The Long Planned Ebola HOAX by Will Knott . . . Since I can find no source, I would very much like comments on this post . . . Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

Discernment advised on this one, but I’m sharing because I know that at least some of it is true: the pandemic laws on the books are verifiable. I also sense (and mentioned in yesterday’s post) about the genetically modified (“war gamed” / weapons grade) new strain of Ebola as a means of getting people to renounce their rights and usher in Martial Law. I’ve also previously addressed the possibility of mandatory vaccinations, which would not surprise me in the event of a “real” (purposely implemented) pandemic or a complete media snow job.

Having a strong immune system is important regardless; however, so is having a highly functioning BS detector. Back in 2013, I opted for a magick wand and magickal self-defense specifically in response to the idea of mandatory vaccination, but through this blog, I also lobby daily for a mass awakening to keep such sicko plans at bay. The Nazi thugs can salivate, but it doesn’t mean they get to eat their hearts(????) out.

I’m not entirely sure how to shift out of this agenda other than continuing to inform people about the various totalitarian agendas so that people can recognize for themselves when spin conveniently places people and situations into the cross-hairs of the overall agenda. As far as I’m concerned, mandatory vaccinations constitute rape and potential murder — along with extreme violations on every level. I hold by yesterday’s post advising prayer. It works. Let’s imagine and activate the positive, healthy realities beyond such global machinations.

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