When Life Gives You Tornadoes, Make Bouquets!

I’m not sure if last night’s weather made national news, but just wanted to let people know that we are OK here in Goshen after a night of storms and possible tornado touchdown. I did my usual property protection with the THORN Rune, Nature Spirits and visualization, and once again, almost no signs of a storm on our block. What’s strange is that the little “damage” we had, I dreamed on Sunday morning! Poor Ann, of Exopermaculture got an eye-full of an email from me on Sunday, as I had intended to ask her a simple question anyway about watering the Garden Tower, but instead awoke from an extremely vivid dream about what appeared to be the New Madrid earthquake.

In the dream, I watched the ground beneath our Garden Tower heave-ho, to and fro until the Garden Tower actually tipped over. Everything was eerily quiet in the dream, and the only real loss turned out to be that the GT had squashed a ripe watermelon. In sharing the dream with Ann, I mentioned that the watermelon in question was only a few inches now. Well, after last night’s crazy storms — telephone poles cut in half, trees down all over the county, 60K people, including us, without power most of today — the only real “damage” I saw outside today was that the watermelon from my dream had been catapulted off its little cradle when a pot of mint tipped over.


Amidst all the blowing, the exact watermelon from my dream (just a younger version of it) met its demise. Hopefully that means the tornado substituted itself for what would have been a devastating earthquake at the fault line if it rocked the ground so much up here. 😉

I don’t mean to minimize the effects of the tornado. People described trees “all over the place,” broken store windows, and much of downtown Goshen remained closed all day today. My friend Kimber stopped by this morning to see how we fared, sharing that her garden, too, had largely weathered the storm. On her way to our house, she observed many downed trees that had carefully inserted themselves between houses so as to cause the least amount of structural damage possible. We expressed gratitude that the tree right next door to us — about 5 stories high and hollow, according to our mulch guy — made it through yet another storm. It’s unlikely ever to hit our house if it goes, but one direction would mean a 60,000 volt impact on power lines that supply the North end of town (where Kimber lives); the other direction would demolish our neighbors’ house and possibly part of our front yard garden. You can bet that tree received extra protective attention last night!

People around town today shared being awoken by their cell phones blaring tornado warnings, as well as the town’s tornado sirens. Being so used to the train whistles all night, we, of course, heard none of that here. David slept through the whole thing, and I sleep so earplugged, lavendered and with the white noise of the vintage Hassock fan that I’m “lucky” if I hear David’s alarm each morning. I did awake at 1 a.m. with a sudden knowing to unplug the stereo, since we’d already done our laptops before bed. By then, incredible lightning and winds had started, so I began Rune protections and full concentration. Once things settled down, I fell back asleep, awakening two hours later due to the unusual silence of having the power out. It remained out until around 4:45 p.m. today.

All in all, though, this storm seemed yet another example of “being in the world but not of it” or of radically diverging realities — one negative and the other new and celebratory. Kimber arrived to find me gathering bouquets in my nightgown, wellies and a light sweater — zinnias and yarrow in hand. When I went outside to survey the “damage,” I had found only a tipped over geranium pot, the one rogue watermelon, and a couple pots of mint on their sides. Nothing broken, just a wild mass of electrified, happy, brilliant plants! I felt compelled to gather flowers for one new bouquet to replace the older one I’d just composted.

As I continued to look around, I noticed that some of the taller flowers and leeks I’d let flower were spread out and somewhat drooping. They hadn’t detached, but their tall, heavy stems encouraged me to lighten the load with two more bouquets. I ended up finally staking some of the plants that had asked me to stake them earlier this week (oops!), but really, all I got for my negligence was an extra two spots of loveliness:

The first bouquet

The first bouquet

Tipsy leeks and echinacea inspired this one.

Tipsy leeks and echinacea inspired this one.

And, oh, my! These stems were so long, they needed background support. Confession: I have long been a fan of bathroom bouquets. :)

And, oh, my! These stems were so long, they needed background support. Confession: I have long been a fan of bathroom bouquets. 🙂

As synchronicity would have it, I had very few sessions scheduled today and had just had a dry run wifi outage last Thursday, leading me to have prepared to do any phone sessions via cell “if necessary.” I even got to use a handy dandy cell solar charger from my prepper postal friend, Sean. It’s too funny that I always, always get him whenever I go to the P.O., and we always happen to have just the right info or product that the other of us has been looking to learn or acquire. Anyway, now I can finally tell him that I opened the box!

