Does Planet Earth Need Humans?

Julian Rose sent me an article today, called, “Why Humanity Must Come Through,” which you can read below. The article touched a cord with me, as he expected it might — although perhaps not quite in the way he imagined it would. I’ve included my own response to him, followed by his article, both for your own consideration. I don’t claim to have all the answers here, but I do know what I’ve observed, including Julian’s enormous heart. I suppose I just live in a bit more multi-dimensional world on a daily basis than most people. 😉

My response:

Hi Julian,
Lovely to hear from you. Things are well here, thanks — it’s harvest season and soon Monarch butterfly migration season, for which I’ve planted a butterfly garden to help them along. I don’t know if you follow such things, but the Midwest USA is a difficult passage for them, as so many previous milkweed havens are now filled with GMO corn and soy. Ours is an “Official Monarch Way Station” where they can lay eggs, eat milkweed, sip zinnias and other flowers and then head on their way. It feels like a nice way to give back, and, of course, the flowers are a gorgeous bonus. 🙂
Wishing you a wonderful autumn, and thank you for the article. While I do see your point, with my experiences in communicating with animals, plants and the faery and elemental realms, I just don’t view the reincarnation cycle as anywhere near so linear (i.e. humans at the top of the chain). I’ve encountered animals and trees who are FAR more conscious than most humans and who would scorn to incarnate as a human, because that would mean such a stepping back of their awareness. Even science attests to some of this — have you seen or read “The Secret Life of Plants” or studied fungi? It’s pretty incredible, and it’s not just instinct. Plants sing, fungi facilitate telepathy and are highly connected with ancient fairy tales.
This doesn’t mean I think humanity should just give up and die. A harmonized, loving relationship between humanity and Gaia (or Terra, as I call her) and all her creatures (seen and unseen), seems very important in this little corner of the Universe. I just liken it to the Lord of the Rings trilogy in which the Hobbits were given the task of disposing of the Ring (“One ring to rule them all — i.e. New World Order). The Hobbits (humans) had a certain inner nobility and courage; however, they were certainly not Gandalf’s (wizards of higher consciousness beings)! They weren’t anywhere near as advanced as Elves or many of the other creatures encountered. The more intuitive sessions I do, and the more time I spend in Nature, the more I’ve come to recognize Tolkien’s work as very close to “real.” For whatever reason, humans seem to have a particularly redemptive potential for ridding the evil that has pervaded this planet, but I wouldn’t attribute that to humanity’s status as the highest level of consciousness on (or in) Terra. Far from it!
Can Terra shift without homo sapiens? I don’t know. Given the more recent attempts from the Faery Realm to communicate with humans and guide them in preserving the Earth, I rather think Terra does need humans to make her shift. At least SOME humans. I’m not at all convinced we won’t see a mass extinction — I think the part up for grabs is what kind of people will remain? Will it be the mindless-transhumanist slaves the NWO desires? Or will it be those rare humans who awaken and see with heart the need and the joy of harmonizing with Nature and each other? Or both but on different timelines? I don’t claim to know, although the stark contrast continues to grow between those camps.
Anyway, I appreciate you thinking of me with this article and am happy to continue the discussion if you desire. If not, that’s OK, too. I am just of the opinion that humanity (in general) needs to back away from Cartesian, patriarchal and “dominion” based thinking in order to embrace the humility necessary for making this transition. It’s too bad the Illuminati have given the Goddess such a bad name, because we desperately need to cultivate openings for the Divine Feminine if we wish to heal the destruction and devastation on this planet. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I am certain that humans are by far not the pinnacle of consciousness on planet Earth. And thank heavens for that!
Homo sapiens does have a tremendous opportunity, which I feel would be richly rewarded if engaged … but empowerment also means looking honestly at one’s ignorance and humbly recognizing how homo sapiens sapiens — like Americans — are neither as great nor as ridiculously wretched as we’ve been led to believe. The awakening, imho, will involve finding a new balance, which is much more about communion than dominion or hierarchy. Living on Terra is a privilege and an honor. Until humanity recognizes that at a core level and feels the tremendous love and respect of the living being of this planet, I don’t see much progress happening. Ironically, though, once humanity aligns with the living being of Terra, her own consciousness will assist in humanity awakening to the Supreme Consciousness of which you speak in your article. Clearly, this has already begun to occur in individuals. Are there enough of them, though? We shall see …
Blessings, respect and warm wishes to you,
Julian’s article:
Why Humanity Must Come Through
by Julian Rose

Need I say it, we are living in – and through – an apocalyptic time. Disintegration and destruction manifest at an accelerating pace as our World is buffeted by a jumbled combination of opposing energies: the distorted man made toxic ones as well as the universal vibratory waves that are an integral part of great cosmic changes.

