The Tragedy of Denying Feelings

So true!

Tania Marie

renewalHumans have learned to fear feeling….to deny the wisdom of the body and senses and worship the mind solely.

As a result of being out of touch with their senses, people walk through life completely oblivious to their surroundings and the impact their choices and footprint create on the environment and everyone and everything in it, as a whole.

It’s as if feeling is a foreign invader that we either don’t want to know about (ignorance is bliss) or we want to completely eradicate altogether.

We’re taught to narrow our attention and always obsess over the future, while clinging tightly to the past. But this merely leaves us unable to function in the fullness of who we are in the present.

And, in so doing, we rely on others and so-called “experts” and “authority” figures to make decisions for us. It is a way to not take responsibility with a…

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  1. Posted by seattle72 on July 7, 2014 at 12:31 am

    So so true. Boy howdy is it challenging to begin to learn how to live with emotions after you’ve masked or suppressed them for decades.

    Massive release then its like you’re super tender underneath all that has been covering them up.

    Great timing, very synchronistic for me, and reassuring too.


  2. yes, it takes courage … but the rewards are real. 🙂


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