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In light of this month’s special, “Timeline Tune-in and Tune-Up,” I found the following two posts rather interesting on RMN. These are readers’ stories of apparent timeline shifts, and I will say that I’ve had very similar things happen to me.

One of the most maddening examples occurred in Madison, during a period of a lot of chaos with the Collective Timeline. David and I returned from Willy St. Co-Op with a bag of carrots, which I put into the crisper drawer in the refrigerator. Later that night, I felt the Collective Timeline shift and mentioned this fact to David. The next morning, I could not for the life of me find those carrots!

Then, about a week later, I felt the Collective Timeline shift back to the one we had been on before. I don’t know why I notice such things, but I do. They’re quite palpable to me. Anyway, I had been looking for those carrots all week, because I distinctly remembered buying them and putting them in the crisper drawer. I refused to buy new ones, because I felt we’d shift back to the other timeline. Lo and behold, after I felt us shift back to the other (preferred) timeline, the carrots reappeared in the crisper drawer.

I can’t share client details due to confidentiality, but these RMN reader posts reveal some of the odd disjoints people can feel when they hop to the reality next door. With consciousness and intention, watching for opportunities, we can summon significant shifts into preferred realities instead of slogging through linear time to make desired changes. The examples below illustrate why people often hop back to the original or similar timeline instead of embracing the opportunity for unconventional change. That feeling of eeriness sometimes makes people so uncomfortable that they undo their leap. All the more reason to become conscious of potential for timeline upgrades. A button on a shirt or some carrots don’t matter much, but some of the other details can make a big difference to quality of life! 🙂

RMN post title: I wonder how many times we slip between alternate realities and convince ourselves we are mistaken about the differences

“I think we usually don’t slip very far between parallel worlds, and that is why it is so difficult to be sure it even happened.

“I have this linen Hawaiian shirt I like. A couple years ago I was wearing it and leaned over a fence to pull a weed, and poked a three quarter inch hole in it, a sail-shaped right angle flap. I threw the shirt in the corner of my closet where there are some other damaged clothes. I considered trying to repair it by putting some iron-on tape of similar color on the inside, but then I forgot about it. Yesterday I pulled it out to show the hole to my wife, and the hole was nowhere to be found. I have inspected the entire shirt multiple times now, and there is no hole. I just ran it through the wash just now, thinking if there was a hole that would open it up more. Still nothing. Now, of course, I am thinking maybe I confused it with some other damaged shirt, but I looked through the pile, and nothing.

“I like to think this is the Universe sending me a tiny, seemingly insignificant message to gently remind me that miracles really are possible.”

Another reader shares this in response:

“another shirt-related anomaly, in fact…

From reader lar:
“i have a shirt that this morning had no button (& i didnt have one for it
i get home tonight to sow another button on & now its there

“it was really strange, i know i looked at that shirt 3-4 times without the button

“i left myself a note before going to work to sew the button when i got home, & when i got home it was done
& i live alone”

For more information on timelines, you might enjoy these other posts about shifting timelines. I’ve written about it a lot over the years, and it remains one of the speedier, non-linear routes to lasting change. Happy hopping!

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  1. Posted by beth on July 18, 2014 at 1:44 am

    Howdy, I just had to “jump” in and share a similar experience I had just yesterday! I have not thought about it since, but this article truly inspired me to share and rethink it. Ok, I was in a store(thrifty shopping)picked out a specific very nice item I liked, continued looking around with a few other things to hold and my “fave” item had disappeared! I spent 5 minutes looking all around the small space I covered, nowhere to be found.
    Not wanting to think “sci-fi” I decided to forget and just pretend I dropped it and someone must have picked it up, lol. (I truly wanted that item)
    This subject of parallel times made me rethink and consider the unusual answer although I’m still not quite the believer. Blessings 🙂


  2. Hi Laura, appreciate this short post on giving some examples of what happens when a timeline shifts. It’s happened to me a number of times over the past 6 months. Sharing this on FB to give some context to what it means for those that don’t know. It’s pretty trippy when you don’t realize what’s happening and still trippy when you do. I initially thought I was losing my mind a bit. The most significant was when my dog who was asleep in his bed, disappeared and then came back. I wrote a post about it on my blog. It happened a lot at work. I had done something and then it wouldn’t be there. Then a few hours later it would be there. It happened over and over again. Now I can laugh about it and realize its another tool to be aware of. Much love, Dawn


