Another beautiful and profound post by Colette! A must read for anyone upset by scary, horrific and depressing things occurring in our world. It is important not to ignore these things, as we do need to address them, but we can do so through spiritual means and through connecting with our Mother Earth. Beautiful images, words and soul ….

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland 020

Embracing one’s journey means being ready for change. 022

To be ready, one has to be open and receptive.

This morning I searched for an explanation of what I experienced in my dreams; the kind of dreams that seem real, so real you get confused, almost trapped between two realms; that of sleep and wake. 023

Before going to bed, I went through the usual ritual of walking Jack around and under the trees near the cottage.

The moon was full and very bright…it had risen late. 032

This happens to be a “Super Moon,” one so very bright and big it takes one’s breath away.

The night was still and the moon was rising in a cloudless sky.

The West of Ireland enjoys many nights of star-filled skies and amazing moons, but last night there was a strange feeling in the air akin to an ethereal experience. 034

My rational mind simply couldn’t…

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  1. Beautiful.


  2. Highly recommended. Most enlightening concerning what is going on globally: Author is about to go on book tour, has received many good acknowledgements about the quality of her research.

    Best, Lisa

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  3. Posted by Laura on August 13, 2014 at 2:45 am

    II feel so affected by his death. Its such a sad loss for our world. He had such strong energy. Im sad that no one was able to reach him before it was too late. Thank you for writing this!


  4. You’re welcome, Laura. I think you are referring to the Oracle Report’s comments on Robin Williams, yes? Of course, many people would also recognize Robin in the “angels” category, too. I cannot take credit for writing that piece. It was a repost from, written by another Laura — Laura Walker. Quite the convergence of Laura’s in this comment — you, me, Laura Walker. It is, indeed, sad that no one was able to reach him in time. We can hope that he and his beloved friend Christopher Reeve are having quite the reunion on the other side! Blessings to you, Laura


  5. lovely…and we just settled into our seward home for the next few days…”angel’s rest” 😉


  6. Too perfect, Tania! 🙂 Enjoy your rest.


  7. i know! i had to giggle. last place was called talkeetna lakeside cabins, but everything there just went by initials “TLC” and now we are staying at “Angel’s Rest on Resurrection Bay” lol 🙂 thank you!!!


  8. Sounds VERY rejuvenating! 🙂 xoxo

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  9. Thank you, Lisa!


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