“Weird Al Is Getting Activated”

This came in via email from my friend, Mitch today, and I so agree. It’s really brilliant! Parody as a means of bringing out truths too indigestible for mainstream viewers … and yet the symbols and catchy song filter into the subconscious, preparing the masses to swallow the medicine needed to wake the heck up. Genius! (And, LOL, confession time, I misspelled “genious.” Doh!)

Mitch’s comments:

SUBJECT: Weird Al is Getting Activated

First there’s this video, released last week, with 12M views already, the song he’s parodying was the biggest hit of the year in 2013, is he mocking conspiracy theorists? I felt no, although he know’s people may feel he is,he’s being very sly I feel:

Any questions about his motivations are answered with this video released yesterday, it’s a brilliant animated satire on corporate language and their real intentions, this is very subversive stuff for the masses:

Good for him, another positive sign popular artists are getting it and willing to take a stand, I don’t [get] the energy this is disinfo ala Russell Brand

🙂 M

I agree. There’s no call for the next French Revolution here. No call for blood in the streets and complete Statist takeover cloaked in New Age feel good fluff. Just a wake-up call to see beyond the programming of Problem, Reaction, Solution — and because it’s Weird Al, those not ready for it can simply dismiss it as satire.

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  1. so i think what mitch is saying is that weird al is disguising his intention of waking up the masses inside a video that appears to be making fun of “conspiracy theorists”. my jury is still out on this one, but i’m leaning towards mitch’s commentary as truth.

    the reason being weird al mentioning “psychotronic weapons” in his lyrics. this subject is not even mainstream knowledge among “theorists”. its too specific. it’s something that requires “interested research”.

    anyway, i love weird al. so maybe i’m secretly hoping he’s with us on this 😉



  2. Gosh, that was genius. My LOL moment was the foil hat. If I’d found the video from Youtube (as opposed to this blog, sorry, lol) I would have squealed at the unexpected turn of subject–in delight. I’ve been long time fan of his and don’t believe he tackles subjects with meanness; his lyrics belie an attention to detail I feel comes out of love even as he mixes in humour. He always provides nods to the “in” crowd.

    Yeah, I loved this. Just wondering how well it works as an introduction for the conspiracy virgin. I don’t know if I still know any that I haven’t alienated…



  3. Posted by Alex Jones on July 24, 2014 at 10:13 am

    Paranoia is natural in all living things, and evident throughout human history. The ability to question everything with an open mind is a good strategy in modern life.



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