Sophia Love ~ Owning Freedom

This post by Sophia Love asks important questions about what life looks like in a state of freedom. This theme recurs so often in private sessions that I wanted to put this out here for the larger public. These are questions to ask yourself when you say you want a change. Use that brilliant imagination of yours so that you can feel your way into a new timeline and experience. If you have no idea what freedom looks or feels like, then how will you recognize it when it starts to appear in your reality? As Sophia says, this will be a gradual process, but why not begin in the ever present Now?

Sophia Love ~ Owning Freedom

via Lucas

We sense now a freedom because there is this energy of release that is blowing, a pre-cursor to this letting go of the iron grip held by the “controllers”.

Freedom is not a state we fully comprehend. It is an absence of debt in any sense – emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual.

The process of liberation is gradual and will be accomplished with persistence as well as tenacious, relentless focus. You cannot be partially free.

To act from a self determined point of view means that each moment is approached and conducted by choice. We have been asleep for a lifetime. Things like paying taxes and fraudulent debt to corrupt systems are symptoms of slavery, not definitions of it.

Slavery is actually experienced internally and can be defined as a state of mind that imagines you are held back, limited or controlled by another being. This is present in society today as a matter of course.

Once the chains are lifted and those controlling you have been removed, what then? It will be upon us to determine what to do. An absence of debt is something experienced primarily by the very young. It allows for movement in any direction. It does not guarantee prosperity or love or “justice”. What it does is unleash your individual capacity to decide for yourself – everything.

To act in full consciousness exudes power. To experience the day to day from a perspective of choice rather than fear is not something we are used to.

Many of our actions are taken to avoid pain – we obey rules and follow societal guidelines so we’ll fit in and be “allowed” to live comfortably. The hierarchy of economics alone has you in a pre-determined spot you are mostly helpless to get out of.

A world without any monetary system of exchange is most likely not in our immediate future. That may be where we are headed, but today it is light years beyond the general agreement of man. Humanity chose to do this itself – accomplish liberation and then, define and structure its own society.

What this means is that as a group we are ripe for control all over again, simply because we don’t know any other way. Ideas of acceptance, allowance and freedom will have to come from the heart of each of us. This means adopting a sense of duty when that feels appropriate.

No actions or attitudes will be undergone from a place of fear when we are actually free. Take each thought and action and reconsider its origin. We are masters at controlling each other. Emotional debt is something that can never be completely paid unless released by both parties.

What will it mean to live free? Certainly there will be no financial manipulation, but perhaps not as certainly there will be things like freedom to decide necessary elements for happiness – to include education, housing, government, money, work, recreation, love and artistic expression. These are not all the facets of life but they are the ones now manipulated by those with an agenda.

Once man takes control of this world into his heart, it will operate as if each of us has equal relevance, importance and value. This is truth. The knowing and experiencing of this will demand an unobstructed view of all possibilities. Seen clearly, decisions can be made that incorporate human rights.

Much of our language today was constructed as a result of the inequality that exists; a by-product of the program of control. “Human Rights” are only an issue if there has been systemic abuse. Man’s desire for control is part of his brilliance, yet it is also what is responsible for the domination effort that has taken over here.

There is a deep knowing of Unity that must emerge along with the physical liberation we are undergoing. Only that truth, held and cherished within, will guard against further corruption. This “truth” is what has been kept out of our media and government systems to the extent that we have forgotten. We believe we are separate and there we justify the horrors of the modern world.

Ownership, worship, wealth and domination can exist only in a place that believes they are possible. Sovereign and equal beings live in concert with every life form. The nuances of control are easy to spot with eyes wide open. They do not exist outside of us.

Love and freedom are really the same thing. Both are by products of trust.

This shift will not be easy, yet it will be simply defined. With an open heart and a willingness to collaborate we can together become what alone was not possible. Change is the reason we are here. To experience this while physical is an extra-ordinary gift.

Generations of programming have not altered our course. We are waking up, as One, now catching glimpses of our multi-dimensional glory. We are magnificent. We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.


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  1. HiLaura its Dean. Will you please post my newest video on the Gaza Massacre? Blessed Be..Dean.



  2. Thank you Laura for sharing this.

    I have read it 3 times and will read it again. There is an underlying fear of Freedom in me that requires further exploration. Just noticing what thoughts appear in the span of 5 minutes is mind blowing especially when I have the honor of watching a child grow. He is not quite 3 yet but he is fear-less and Free. And even when his choices cause him pain, he gets right back up and tries it another way which sometimes also results in pain but those times are few relative to the pure Joy he experiences.

    I could go on and on about this topic of Freedom which is one of the reasons why I think I love this article so much because she does it so simply and perfectly.

    Much Love and Gratitude,
    ps. I am also reminded that for him, when he experiences pain all that is required to make it ‘better’ is a kiss on the site of the pain. Our Beliefs really are Powerful



    • Thanks for sharing, Suz714! Yes, our beliefs are so incredibly powerful … which is both humbling and “freeing” … real paradigm busting is available to all. 🙂

      Love and blessings,



  3. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    This was a must share, this is the topic and exploration of now. Thank you Laura, Lucas and Sophia Love.



  4. Freedom is immensely relaxing, and relaxation is immensely freeing.



  5. I am so impatient for this Freedom. I agree that it will be a slow transition, and not sudden. The world is changing, and I do hope it is soon that we, as a whole world, step into the new age. I have been very blessed in my life, but have found no place to fit in.

    Turns out that I might have a slight form of Aspergers, so perhaps that will explain my trouble. I am that square peg, who has been trying to fit into the round hole. More like, I stare at the round hole, and think “I know I am a square peg, but I am told I have to fit into that round hole. It really looks like I will be destroyed if forced into that round hole.” So I just remain immovable, and dream of a square hole.

    Freedom would give me the chance to find that square hole. I have a chance now, but everyone is telling me to get in the round hole. It would be more helpful, if I was showed how to find the square hole. Yet, the square hole, I am told, requires great passion, and talent. I do not have the confidence to wonder off and find it. I fear I will lose the chance to fit in at all.



    • Round holes are highly overrated, imho. 😉 You don’t need to find a square hole. You need to make it, and thus the perfect fit. 🙂 THAT is the true freedom.



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