Today’s 8.0 Alaska and 7.2 New Zealand Earthquakes, astrologically exact, close in time, are they antipodal in space? And, Is this Mother Earth’s opening move?

I love Ann’s dream that she shares at the end of this post about yesterday’s earthquakes. I couldn’t help thinking of these two higher magnitude earthquakes in light of the video I posted in my “What’s Happening on 6/14/14” post about my dream of a lotus coming from the mud. One of those videos includes a prediction of x-class solar flares and major earthquakes around this time period *if* some kind of mystery, unseen planet was in an elliptical or figure 8 orbit through our solar system. The last eventful period in 2013 included three x-class solar flares and two major earthquakes in India. The video narrator expected somewhere between 397 and 411 days to pass between events, if her theory of the planet-comet had any merit. Interestingly, we experienced three x-class solar flares right before 6/14/14 (the 397 day mark) and then these earthquakes on the 6/23/14 (at the 407 day mark). Does this “prove” the narrator’s theory? No, but I do find it interesting.

Ann notes the blessing of these quakes not being under major population centers, and her dream triumphs innocence. I’ve now heard from so many people about 6/14/14 as a kind of inner day of reckoning for them — affirming in no uncertain terms what does or does not feel in integrity for them. Indeed, we live in frequency specific times. Live in love. Be honest with yourself. Let the true you shine innocently forth into our world. Blessed Be!

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  1. interesting that i’m heading to alaska in august..



  2. Posted by Sophia Sutton on June 24, 2014 at 4:58 pm

    Hi Laura, Good Day to you! Interesting blog. I feel Nibiru is coming…here is an interesting compilation of info. on the subject.

    And then I saw this interesting video about Nostradamus’ prediction of the Gates of Hades…between July 27, 2014 and Sept. 3, 2014, I believe which may or may not coincide with Nibiru returning. Some say it is not going to be till 2015 though…I don’t think anyone really knows…or if they do they aren’t telling us. I do feel though, that what we are experiencing here on Earth with all the geophysical upheaval is being caused by Nibiru’s magnetic pull.

    Fasten our seat belts….turbulent ride ahead.

    Much love and talk with you this afternoon. Sophia



  3. Posted by mary on June 25, 2014 at 2:25 pm

    Interesting dream. Same night or the night before, I dreamed of defending innocence; saving a fish from someone trying to poison it’s water. I think a message is being sent out, for sure. 🙂 I wonder how many others had similar dreams?



    • Mary, that IS interesting! I don’t remember dreaming of that, but I’ll keep my ears and eyes out for anyone else who’s been getting a similar message. I know it has come up in Tarot readings for people lately. 🙂



  4. Sophia, thank you for all the links! Lovely speaking with you as always. 🙂 Much Love, Laura



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