Most Influential Blogger Award

The mystical, poetic, and soulful Cnawan Fahey of nominated me for a Most Influential Blogger Award. Thank you to Cnawan and to many readers who share their appreciation for the time, heart and soul I put into this blog. I consider my blog something of a “tithe” — offering insights, inspiration and beauty as I feel led. Of course, as synchronicity would have it, Cnawan also nominated my sweet soul sista Tania Marie for the same award. I love what he shared about us:

“5. Laura’s blog is a wonderful blend of all things spiritual. One is always uplifted by spending some time reading her posts.

“6. Tania is another wonderful spiritual blogger who posts lots of great info, and, as it turn out, is a good friend of Laura’s. Amidst all of us blogging from far-flung corners of who knows where, it’s just kinda cool knowing that these two gifted women are friends in the world outside of the blogosphere.”

I very much enjoyed reading Cnawan’s gloss of his other eight blog picks. What a fabulous and varied collection of interests and people, especially photographers and poets!

A Most Influential Blogger Award brings with it somewhat kooky instructions, including the requirement for posting a current favorite song. I don’t really have a current favorite, but I’ll post a song that’s been stuck in my head since last summer. I literally “hear” this particular version of this particular chant running through my head at least several times per week, even in my sleep!


The (rest of the) Rules are as follows:

1. Display the Award on your Blog

2. Announce your win with a blog post, thanking the blogger who awarded you. This award may NOT be included together with a “basket” or a “lump” of any other awards. It is special.

3. Present 10 deserving Bloggers with the Award.

4. Link your awardees in the post and let them know with a comment.

5. Included an imbedded video of your current favorite song (You Tube has everything). Just copy & paste into your WordPress Editor. If a video is not possible, please embed a Sound CloudTrac.

Now, if anyone else had nominated me and not Tania, I would have certainly listed Cnawan and Tania as influential bloggers, since I find both of their posts so uplifting and allow both of their thoughts and artistry to influence my own day and writing. I assume I’m supposed to list ten different bloggers, but in all sincerity, these two are on my list. Here are the other eight:

1. Colette O’Neill of inspires and informs with gorgeous photos and Earth wisdom from her smallholding in Ireland. I discovered her blog shortly before we rented the crazy, wild yard that came with our gut-rehabbed house in Goshen, Indiana when we moved here in 2012. Bealtaine Cottage took my flickering interests in permaculture, wild foods and gardening and ignited these into full-blown passion for bringing beauty to all of these things. Who knows how many others she has inspired in this way!

2. Continuing the permaculture trend, Ann Kreilkamp of brings her always insightful and eclectic pondering to everything from healing the land, ET Disclosure, sharing economies, tiny homes, astrological charts of the notorious and influential, and her beautiful family vignettes. Ann lives and models permaculture and the sharing economy through the GANG Community garden on the property she purchased next to her house in Bloomington, IN. I’ve had the honor and joy to meet Ann in person, and through her blog, I learned of her son Colin’s Garden Tower Project , which has become its own talking and focal point in our yard. We didn’t need the extra garden space, but I had a feeling that displaying a well-planted Garden Tower would inspire others with disabilities or minimal yard space to try gardening anyway. And so it has! Ripple effects galore. I also love Ann’s commitment to her neighborhood and extremely local grassroots activism.

3. Finishing up the permaculture category (because permaculture really can solve our world’s greatest challenges): homesteading skills for city and country. Milkwood comes to us from Down Under. I love seeing lush gardens in December! I also enjoy the family and workshop photos and reflections, as well as instructions for so many self-sufficiency projects wherever you happen to live.

4. Emily of offers keen astrological insights and glorious collages that speak straight to the heart and psyche. Her blog posts always seem to capture deeper layers and nuances of more general readings.

5. Lucas of is a huge-hearted clearinghouse of information from financial to spiritual to natural healing and more. He’s based in the Netherlands and offers lots of information on the UK and EU, but also covers North America and Australia. I first discovered Lucas when he began reblogging many of my own posts, and his reposts have led to many synchronous connections with people who have become dear friends and/or clients. I don’t read everything Lucas posts, but he provides love-centered peeks behind the curtain and reminders of how to click our heels back “home.”

6. Laura Daligan is more of a vlogger (videos) than blogger, although she does offer both. Her chatty videos are so chock full of information that I can’t believe how easy, breezy and charming they all sound. An artist, tarot reader, and lover of animals, trees, Faeries, Ancient lore, and more, Laura Daligan shares her wisdom on The Witchcraft Diaries YouTube channel and the blog connected to her main site,

7. I followed the always beautiful, tasty and informative newsletter of Cecilia Kinzie of even before she was Cecilia Kinzie and before she had a blog. Then, synchronicity of all synchronicities, I wound up living in the same apartment complex as her for 13 months in Sonoma County, California! Cecilia offers a wealth of raw food and whole food information, intermixed with grounded spiritual wisdom and an artist’s eye. She also offers delicious and simple raw vegan and lightly cooked recipes.

8. This next one would make it for the name alone: . In all seriousness, though, I love her humor and the wide variety of crafts and DIY projects to make with herbs, dandelions, roses and more. This is a great site for learning how to make your own natural beauty products. In a toxic world, we need more nerdy farm wives!

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  1. Posted by diana on June 11, 2014 at 3:59 pm

    Congratulations, Laura! You are well-deserving of this notice… and ditto for Tania Maria, too. Sweet to see you both recognized. xx



  2. […] with that I guess the fun continues, as what comes along with accepting this very sweet honor is, as Laura put it, “some kooky instructions“. One of which includes my having to share a current favorite song and the other which […]



  3. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    Reblog of well deserving honors for all mentioned. I followed Laura’s Blog for a number of years now. She was my dear Reiki Teacher. I met Tania through Laura’s blog. It’s been such a joy and pleasure to receive their posts. They both speak to my heart and my head. So blessed that they are doing what they do. I’m also very grateful for the list of bloggers they have shared as their favorites. Congratulations on your nominations! Hugs Dawn!



  4. Thank you for being the voice that you are. You devote yourself to this labor of love with all your heart and passion. It is so appreciated by me and many others! God Bless.



  5. Hi Laura, you are too sweet. Thank you for nominating me I really appreciate it. In all honestly I wish that I blogged less and hung out with you more when we had the chance! Hope you visit one day soon. Continued success with everything that you do. Hugs ~ Cecilia



    • I miss you, too! I wish you had blogged less and hung out more, too. Let me know if you and Darrell come to Indiana to visit his family. Would love to see you. I don’t have plans to fly out West that I know of, but I do hope to see you sometime. Hugs! Laura



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