Nothing we have experienced up until now quite compares with this. There is little that could prepare us for our journey through this collision of forces, aside from an emerging awareness that they are both external and internal manifestations. Manifestations of human and universal energies seeking to redefine and rebalance their shared essence.

Consider for a moment the contribution that our own specifically ‘man made’ toxic cocktail makes to this confusion: electromagnetic smog; atmospheric aerosol pollutants;  HAARP inspired weather engineering; leaking radioactivity from  nuclear power plants; a highly destructive and continually active war machine; blanket agrichemical pesticide contamination of both air and soil; transgenic crops and animals; unprecedented number of highly contaminating oil spills/leaks; chemical assisted fracking for gas; pharmaceutical and industrial pollution of air water and food; and – not least – the dark side’s deliberate distortion of human energies and the mindless splashing around of these energies by its unaware recipients.

The extremity of this multi-pronged violence enacted upon our living planet, its peoples, plants and animals, has led to the suggestion that humanity will pay the ultimate price and be wiped out. Destroyed by its own hand; its own uncontrolled hubris. Its failure to overcome its own blinkered shortcomings.

Some say the World, battered and bruised as it is, will be better-off without man. That freed from its chief oppressor, Gaia will more assuredly survive and heal; will find her equilibrium anew and come through – restored.

It is quite easy to sympathise with this view, not least because it seems to provide an answer to those who feel closer to nature than to their fellow humans – and can see no redemption for a mankind so determinedly set on the path of self destruction.

Yet, even when taking into account the tragic mismanagement of humanity’s journey thus far, I do not consider this to be any kind of answer. For, it is my contention, that with man out of the picture, the advancement of universal equilibrium – however erratic – will be completely arrested. On the macro-cosmic level, I believe a world without human beings would constitute a major set-back for the entire universe. And at the micro-cosmic level, a major set back for the plant, animal and insect kingdom as well.

Why do I say this?

Imagine for a moment the vast arena we call the cosmos. It is a vibrant intelligent life force. Intelligent, because it is at once self governing and on the move. It is in a state of permanent transition – never static. As it expands (and it still is expanding) it discovers itself … just as we discover ‘ourselves’ as we gain awareness and experience. We share with the cosmos a common intelligence which is without limitation, except in as much as it is held in check by counter productive forces of entropy.

So humanity draws down unto itself the intelligence which is manifest in all elements of the cosmos. While standing behind that cosmic intelligence – and informing it – is the omnipotent, omnipresent source of Supreme Consciousness; a characteristic of which is an infinite creativity and unquenchable curiosity..

The intelligent cosmos is an expression of Supreme Consciousness’s passionate exigence. But the Supreme Consciousness cannot experience who or what He/She/It is until those exigencies solidify and take on form; offering a reflection of that which
goes into them.

How do we know this?

Because it is in us that these Source based exigencies take on earthly expression. We are the earthly torch bearers of the Divine spark. It is in us that those Divine exigencies take form. And to the degree to which we earth bound beings in turn start sending back to the intelligent cosmos our own exigencies  – expressed as love, joy, pleasure, pain –  so Source gains greater or lesser degrees of awareness concerning (His) creation.  In us, Source sees a third density reflection of (His) divine exigencies!  But not in us alone of course. In every living being, rock, tree and sea – as they are all expressions of that same Supreme Consciousness.

However, out of the great diversity of beings and matter that compose our planet, man has emerged as the best equipped to consciously recognise in himself – that infinite exigence which has its source in the Supreme Consciousness. Not only to recognise it, but to respond intentionally to its call: that pull we call ‘aspiration’. That wonderful upwardly reaching joyous impulse which is the inherent (unblocked) birthright of all humanity.

