Remembering a Courageous Soul & Messages of Faith on the Eternal Journey

A sweet, tender memorial of Tania Marie’s precious Gaia, whom I’ve also had the honor to know and love. I still remember tortoise sitting one time, and Gaia disappeared, only to be found hiding in all the computer wires! I know she’s been doing very important work underground, but Gaia has always been so cosmic. As Tania shares, she wasn’t always “here” even when she was here. Well, wherever you are, sweet Gaia, thank you for all the love you’ve shown this Earth and those who’ve known and loved you.

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gaia and me Tiny Gaia when she first entered my life

The moment you want to give up is when you need to dig as deep as you can to keep believing even more, as you’re so close to breaking through the veils and into the light of your heart.

It’s one of those time cycles where I feel a stronger pull to my cosmic origins, and needing to remind myself of balancing and grounding in order to fully be present in this current Earthly experience. And while feeling these pulls elsewhere, it’s no wonder I’ve also been sharing reverence for my beloved Russian Tortoise, Gaia, whom has been away on mission since the end of April.

She, along with my beautiful, physically departed Nestor, have been heavily on my mind. And I know that they are both cosmic pilgrims engaged in their soul essence journeys of the heart.

gaia outsideI know many of…

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  1. aw, thank you auntie laura for sharing your love and reverence for our sweet gaia. she’s a special happy you had the opportunity to be with her in person. miss the days you lived closer. hey, perhaps with the energetic shifts in our feeling drawn to call earth terra, rather than gaia, this also was a sign of the transformation at hand that she was not only doing energetically for earth, but of her transcendent essence that was shifting into a new role. love you!


  2. I have a friend who has a pet tortoise, and she tells impressive stories of the complex emotional life of these creatures. They are much more than “reptiles.”


  3. I miss you, too, Tania, and yes, I wondered about that shift, too, relative to Gaia! Love you much… xoxo

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  4. I agree, Bo. Gaia was very expressive, and she has/had a sweet, determined energy and an impeccable sense of timing. 🙂


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