Inspiring Urban (Rental) Homestead in the Desert

Urban Homestead Grows Fruits, Vegetables & Animals in the Desert

John Kohler visits and tours a Las Vegas rental property, sharing tons of clever ideas for growing in less than ideal climate and circumstances. I cannot believe how much food this guy has growing in a small place! Whenever I’ve visited Las Vegas, I’ve felt assaulted by the arid heat. This little duplex must feel like a complete oasis in the desert, and you’d never know how much he has going on there just looking at the front of the house. Definitely worth a watch if you live in the desert or somewhere “too hot to grow anything.” I enjoyed it even though I no longer live in the desert, in part because I once tried gardening in Northern New Mexico and gave up when I realized what an “impossible” task it would be. If you know what you’re doing … or even if you’re willing to experiment … you can do just about anything these days. πŸ™‚

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  1. Sure appreciate these tips and how to’s so when I start this process at my new place i have some great ideas to draw from. hugs! and thanks! dawn



    • Wonderful and happy homemaking in your new place! You will love gardening. Glad I could help point you in some easier directions than just trying standard approaches that often don’t work in the desert. Are you in Flagstaff now? Or Sedona/Cottonwood? I forget where you specifically said you were moving. I’m thinking maybe Cottonwood for some reason. In any case, hugs and cheers for your new abode! Laura



  2. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    sharing from a post by Laura Bruno, thanks Laura! Since i have moved to the desert this post came at a really great time for me since I want to begin to learn how I can do an organic garden. It will be my first time trying my hand at gardening and with the challenges of where I live, it offers some ingenious ideas. Loving it!!



  3. Laura I’m in Cottonwood. You’re thinking right πŸ™‚ Good memory. YAY!



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