Delving into Tarot: An Interview

This is a great discussion about the Tarot — what a reading involves (and does not involve), responsibilities of a Tarot Reader, and how to delve more deeply into the mystery and revelations of the cards themselves. I came to the Tarot “backwards” in that I had already offered professional intuitive readings for many years before using cards. Far from being a crutch or silly “fortune telling device” Tarot offers incredible accuracy and ease of reading. Sometimes having a visual and telling a story create space for so much more information to reveal itself than a more “direct” conversation might share. People are always stunned at how the cards describe and validate their experiences in such potent, spot-on ways. Excellent post!

Magickal Connections

What is the role of a Tarot Reader?

I’m going to start by telling you what a tarot reader is not…A tarot reader is not a mystical mysterious person who’s going to tell you precisely what your future will hold, set in stone, on a particular day or date.  A tarot reader is not someone who will give you instant solutions to your problems.  A tarot reader is not someone who can instantly cure your financial ills or physical disease.

What a tarot reader is…A Tarot Reader is someone with the gift of intuition (clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance– sometimes one or the other, sometimes all three), who will use the esoteric connections and images on a set of cards to look into your life.  It’s a window of your past, your present, with a hint at future possibilities.

Now…What is the role of a Tarot Reader?  Her role is…

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  1. Posted by Demitra M. N. on August 19, 2014 at 10:48 am

    Yeeeah…Great topic!! ..LOL.. (a natural response coming from someone who’s been friends with tarot for over 30 years now).

    While I’ve worked with many different decks over the years and have by now quite a collection of them, I have to admit that zeroing in on a deck that genuinely resonates with me has been THe most difficulty thing about the cards. Truthfully, the intuitive connection to them was almost instantaneous — taking to them like a duck does to water– so I don’t discount having had previous life-time experiences with them.

    Anyhow, the Robin Wood deck is what works for me right now, although having a decent background in greek mythology I did feel very comfortable working with the Mythic deck (the one’s that were depicted in the article) for many years as well.

    I’ve been entertaining the idea of creating my own deck eventually, but for now an original concept eludes me. Perhaps, however, when I don’t already have so many other things sitting on my plate the inspiration for that particular project will light up the brain fog and leave no shadow of doubt or any second guessing.

    Thanks for sharing the article, Laura — it was an excellent exposition on the subject, obviously written by someone who understands the significance of the Tarot and who genuinely respects the Art. 🙂



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