  3. Yes, it’s still trippy even when you do realize what’s happening, but at least you can use it as information, a marker of sorts. Do I like this version of reality better, or did I prefer something closer to the “old” reality? Then watch and leap…. Much love and laughter… Laura


  4. Thanks for sharing, Beth. I used to be a huge skeptic. I just have had way too much slippage to doubt it anymore. Santa Fe and the area surrounding it seem particularly prone to this sort of thing, but it can happen anywhere, any”time” … some time periods are more “chaotic” and thus offer more opportunities for slippage. July 2014 is one such time period. Blessings, Laura


  5. Posted by marcia lee kent on July 18, 2014 at 2:01 am

    Just wondering if you have any thoughts on the Malaysian crash happening on the same day, July 17, as TWA flight 800 in 1996? Most employees of TWA never did buy the official explanation of that crash. Eye-witness accounts were consistent with a missile. Marcia

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  6. Hi Marcia,
    I haven’t given it much attention, as I’ve had a really busy day, but I have no doubt it was a missile. The question is the why, of course. Some are speculating that it was a botched assassination attempt on Putin, since his own similarly shaped and colored plane was flying a very similar flight pattern near that time. Given everything happening with BRICS, I wouldn’t doubt it. The repetition of the date also seems like the Bengazi occurrence on 9/11. I don’t think this was a “natural” or coincidental repeat. Someone’s playing hardball now, even if they strike out more often than not these days. If some of these psycho’s were smart, they wouldn’t try to mess with Putin. He’s got all manner of protection around him right now. I’m neither a fan nor not a fan of his … too difficult to read … but for sure, he has got some otherworldly protection around him these days. Sorry for those caught in the crosshairs …


  7. Posted by Sophia Sutton on July 18, 2014 at 2:41 am

    Hi Laura, I was just meditating and doing was energy healing work and suddenly Quantum Jumping popped into my head. Then I read your blog…really wild. Same kind of thing. I have been having some strange experiences with time. It is literally flying….yesterday I was roasting some nuts and i set the timer for 10 minutes. I was working in the kitchen while they were cooking and I looked at the timer after what seemed like a couple of minutes and they were almost done…swoooosh…just gone. Been happening alot. Yes, well, happy jumping, hopping, flying to you as well. Much love, Sophia


  8. Strange “times,” eh? Much love!


  9. Posted by Kieron on July 18, 2014 at 1:30 pm

    This comment is sort of tangential, but it doesn’t fit anywhere else in your current listing of posts. Hereabouts, we’ve had tremendous amounts of rain, and one of the bigger lakes is overflowing right in the city, and Minnehaha Creek is swollen with water that just keeps flowing. Few homes are badly affected right now, but what i noticed is the water is taking up space that used to be open, grassy, with few trees, i.e., intended for humans’ use. Now people can’t really use these spaces without needing galoshes. I notice many egrets, herons and smaller birds like ducks and red-winged blackbirds gleefully wading and lingering in these new-found habitats. It makes me think of timelines overlapping, or your reference to El Mundo Bueno etc. There’s something significant about it, but can’t put my finger on it just yet.


  10. Earth is reclaiming her territory. That’s one reason I keep emphasizing that if people want to be on a “positive timeline,” then they need to get back in touch with this planet. Protect and love the land, beautify and heal forgotten areas … those actions put you in alignment with the positive timeline trajectory, which is the planet’s healing.


  11. This is so interesting. I remember back when I was a teen, I noticed that certain items of mine – a red shirt I really liked, a particular hairbrush – would often disappear for days or weeks, and then reappear in a place where I knew I had already looked for them – dresser top, laundry bin, etc. So I developed a theory about mass-produced items: that because they were created with such great speed and in such great quantity, some of them were unable to “stick together” atomically in this dimension. Plausible? Maybe. But the Timeline Shift is a great theory too! I believe it.


  12. Thanks, you just made me realize the obvious answer to something that has bugged me since 2010. For years, I was trying to get out of my marriage but couldn’t. Long story, not for here, but in September 2009, Tania Marie and I went on a vacation to Mendocino where we met a Druid. He taught me a specific sequence of Runes that provides the missing keys I needed to get out of that marriage. I had been begging the universe for a solution, and he appeared right after T and I did a powerful, reality bending meditation.

