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What a fascinating post! My mom has always loved turkey vultures, and I have fond memories of watching them with her while hiking parts of the Appalachian Trail. I must confess, I thought them rather ugly up close, but that was before I learned the essential value and necessity of things like compost, death, decay and Nature’s perfect recycling. A magical, consciousness expanding read.

Ethereal Nature


“The Latin name of the Turkey Vulture is Cathartes aura, which means “Golden Purifier” or “Purifying Breeze”

“The generic term Cathartes means “purifier” and is the Latinized form from the Greek kathartēs. The species name, aura, is Latinized from the Native Mexican word for the bird, auroura.”

“Cathartes is the Greek word for “purifier,” referring to these vultures’ role as “cleansers” that remove decomposing corpses in nature.”

“…vultures play a very important role in the ecosystem by disposing of carrion that would otherwise be a breeding ground for disease”

“Although they have excellent vision, they are searching for the odor of a carcass with their highly developed sense of smell.

“They have been known to be able to smell carrion from over a mile away which is very unique in the bird world. The turkey vulture has the largest olfactory (smelling) system of all birds.”

“Turkey Vultures can eat…

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  1. Posted by seattle72 on September 14, 2014 at 3:42 pm

    Fascinating post!


  2. Look at what happens when they are suddenly absent an ecosystem as they are in India after a population collapse due to man-made unintentional poisoning. It is an ecological catastrophe


  3. Wow, Bo, I had no idea, but it makes total sense. We just don’t know what would happen without one species … but I suspect we’re going to continue to find out as we peg off one after another.


  4. Posted by Jane Derbenwick on September 15, 2014 at 2:59 pm

    Laura, I still really love to watch turkey vultures glide overhead. They really know how to ride the air currents. They always make me feel lighter and less attached to earth.


  5. 🙂 Yay!


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