6/14/14 Recap

Since I posted earlier regarding my dream and others’ predictions about 6/14/14, I thought I’d give a little recap. Synchronously, the moment I started typing this current post, a comment came through on the “What’s Happening on 6/14/14?” post, which summarized my own sense:

Posted by gordonyumibe on June 17, 2014 at 11:21 am edit


I think the “good guys” have won…..they, the dark ones, are being routed…


I was just beginning a post to that effect when your comment came through. 🙂


It has been sooo much easier in my healing practices and meditations…0

Indeed, for most of the people I know, 6/14/14 proved to be that lotus blossom, emerging fresh from mud — the image that haunted me from my dream.

For David, 6/14/14 happened to mark the official end of a very long slog in the employment realm where he has tried for eighteen months to downsize to a position of less stress, better hours, and less responsibility. All the while companies kept “recognizing” him by placing him in higher responsibility, higher stress, less fun positions, even though he didn’t originally apply for those. Compensation, though slightly higher in those other positions, did not make up for quality of life issues and work bleed-through into the rest of life. The results of David’s work life were so not what we had envisioned for our time in Goshen! A window of opportunity opened a few weeks ago, and David leaped through it, right before that same window slammed shut and locked for the foreseeable future. In our own household, 6/14/14 clearly revealed itself as cause for joyful celebration after a very long slog through the mud!

I’ve also heard interesting stories from various friends and clients, many of which I can’t share here due to confidentiality. Two themes appeared: 1) continued presentation of the Cosmic “Are you sure?!” and 2) finding oneself in a “dangerous” or “precarious” position only to discover oneself as “safe.” One client had the second message underscored when, on three separate trips, she found herself booked in the emergency exit row on 6/14/14. She never gets booked in the emergency exit row, so the synchronicity began to freak her out, especially since she felt concerned about traveling on the 14th. I had reminded her that we live in frequency specific times, though, and she calmed herself by tuning into her guides and angels to bring a sense of calm. In the end, she found that nothing “bad” happened despite her increased awareness that something could. For people unsure if they have courage to take their next longed-for step, the Cosmic “Are you sure?!” combines with such non-emergencies as a way of reminding them that support exists, provided they decide to seek and accept that support.

On the world stage, 6/14/14 marked an uptick of NWO shenanigans in the Middle East. Since history tends to repeat itself, the globalist puppeteers very likely are fomenting both sides of the conflict in an effort to destabilize the region and start World War 3. June 14th is Flag Day, and it appears that this year, it was False Flag Day. Various people have noted the ISIS acronym for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria as a hallmark of “Illuminati goddess worship.” If this is so, then I find it crucial to note that certain groups have perverted and inverted understandings of the Goddess — taking a life-giving mother figure and turning her into a blood-thirsty, sacrifice-demanding, hungry beast. The impotent patriarchy running roughshod over our planet has stoked such fear of the Divine Feminine that we must guard against throwing out the baby with the bath water.

If the general population recognized our planet as a sacred mother goddess and allowed the softness and strength of the Divine Feminine to guide our ways, we would experience such harmony on this planet that the sickos in charge could no longer maintain their illusion of power through weapons, force and intimidation. That is the real reason the controllers revel when alternative media unmasks and dissects their “goddess worship.” The dissections fragment something organic and whole, creating such fear and revulsion that no one in their right mind would look towards the very thing that could return balance to this insane world.

In Runic language, the IS Rune is a vertical line representing the Mother Goddess, as well as a “possible need for sacrifice”; however, IS also connotes “ice” and the act of freezing a current state. Runes precede the religions on this planet, and they speak directly to our subconscious mind. Often used for divination, Runes are actually cosmic building blocks of creation. “ISIS” sends a direct message to the subconscious mind to stop — or at least delay — its process of awakening and liberation. At a metalinguistic level, ISIS represents a last ditch attempt to freeze our warming hearts back into paralyzing fear.

It won’t work. As alternative media demonstrates obvious photoshopped images, even mainstream media has begun to question the legitimacy of photos showing mass murders and destruction. Each failed attempt to begin WW3 brings the end game into clearer relief. Pun intended. Complete psychopathic control of the world requires secrecy and manipulation. Enough failed false flags reveal the agenda in neon lights, and at that point, the Cosmic “Are you sure?!” kicks in. Hell to the no, we don’t want World War 3! We want peace, joy, harmony, prosperity, abundance, liberty, and love. Ari Berk notes in Brian Froud’s “The Runes of Elfland,” that — tipped on its side — IS becomes a bridge. In Odin’s Magical Rune Poem, the stanza associated with IS says:

A ninth one is mine:
If danger is out in the sea
To protect my good ship
I conjure the wind on the billowing floods
And I sing into slumber the sea.

With conscious attention to symbols, we can reclaim these powerful triggers and use them for positive creation instead of the entropy, sleep, and destruction tapped into and intended by would-be controllers. We can choose to absorb the Higher Self Awakening potential of IS-IS — doubling our intention to connect Heaven and Earth and bring through Divine Will, radiating positive cosmic forces into our material realm.

Blessed Be … and be the blessing!

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  1. Laura,

    We must be living in parallel universes…am image of the lotus blossom arose unbidden in my mind last night…along with another fact that I have also started the separation process here at the university under similar circumstances..!



  2. Posted by Clare Spencer on June 17, 2014 at 5:24 pm

    Hi Laura, Know you had to have been crazy busy all last week leading up to June 14th. mine was hellacious. What wouldn’t leave me day and night was thoughts, in my dreams, my oldest brother dying…. and immediately. I have had such bad stomach aches I have never had before. Severe. I have doubted myself, never felt crazier. I tried getting through to you last week several times… no go. Of course computer, phone, everything has been funky with this retrograde. Just wondered if you could give me a quickie.  Even a few sentences of yes or no . Just been ROUGH!  Hope all is well with you. Especially with Davids parents. Sending bundles of LOVE to you ALL. XO – Clare



  3. Posted by Cindy W. on June 17, 2014 at 8:39 pm

    Laura, the new florist’s apprentice/ally spot sounds wonderful! I met an organic farm worker recently at a Slow Food open house, who used to have her own farm, and gave her some wheatgrass seeds & explained them (she came to InDiana from Vermont – I had thought of working w/her, but am not needed as yet). She asked “how much” and I said “gift economy.” Add me to the list of your clients with “precarious” then “safe” experiences, since February or March. I also experience that when at turning points, if I center on intention or make a choice, the Universe supports. Small things so far, but – maybe I’m on my way to Tipping Point? 🙂 Love the pots of color!



  4. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Laura! I love your perspective on the “false flag day” (that made me laugh:-) It is all too easy when our hearts naturally go out to those who are suffering in the countries being used as punching bags by the powers that were, to feel overwhelmed and despairing. I appreciate being reminded that as bad as it really is for so many right now, it is going to end. Your gardens are so beautiful!



  5. […] with that 6/14/14 date, which seemed another reality splitter, today marked an especially wonderful day in David’s […]



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