Share Your Trees at The Inspired Forest of Bealtaine

Colette O’Neill has created an online home for sharing all the tree plantings inspired by Bealtaine Cottage. Some of you know that Colette has planted 900 trees on once barren land and that she feels called to plant thousands more. Doing so at first seemed to require selling her beloved homestead in order to afford the necessary land purchase for so many trees. Some of her readers, including me, convinced her to consider staying at Bealtaine Cottage with the awareness that the Forest of Bealtaine might, in fact, be worldwide.

If you’ve planted fruit trees, shade trees, evergreens … any kind of trees at all due to inspiration from Bealtaine Cottage or from my own gardens (which were in large part inspired by Colette’s work on her once equally desolate land), please consider sending her photos to post on this special page. You can click here to view the dozens of trees already listed. I hear she’ll be getting a tree counter, too!

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