The Reality of Magick

An all too common type of question (whether for requesting magickal assistance, life coaching, timeline jumping, etc.), followed by an excellent response by Amythyst. I’ve spoken before of what I call “the rotten fruits of desperation,” and Amythyst offers wise words for people who find themselves obsessed with controlling a particular outcome and timing. The only thing I would add is that often this kind of dynamic indicates past life bleedthrough — old patterns affecting our perceptions and magnifying our feelings to bizarre and disproportionate degrees in this lifetime. Compulsion enters the picture. When that happens, nothing is as it appears, and basing magick on an illusion or distorted perception creates far more trouble than you imagine it would, because you’re only looking at the tip of the iceberg or even its reflection on the ocean, not the deep, massive, unseen parts of it. Thanks to Amythyst for bringing practical wisdom to the mystical realm. 🙂

Magickal Connections

A Question I received yesterday:

[sic] I I really need some help I really what you to make this boy have all the same classes with me and like me please I’ll. Doing anything please and I need it done today thx


Oh my goodness, Sweetheart, real magick doesn’t work this way.  Where do I start?

First, You can’t “make” anyone like you.  Even though there are spells out there, love spells, that can draw someone to you (and a few darker forms of magick to bind someone to you); this kind of magick is always fraught with karmic repercussions– you think you want something, but what you get might be something totally unexpected and unsatisfactory.  And these kinds of spells are very hard, if not impossible, to reverse.  And anyway, you don’t want a young man to ‘like’ you just because you’ve used magick on him.  You want a…

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  1. good advice!!



  2. Posted by Kieron on August 30, 2014 at 1:01 pm

    Ugh, all too common a theme with pop-culture being saturated, as it is now, with sexy vampires, nubile young witches, zombies, etc. And the spelling is atrocious– par for the course! I see that a lot, i.e “what” used in place of “want” etc. *sigh*



    • I’ve not seen the what in place of want, but yes, to the romanticizing magic … along with dumbing it down, fluffing it up, and generally disempowering anyone who might be interested in it. Ah, well, some perhaps it’s just self-selecting. 🙂



  3. Nicely answered. This question is SOOO common in spiritual forums. “How do I make a girl have sex with me?” Heh, I dunno, ask, and don’t expect anything? Though I doubt that’s the answer these people are after, sadly. I feel most asking this Q are young, but I’ve also been surprised by people with these attitudes who are in their 30s.



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