Were this force to be wiped off the face of the planet – a great vacuum would be left in its place. For the plant and animal kingdoms cannot ‘consciously’ respond to the call of the intelligent cosmos, they can only act as reflexive recipients of its energies and act as mirror-like re-transmitters. Yet we see and experience in plants and animals a special kind of purity – because they are uncorrupted reflections of divine intelligence – and in this way – a permanent source of inspiration to homo sapiens.

The plant and animal kingdoms do not have the free will and the evolved powers of self determination that humanity possesses. So should humanity be destroyed – or destroy itself – the plant and animal kingdoms would lose their stepping stones towards acquiring states of self determination and consciousness. Homo sapiens represents this stepping stone – the next rung up the ladder of cosmic consciousness for the animal and plant kingdoms.

The fact that the great majority of mankind has so far failed to exercise its potential of cosmic consciousness is not a valid reason to conclude that it should be nullified.

We humans provide a link between the Supreme Consciousness and all other living and animated features of Gaia.  It is just a small minority who set out to deliberately distort that link – and set themselves up in its place as the false gods of engineered hubris.

In our undistorted state, we are pulling on an invisible rope of which all living beings are attached.  Next in line may be the dog which develops a strong affinity with its loving master/mistress. It maybe will have the chance to return to Earth as a human in the next spirit cycle. The courageous cat or the sensitized horse likewise, and so on  along the chain. Even rocks will eventuality get their transformation chance. But, critically, only as long as all of life retains its spiral of forward and upward momentum – which it can only do if we humans fulfill our role in contributing our dynamic to that movement.

Everything on that jostling, energetic chain of life is aspiring towards becoming an ever more subtle form of itself. We included. Continuously aspiring to once again become one with Supreme Source. Yet as the evolutionary energies move ever onward – and not simply in a repeating circle – that which we come from is itself also further evolving. What we yearn to return to is itself in movement, continuously evolving and metamorphosing. However its omniscient essence is retained throughout and will be instantly recognized as ‘home’.

We humans occupy a pivotal point in all this. One which draws upon that which is below and aspires to that which is beyond. This places man in an unique position of responsibility towards the evolution of both Earth and Universe.

We humans have inherited powers that, when used wisely and creatively, can positively determine the future direction of Life both on the microcosmic and macro-cosmic levels. And equally, when used unwisely and destructively, can retard that same evolution. That is our gift from Divine. We are entrusted with responsibility for this planet – and ultimately the entirety of universal evolution.

We are even gifted with the potential to influence the ongoing composition of that which our Creator imagined into existence. The Creator does not cling to power as the delusional Illuminati do – but passes on the gift through us.

Therefore, should humanity be erased off the face of this Earth who will carry on the great experiment?

We are the ones to whom the baton of life has been passed and in whose hands its future rests. We are awaking to the realisation that ‘to be human’ means that we occupy a pivotal role in furthering the work of Creation. That is a gift which surpasses all other blessings with which we are endowed.

So precious is it that we cannot but totally commit – and fully embrace our calling. And that means fully embracing the inclusivity of planetary diversity as expressed through all its multifarious species; the poverty or richness of whose lives is inseparably linked with the poverty or richness of our lives – and whether we are able or unable to fulfill the quest to realise that potential with which we are all endowed.

So for the sake of that which we call Creation, mankind must come through. Humanity must prevail.


Julian is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, an international activist and author.
His acclaimed book “In Defence of Life” is now available in paperback or ‘ebook’ at and also from Julian’s website


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  1. Posted by seattle72 on September 1, 2014 at 4:47 am

    This won’t be popular but in my experience the animal, insect, plant life and unseen sit several notches above (to put it on a linear scale) where most humans are currently at, and would likely make a roaring comeback if humans were taken out of the picture. I see them ascending all around me, delivering messages of wanting us to join the ascension too, probably as any advanced consciousness might. In my estimation its not so much Terra (the planet) that needs us, she will continue on just fine without us. Rather its the current biosphere that needs us to change so the rest of life on earth might enjoy the Eden that Terra is trying create. I see a potential that if we go down we will take a lot of species with us, we are already seeing frightening global declines. If I’m picking this up right, Terra was a kind of planetary ark, so many of the species here are contain genetic code from life elsewhere. Would be a shame to lose all that. To me it looks like we are the last to read (and comprehend) the memo regarding the shift, which ranks us pretty near the bottom rung. Sorry to be a debbie downer, but I think Terra would be much better off if we dropped off the planet tomorrow. There are inspiring exceptions of course, but on the whole, we’re not lookin’ to good.



