although since everything really is consciousness, a lighter density version of this reality minus the crap could easily manifest. I continue to see signs of that all over the place. My spin on what he’s saying is that a patriarchal version of reality will for sure “blow up,” and if the new reality weren’t created then that would be it. The game changer is that so many people are actively visioning, building and manifesting the new reality. Depending on how things go, the old could blow up and few people would notice — if enough consciousness/focus on the new takes place as default, consensus reality.

    Glad you’re feeling and dreaming better and better. ❤


  18. Yes, a lighter denser physical reality would be nice…..more fluid, light, yet less prone to violent destruction….less material yet more durable. That might be cool! I just love Nature, on this planet and it breaks my heart to think of not being able to see, feel and connect to the plants and animals and elements…… To be more a part of the beauty of the natural world, the motion and the stillness… This world would be so different if humans were riding along with the tides of nature, and not doing all kinds of other meaningless and off kilter actions.
    Love to you Laura! ❤


  19. Agreed! Love to you, too! ❤


  20. […] “This Artificial Reality Must End” ~ Joseph Chiappalone w/ Jeff Rense 03.15.2013 […]


  21. Posted by stefan on December 16, 2014 at 9:44 pm

    hi i just wanted to mention Joseph has started a refurbished website, with all videos and Audios, 500 Pages of Essays, and Blog open for comment on his latest messages, visit it here. jchiappalone.net


  22. Thank you!


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