    Anyway, I was wearing a particular skirt that day, one of my favorites. When I filed for divorce, left California and moved to Chicago, I felt the timelines rip apart. I had for six months prior been sensing and saying to my then husband that I was “in the wrong reality.” After my move, I could never find that skirt. I have gone through everything, and it’s just not there. That has happened with other timeline shifting moves, in which a particular item associated with the old reality doesn’t make the move. I used to think people stole those things, but, duh! These were timeline markers. OK, I will finally stop looking for that skirt, LOL. As cool as it was, my new life is far more valuable. Magic. Timeline shifts. Some things just don’t carry through.

    LOL, thx for triggering me to lay that one to rest!


  13. i didn’t have time to share this yesterday, but you and i were to the second and minute on the “timeline” train, as i was preparing material for the retreat about this very thing and while i was writing, your post title popped into my email inbox. then this morning you post sanskrit hymn for peace and yesterday i was also working with mantras. love you!


  14. Choo choo! Love you, too!


  15. Posted by Patrick on July 18, 2014 at 8:29 pm

    Thanks for posting this Laura, very interesting. It made me think about my own healing and helped me make a positive shift today. 🙂


  16. You’re welcome, Patrick. Glad it helped!

    Also, I just saw this additional post on RMN:

    From reader JN:
    This was a very interesting and profound experience, for me, with regards to how often we unconsciously shift dimensions/realities.

    I have been dating someone casually for the past year. We would go out once or twice a month. Mostly he would come over and we would hang out at my place but a handful of times we’ve gone out to a concert, dinner, etc. After 11 months, we discussed our relationship and decided that we wanted to be more committed with each other. The next time we hung out, he picked me up for a concert and I gasped in surprise because the interior of his vehicle was completely different. When I met him and had been in his car before, it had leather seats, but on this occasion the interior was a fabric pattern. I instantly asked him if he had put seat covers on and he said no.

    In my mind, I knew that this was the physical manifestation of an energetic shift. And likely our decision to make our relationship more serious was the reason for this shift. I feel like I’ve shifted to a different reality, for sure. It’s very cool to now be aware of this as it happens.

    At the time, I did say to my friend, “What would you think if I told you that I’ve had the experience of being in this car and it had a leather interior?” He didn’t know what to say, but we have both discussed time travel and this sort of thing. I think we were both so shocked we didn’t know how to respond in the moment, so I changed the subject to something neutral.

    The relationship has continued to flourish and he’ll be picking me up tomorrow to go to the mountains and I’m curious as to any further shifts I may notice and also curious to check out his car interior again and see if its still fabric or not.

    I love watching all of this data coming into my awareness!!!


  17. Posted by Patrick on July 19, 2014 at 1:27 pm

    Mind bending (but I think important) stuff! I usually attribute such strange occurrences to poor memory, other mundane possibilities or spirits, but this timeline shifting stuff makes sense (in a far-out kind of way). From now on I’m going to pay attention to these effects and their possibilities and implications. Thanks again for the post and for the additional story, fascinating! 🙂


  18. Posted by Robbi Jo in Lake Tahoe on July 20, 2014 at 5:02 pm

    If you really miss the item that is missing, you can always ask Universe to aport it back to you. 🙂


  19. 😉


  20. Posted by Cheryl on July 21, 2014 at 9:56 pm

    Laura, I’m starting to wonder if this is what’s really happening to my items that keep “going missing”. The difference here is that they’ve been missing awhile and haven’t reappeared, though I’ve had that experience in the past. Missing a much beloved pendulum that has been to temples & many ceremonies with me – went missing from my bedside table. Also missing a book I was reading on the train and was certain I put back in my backpack before leaving. Wild times for sure. On a related note – in my own reconnecting with the Earth, my tomato plants have now officially surpassed me in height! 😳


  21. Cheryl, you have tomato trees! And timeline faeries. 😉


  22. Posted by Cheryl on July 23, 2014 at 12:51 am

    I do indeed have tomato trees – some pruning might be needed. Timeline fairies? Hmmmm, are they playing shenanigans on me??


  23. Maybe just a tiny bit, but mostly they are helping to usher you into your preferred reality. 🙂


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