    • Seattle72, I don’t disagree. I look at the films of what happened to the Chernobyl zone after humans left. It’s thriving, even though the radiation levels are still sky high. I have heard that things aren’t decomposing there, though, so if that’s true, then life will only last so long, as soil fertility requires decomposition. The part I see that humans could play would be if Terra has been taken beyond repair in some respects and requires some human ingenuity to undo all the nuclear power plants and nuclear arms storage facilities, for example. Making it right would be a kind of redemptive action. I have generally not been impressed with humans, although the souls coming in here now in human bodies are out of this world. Quite literally. In that case, “human” may not mean the same thing it used to. Perhaps this fresh infusion, combined with the awakening hearts of the old guard and all the current star seeds will turn the tide. Human civilization as we know it is for sure doomed, as it’s completely unsustainable. But … as after other calamities … there may remain a small crew who rebuild “Eden.”



  2. Posted by mia on September 1, 2014 at 2:13 pm

    This is a great article, Laura~ I really appreciate your views here, on there not being a hierarchical linear progression to the evolution of beings. I was raised with views similar to Hinduism, and the thought that if a person transgressed, they may be reincarnated as an animal…I always strongly disliked that view, as it always seemed to be related to punishment, and “higher vs. lower”…..and as if animals don’t enjoy their existence, and embodiment as animal beings…so not true! I know animals who love their lives! and enjoy their animal body form! Joy and passion and love of life can be expressed and experienced in many forms! And states of consciousness expressed are unique and so diverse amongst the creatures of this earth. Thanks! ❤ Mia



    • Thanks for commenting, Mia. Yes, in my dealings with the Faery Realm and with animals, the anthropocentricism is really akin to Americans thinking they can bomb the world into democracy because “we” are so great and amazing. I don’t, however, subscribe to the view that all Americans (or humans) are completely evil or hopelessly ignorant ignoramuses, though, either. There’s certainly a lot of willful ignorance going around, though. ❤



  3. i agree laura…and also with your last comment that “human” doesn’t mean what people may think 😉

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  4. Posted by Jean on September 1, 2014 at 3:26 pm

    Reblogged this on 2012: What's the 'real' truth? and commented:
    Thank you, Laura and Julien Rose for all you do! Hugs, ~Jean



  5. […] via Does Planet Earth Need Humans? | Laura Bruno's Blog. […]



  6. The ET brothers and sisters might have a slightly different take on this subject. They would agree that intelligence embodied is a central part of universal evolution, but they would probably also aver that the current crop of homo sapiens might not be the best for continuing on. They are giving us a long leash on which to screw up, but their patience is being sorely tried.



  7. Posted by procomptor on September 1, 2014 at 10:01 pm

    Thanks Julian for a rather remarkable yet predictable post. Let me explain; The question of whether Gaia needs humans was predictable your response however caught me by surprise!

    I was expecting a somewhat arrogant (oh the awakening is here and we can now all be the Gods we were born too) response and one I have heard since the first attempted awakening just before 9/11. There are actually several reasons Gaia needs human beings with one simple one as the one for which we developed here to be her caretakers. You see with all the negative impact we have been watching lately we forget all the positive impact of the past and presence like domesticating foliage and wild animals! Would be extremely hard walking though the dense brush once found over 90% of Gaia land area not to mention millions of animals that would have had you and your family for dinner.

    I believe the most important reason Mother earth requires humans though is the higher intellect for group meditation, so she knows she belongs just like people and beats the heck out of boredom or worse….loneliness! I have walked with Lord since I can remember and the act of Communion even for him is fulfillment rather than teaching.

    Now trust me the Lord was a great man and still a wonderful enlightened soul as are my late Mom and Dad. This isn’t religion rather eternal life souls dropping in frequency to help or to simply pick up on something needed. Gaia is part of our teachings, tests and a place we will always come back to from time to time as we are that to her.

