Finding your Light

Profound. Also my response to anyone emailing me that they are afraid from my 6/14/14 post … which, as I mentioned, is not any kind of firm prediction of doom and gloom or sudden liberation, just the sharing of a dream and some general observations. 🙂 We are in frequency specific times. Find your Light!

Ethereal Nature


Yesterday I found my Light!  Actually, I found the flashlight on my iPhone.  I stumbled upon it quite by accident, and was quite delighted by the discovery.  It strikes me that this can serve as a rather playful metaphor for finding one’s inner light.

I’ve had the phone for months and was perhaps informed that it had a flashlight, but I never thought about it and never looked for it.  Had I known how to access it, it would have come in handy on many dark occasions.   Finding the hidden screen that enables me to access it came as a minor revelation.  I was elated to turn it on.

I’ve had my inner light my entire life, and have been informed in various ways that I possessed such a light, but there have been times and phases in my life that I didn’t think about it or neglected to look…

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  1. Posted by Mari Braveheart-Dances on June 6, 2014 at 2:32 pm

    Hello Laura!

    About those numbers: 6/14/14. I’ve wondered if there is a simple explanation, rather than something drastic and complicated and ooh-scary about it. Could you play with the numbers a bit to see if any bells go off with that? Just a thought!




  2. Posted by Mary on June 6, 2014 at 3:01 pm

    Very synchronistic for me (is that a word?). Yesterday I was moved by something someone said to me “…that’s someone else’s dream.” I’ve been working to unravel the real me from the programming I assumed from my parents’ dysfunctional personas and societal programming. So when she said this during the course of our conversation, it deeply resonated.

    Later last night I understood that I’m really squarely on the path of shedding that other, non-me, persona when a deep part of me asked “Who am I?”. I broke down and cried and it still brings me to tears recalling that moment, as if that part who asked that question is finally waking up to recognizing the bondage it’s endured, but also taking the next step in asking, who am I without this bondage?

    I will continue to focus on staying present to recognize resonance from dissonance, and to ask myself, is this resonating with my programming or is this resonating with my true self? That was part of my confusion I think! 🙂

    So a part of myself took a big step in wanting to find my light last night. Seeing this post was fun this morning. 🙂

    I also feel called to hold tight to that dream in my heart of a beautiful world where humanity embraces it’s responsibility to be the compassionate guardians and protectors of life we were always meant to be, that we rediscover our ability to live in harmony and balance with all life on Earth, and that we remember the knowing that when we all work together, we all flourish.

    I really hope it’s true that when you believe it, you will see it. 🙂



  3. Hi Mari,
    Thanks for your comment. I did check about 614. It just means trust your angels. 🙂 In the dream, it wasn’t a series of numbers, though. It was the actual date, for whatever that means.

    And Mary,
    Thanks for sharing more of your process here. Glad you’ve had a breakthrough! 🙂



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