As with that 6/14/14 date, which seemed another reality splitter, today marked an especially wonderful day in David’s world — and thus, by extension, my own. Without going into private details, we received two additional confirmations of long awaited changes that will dramatically free up his life in very much imagined and intended ways. He had a half day today and picked me up to run errands in a part of town unaffected by power outages. Since cell phone conversations (even with headset, Qlink, and a SARS shield) still zap me with EMF’s, I felt famished and even a little shaky. (The orgone pucks have dramatically helped with our in-home wifi, but, I tell you, those iPhones are toxic! I really do feel like I have radiation sickness whenever I talk on them for any length of time, even with all the protections. That’s not to say the protections don’t work. Without them, I cannot even have my phone turned on, let alone talk on it.)

Anyhoo, I mentioned how hungry I was, so David made a beeline decision to turn into Goshen’s new Thai restaurant we’ve meant to try. We had heard very mixed reviews and didn’t know what to expect. Lo and behold, we had a fabulous lunch! Artistic presentation, delicious vegan food, lovely waiter. Thank you, thank you!

We then continued on our errands and eventually took a short nap at David’s parents’ air conditioned house (I hadn’t slept much last night), since they had power. When we returned to our house, the compost bin I’d recently ordered for our next door neighbors arrived, our power was on, and I just needed to await delivery of a different compost bin for us, which I had scored for very cheap on Craigslist. I’ve been looking for a second compost bin just like our current one for months, and they’re either unavailable or very steeply priced. I got both of today’s bins for about half the cost of what a single one would have cost. Their arrival so close to each other after months of searching on today, the same day David learned his wonderful news … just underscored the contrast between disaster and joyful timelines.

If you’ve felt insane intensity this last little while, you’re not alone at all. I hear from people all over the world each week, sharing statistically improbable successes and bizarre challenges that you just can’t make up if you want to write a believable novel. It continues to become ever more clear that what Starhawk calls El Mundo Bueno and El Mundo Malo live side by side.

In magical realist terms:

“Doña Elena used to say that there was the Good Reality, El Mundo Bueno, literally the Good World, and the Bad Reality, El Mundo Malo, and they were always vying with each other. In the Good Reality you have a mild headache; in the Bad Reality you have a fatal brain disease. In the Good Reality, you catch hold of the rail as your foot slips; in the Bad Reality, you miss, slide down the stairs, and break your neck.

“We walk in the Good Reality as if we were treading the thin skin on warm milk. It’s always possible to break through and drown. …

“There is a hopeful side to Doña Elena’s teaching. … Even in El Mundo Malo, the Good Reality is always just on the other side of the surface of things. If you can learn to reach and pull yourself through, you can make miracles.” (Starhawk, The Fifth Sacred Thing, page 44)

Each person gets to decide, moment by moment voting with attention, intention and vibration — which will it be? I say: “When life gives you tornadoes, make bouquets!”

Cheers, Lovies!

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  1. from chaos emerges miracles. beautiful flowers. and as i shared in comment to your comment on my post, and to add to our synchronicity train i just read your post and saw that not only did we share about dreams, but we used the exact expression in our posts of “being in the world but not of it” as you wrote and “of this Earth but not of it” as i wrote. LOL.

    thank you for being here with me, as it makes the journey we’re on a lot more fun.

    love you


  2. Love you, too! Choo choo and LOL, the train is literally choo-chooing by as I type this! xoxo


  3. LOL!! choooooooooo-chweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  4. Yep, perfect timing. I swear it came out of nowhere just as I began to type choo- …


  5. Posted by Sophia Sutton on July 2, 2014 at 2:58 am

    Great blog Laura. Lots of excitement, sounds like, up there in Goshen. It was an exciting storm here In KC but not the damage that you had. I am sorry you lost your baby watermelon…what a sweet picture of it. Yet, the bouquets are gorgeous. I saw an email today that said that Bayou Corne has sunk into the aquifer in Louisiana…It is definitely sinking down there and with all the fracking it is a huge mess. The world is rearranging itself before our eyes. Wild times we are living through. I had a wonderful Quantum Touch healing workshop this weekend. It was life changing. I experienced several healings…clearing more past life stuff. I am so grateful. I love what you wrote about El Mundo Bueno and El Mundo Malo….feels so right on for these times. Peace and love, Sophia….thanks for sharing your life experience and your insights. May we continue to see through our limiting beliefs. Aho!