    Jean is a close and dear friend with impeccable taste and abilities as I have found with her choice and faith in you Julian! I live in what once was one of the most majestic places in the world……the Pacific Northwest. As a boy it kept my imagination well honed and as a man I have been able to hike to the top of the world, swim in the clearest-cleanest water in North America. I have walked with Cougars while fighting forest fires, bears while conducting survival training, Eagles and kingfishers while learning how to fish for native trout and my personal favorite huge (some at 18′ wingspans) Timber and Barn Owls. I had 3-8 Deer as springtime residents in my old home with 5 acres. They use to play with my cat Libby by placing horns to the ground and her belly on the ground simulating a full on frontal attack! After a few minutes both would rear back and with great speed do a 180 and run for cover):):):):)

    I am a thermal dynamics engineer today because I could not bare watching my friends the mighty Douglas Firs being wiped out so left the mountains at 35 and changed careers but that is where I will return again someday to retire. I also talk with plants and animals but my biggest happiness came fro walking with Jesus as all the animals I just mentioned and many more. I look forward to coming back to Gaia some day with all the powers I once had and doing the same as the Lord because what we are to Gaia and her to us is much much deeper than most folks understand! But you are like Jean, myself and some others that woke up early on and remembered other adventures in Gaia’s realm and after that she let you back into her beautiful magic world(s). It really is beautiful knowing Gaia don’t you think Julian? Take care and unconditional Love through unconditional forgiveness to all the great folks waking up to the truth…..mike



  8. Posted by procomptor on September 2, 2014 at 3:19 am

    Thanks Laura its pretty long so even that might not save me(:(:(:(:(: Its just rare to find someone that gets Gaia and all the functions she serves along with being a good friend! Bright Light and Great Love…..mike



  9. Hello to all and a message to Mike. Having read many of your comments on Jean’s blog, and now this comment on Laura’s blog, I find you to be a marvel of a man. Thank you for your depth of understanding and compassion. You exemplify the rising of the Sacred Masculine. Bright Light and Great Love, indeed!



  10. Posted by Dee on September 3, 2014 at 9:28 pm

    I had a conversation with my seven year old daughter today. It happened out of the blue without any prompt on my part and went approximately like this:
    D.: Mummy, what is the end of the world?
    M.: Well … eeeh … hmm… I think mostly … it is understood that the end of the world is when all the people die.
    D.: But, Mum, how can it be possible?! If one man dies, there comes another and another, so there are always people!
    M.: Well, theoretically, if a huge asteroid hit the Earth, all humans would probably die.
    D.: But the aliens would still be there, won’t they?
    M.: Yes, but the aliens are not really human, are they? (“Are they? Aren’t they?” my mind panicks.)
    D. (quite cheerfully): Well, then it wouldn’t be the end of the world, anyway, because they would still be there…

    Then I saw this article on your website a couple of hours later and had to laugh and share.

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  11. Posted by procomptor on September 3, 2014 at 10:10 pm

    Thanks Pamela for probably the nicest compliment I have ever received. I have held so much inside especially after 9/11 it is now time in my life to speak my mind. Now that I live by myself and no longer worry about my children or family ties it is quite exhilarating to give those who do evil against Gaia and mankind in general a good piece of my mind!

    I have never feared death as have always know there is nothing so final but rather have feared effecting those that once depended on me. My cat and friend Libby was a gift from Lord and it was him and collective energy of my late Mom and Dad that kept me alive after dying for 8 seconds to be here to help out as I can for those awakening in this I believe the final round.

    I have always been closely integrated in a deep spiritual way with Gaia and my Love for all she is was enhanced by the spirit of a truly great man called Jesus. With his ascension and promise to all mankind he has gathered up his followers like myself (at that time a Knight of the Templar) and we remain with him to help Gaia and those of the light. It is the reason as I have said that Gaia needs mankind as much as we need her and one of the biggest reason so many of us have been coming back for thousands of years. Great Unconditional Love through personal unconditional Forgiveness belongs to all of us Pamela and I am honored to have great folks like yourself as partners…..mike



  12. Posted by procomptor on September 4, 2014 at 12:45 am

    Hi Dee, I just had to thank you for sharing the conversation with your Daughter. Kids are so smart these days you really have to keep up with things or be prepared to get lectured:):):):) I especially loved the part about the aliens and the way you saved the end of the world!

    Sometimes I think that some of the aliens may be more human than some humans….just BTW…….Love and Blessings…..mike



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