Good News from Poland!

This arrived yesterday from Julian Rose, but I’m just now getting a chance to post it. The newsletter covers Poland’s ongoing battle to remain GMO-free, as well as clever, beautiful ways some farmers have begun to include more of the public in their rural life. Oh, America, may you, too, clear away the GMO haze to see the truly wonderful alternatives!

Dear Friends,

*Don’t miss the short film at the end of this letter!*

We bring you good news! – and that’s a rare enough commodity these days –

The Coalition for a GMO Free Poland has scored a dramatic success in
blocking a determined attempt by the Polish government to fast track a new GMO Act through parliament that would have opened the door for GM planting.

Our Coalition colleague and legal expert Pawel Polaneki, was able to openly expose the absurdity of the proposed new regulation during a specially convened environmental committee meeting in the parliament 10th September.

Amongst other things, he highlighted the fact that the new act proposed a 1,000 zloty fine for anyone found to be growing a GM crop on their land. 1,000 zloty is just 200 pounds!

To his great surprise – and ours – the vice chairman of the agriculture committee then jumped up and said that this was an outrage and called for a total ban of GM to be at the centre of the new act!

Disarray followed – and the meeting was called-off with all parties
told to resolve the situation before a further meeting is convened.

Of course we haven’t won yet – and these things tend to drag on interminably – but the deadly GMO machine has been foiled once again.

On another, yet related note – ICPPC’s founders are busy with an innovative project to promote solar energy in the Polish countryside.

We (Julian and Jadwiga) have already travelled to four different Provinces and have been meeting-up with farming families running agri-tourism initiatives who also wish to install passive and photovoltaic panels on the farmhouses where their guests will stay.

It’s a great thing for the health of both people and nature to be able to combine environmentally friendly farming practices with solar energy to power the household!

Here’s a short film shot at our Eco Centre in Stryszow, near Krakow.
It will give you a flavour of what we’re up to .. and maybe entice you to come and visit?

All best wishes,

Julian and Jadwiga

ICPPC – International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside,
34-146 Stryszów 156, Poland tel./fax +48 33 8797114

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  1. Posted by Mitch Mattraw on September 16, 2014 at 3:41 pm

    Yeah Julian, congratulations and thank you for tireless efforts to stop the global GM tide, also congrats on your first professional video showing the world icppc’s wonderful work. 


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