  6. Aho! And big blessings to you! I viewed the watermelon with incredible relief, as that dream was SO vivid and horrifying in its implications. To see that watermelon taken out of the mix — to me meant that if the New Madrid does go, it won’t be nearly so dramatic as what I saw in my dream. It feels like that particular possibility has been knocked down a few notches. I would have rather lost the watermelon as an unripe baby in a relatively (compared to the dream) minor event than in the dream’s scenario. I’ve been in many earthquakes before having lived on the West Coast. For the ground to be rolling like I saw it in the dream and us as far away as we are from what would be the epicenter — well, that would have been one helluva quake. I’m happy for the watermelon sacrifice to get that visual out of my brain as a possibility. I have way too many prophetic dreams to have felt comfortable about that particularly vivid one. I feel much better now that the watermelon’s just gone from the mix. Plus, we have others, but it was that specific one in the dream. 🙂 much love and continued healing …


  7. Have you tried leaving your Iphone parked on a coppertop puck? That creates an orgone generator. I am in the process of designing a sort of orgonite cradle for cell phones. I am the guy who made your pucks (Orgonia.)


  8. I have not tried that, but good idea, Bo! I also moved some of the pucks outside for garden season, so we have less total in the house. I hadn’t thought of that, but maybe I am noticing the difference. I will try the cell phone trick, and do let me know when you have the cradles! I want. 🙂 Thanks and blessings!


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  10. The bouquets! Just beautiful…and glad you are all safe and sound. ❤


  11. Posted by mary on July 2, 2014 at 1:58 pm

    Yikes! Glad to hear you’re OK and about the good news for David. 🙂

    Great blog post, thank you for sharing! Btw – an orgonite cell cradle is genius, keep us posted on that. I have various pucks around the house too, those copper tops are extra special though, really helps a lot!


  12. Posted by Cnawan Fahey on July 2, 2014 at 2:03 pm

    Glad you’re safe…will have to look up that THORN rune.


  13. […] When Life Gives you Tornadoes, Make Bouquets! […]


  14. Hi Cnawan, Yes, the THORN Rune is awesome for storm protection! 🙂


  15. Thanks, Mary! Apparently, some people still don’t have power.back. We feel very grateful to have dodged this one. A friend today just said that they confirmed 6(!) tornadoes in Northern Indiana that night.

    I’m really looking forward to those cell phone cradles, too!


  16. Thanks, Diana! ❤


  17. Posted by Nancy Ingels on July 7, 2014 at 11:01 pm

    Hi Laura,

    I missed reading this post when it first came out because our area (north of Cedar Rapids, IA) had gotten hit with a bad storm the night before.

    Although I give daily requests/affirmations for peace and protection for my wildlife sanctuary of a about an acre in conjunction with the nature kingdoms and angels, we had trees down and tops of trees mangled.

    It would be wonderful if you could devote some more space in one of your blogs to some of the protection measures you use, and how to use them (I didn’t have much success finding out more about using the THORN Rune, for example, when I googled it). I’m feeling guilty right now that I didn’t do enough to protect my sanctuary from the increasing weather extremes, and I’d love to know more.

    Do you think other readers who feel like relative novices to all this would benefit as well?

    Thanks, for your wonderful writings.



  18. Hi Nancy,
    So sorry to hear about the downed trees! Part of protection is an attitude of creating a bubble around your area, and that bubble can be amplified and “stamped” with THORN, which is associated with Thor, the god of thunder and lighting, so useful in storms!

    THORN (also known as “Dorn,” “Thurisaz” and “D’hoarrn”) acts like a semi-permeable membrane, allowing good energies through, but preventing the passage of anything untoward. Think of the thorny hedge in Sleeping Beauty that kept everyone away for 100 years until just the right prince came along to penetrate the hedge and awaken the kingdom.

    This blog post has some additional info on Thorn: https://laurabruno.wordpress.com/2012/02/18/protecting-your-energy-field/

    The Rune Magick website has a full course on Runes, including Thorn:


    I have studied many different systems of Runes, one of which I’m not allowed to teach. Brian Froud’s The Runes of Elfland has additional insights on this Rune, as well. The photo of the Rune is in the article from my blog, as well as on the runemagick.com website. That website is excellent. I have not found that you need to do everything on there, but the Rune songs are very helpful in getting to know the energies of each Rune. Those are at the bottom of each lesson.

    Many blessings!


  19. […] I had wondered if the thirteen additional orgone pucks could substitute for whatever protective presence I offer in Goshen, but oddly enough, the previous day, I had followed guidance to distribute four orgone pucks with my own hand-drawn Runes on them at the corners of our yard. One puck sits very close to the downed sunflowers, and it was not enough to keep them from falling. I then wondered if rather than showing the effectiveness of all my protections, prayers and energy work, if maybe the downed sunflower was like the crushed watermelon from my New Madrid Fault dream. In that case, I took the real life watermelon’s detachment as evidence of an end to the timeline my dream showed. I described this phenomenon in the post called, “When Life Gives You Tornadoes, Make Bouquets!“ […]


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