What’s Happening on 6/14/14?

I wasn’t going to write about this date again, but so many people have emailed me privately or asked about it in private sessions that I think it warrants some additional comment. As I said when I first mentioned my dream about 6/14/14, I do not know what the dream means:

… Several months ago, I had what felt like a prophetic dream, which mentioned the date 6/14/14 over and over again. I don’t normally dream about dates, but in this dream, not only was it 6/14/14, but the characters kept pointing to calendars and remarking on 6/14/14 as a birthday. At the end of the dream, someone handed me a lotus blossom, with the mud still dripping from their hand. I got the impression that the “lotus” was the world, blossoming from a period of “mud.” When I opened my eyes (in waking life), a large, pink rectangle of light hovered over the jewelry tree that houses my necklaces, including all the crystals. I could find no external source for this light. It just hovered there over the crystals and tree for a moment, locking in the dream.

I’m not usually one for floating dates out there. So many come and go, with much fanfare and little shift. Perhaps 6/14/14 will be such a date, which is why I haven’t mentioned it until now, except to two astrologer friends of mine. I had them both check, and they found potential intensity there, but the date would not normally have jumped out at them as significant, if I hadn’t asked. I only mention this now, because the dream’s impression of a period of extreme turmoil leading into the birth of this lotus blossom renewal from the mud feels like it’s happening right now.

Since posting about this date and the lotus dream, I’ve had ongoing synchronicities with lotuses, keeping them and the dream/date on my radar. I’ve also noticed an extreme uptick in what I would call the cosmic “Are you sure?!” question. This seems to be a particularly rough time for manipulators in that these people have begun to overplay their hands, thereby jeopardizing the manipulations. Poetic justice and “just desserts” seem to have come into play in some rather humorous ways for a lot of people. I’ve seen this affect caregivers and situations around the topic of caregiving in extra strong ways, perhaps because of the underlying energies that emphasize connections between freedom and responsibility.

Along with the cosmic “Are you sure?!” comes increased consciousness that removes all future excuses for “victims” claiming “But I had no warning” or “I didn’t know any better.” I have recently spoken with and witnessed many people on either side of the caregiver continuum — both those who have overplayed their “I need care” hand and those caregivers who have said or are in process of declaring “Enough is enough! I cannot give anymore. I can no longer in integrity support you in this situation. You’re free to choose to continue these patterns, but I will no longer provide the resources to clean up your mess or make your life work for you. You are free, and so am I.” Chips are falling where they may, but the message remains quite consistent around the world at the moment: “Grow up. Take responsibility for yourself. Co-dependency is so 2013. We’re done.”

In context of this shift, I know of several very interesting clusters of events in friends’ lives right around the 6/11-6/17 window — decisions that are already made but will reveal themselves at that time. A sense of calculated inevitability feels palpable to me, especially hearing various versions of the same senses and experiences from so many different people.

A friend sent me the following video today asking what I thought about it. I hadn’t intended to post it on my blog, but then several more people contacted me asking variants of the same question. Here were my comments, minus identifying details:

As for the video … very interesting! I do think there’s something up with that date or I would not have published it twice on my blog. I don’t dream of dates, and this was so very insistent in the dream. Also, there are dreams that you know are just processing or weird dreams, and then there are dreams that make the hair rise on the back of your neck and arms because you know it’s not “your” dream. This was one of those. The researcher who studied Hercolubos said that it had 3 different speeds and was in the infrared range. He thought everyone could see it in the skies, but thanks to chemtrails and all the shut down telescopes, maybe not. I still contend that the entire “budget crisis” in October was just an excuse to shut down NASA, although [my friend] knows people in NASA and they said no way, that wasn’t true. But who knows what her friends actually study. She just said that they said that if there was something going on in the skies they would know it. She knows some very interesting worldwide people from [work].

The other weird thing about that date is that ___ will be with you. For over a year, I’ve had the sense that he would be fine and would be where he needed to be if the SHTF. I can’t think of a better place for him than with you, ___, ___ and your lush gardens and homestead! Still … the way I pick up things, it could just be a possibility that might not come to fruition. It feels like something, but I wouldn’t phrase that as a guarantee. For that reason, I probably won’t post that video or the Hercolubos one that I have now watched about 6 times — the one interviewing the Chilean scientist. Something’s coming, though, and it’s frequency specific. You’ll be fine … a lot of us will be just fine, but I have no idea what dimension that’s in or how crazy things might look in the interim. Something odd this way comes.

Upon further reflection, one thing that really stands out in the video she sent me is that 6/14/14 lies on the exact opposite side of the arc from 9/11/01. [UPDATE: Upon watching the video another time, I noticed that the labeled dates on the arc are actually 6/14/14 and the 2004 tsunami date. For some reason, my mind very clearly inserted the 9/11/01 date on the back side of Sirius, although that one has no date label on it in the video. Eyeballing the distance, it could actually be right in that range, but I don’t have those math skills. In any case, I received a strong message, backed up by the second project the narrator very briefly mentions, of the connection of 9/11 to this coming 6/14/14 date.] In that sense, 6/14/14 could, in theory, represent some kind of undoing of 9/11. I find it interesting that in this WW3 chess/Chinese checkers match between Putin and Obama, that Putin has threatened imminent release of “proof” that 9/11 was an inside job. Were that proof to get enough airtime and have the solidity of spy-obtained, irrefutable documentation, then the same pattern I see happening with individuals would occur on the national and international stage: the manipulators would have overplayed their hands and trapped themselves.

Please do not take this as a firm prediction or even a commentary on Putin. I have said many times to many people that Putin freaks me out, because he is one of only two people I have ever encountered whom I cannot read. I have tremendous respect for him, but I do not trust him. Neither do I fully distrust him. Yes, I have researched him in the mundane world. None of the arguments seems definitive. I proceed with caution with that sort of person precisely because he is so uncharacteristically inscrutable. Perhaps he himself is so engrossed in the game that he keeps his next moves secret even from himself — all the better to retain the element of surprise. I don’t know. I just find the threatened “9/11 is BS and we can prove it” press release timing interesting in light of the figure-8-esque form shown in the video in which 6/14/14 is exactly opposite 9/11/01.

The term “Hercolubos” refers to a red planet-comet described and predicted by renowned astronomer, Carlos Muñoz Ferrada — “An astronomer of record [who] located objects before others, predicted Haley’s orbit change which others had not forseen, predicted earthquakes, several of them, with great accuracy. Seems to be a genuine prophet. … The star Hercólubus already been detected by the Earth Science, although almost all scientists have hidden. In the Channel 4 television Puerto Rico, on June 28, 1999, Mr. Carlos Muñoz Ferrada, renowned astronomer, scientist seismologist and Chile, announced the features of this ‘Comet Planet’:
1st. – It elliptical orbit as comet mass as a planet, or a planet with a tail.
2nd. – Is about cosmic energy loaded.
3rd. – Does not meet established celestial laws.
4th. – Travel between our Sun and a Sun Black that is 32 trillion kilometers
5th. – Will pass 14 million kilometers from Earth.
6th. – Will end by entering our solar system and can be seen with the naked eye and photographed.
7th. – His arrival will cause a human and geophysical change, bringing change and destruction…”

During the 1999 interview, Ferrada expressed great distress that “mankind is not ready,” and, indeed, look at how much people have awakened since 1999. If one considers the points shown in the first video below, it does mark 9/11/01 as one of those dates of destruction via a hidden planet, along with a pattern of planetary triggers for various other earthquakes, events, and tsunamis. The narrator of the first video does not claim definitive interpretation or proof, either. It resonated with me because I have felt strongly how much the Ferrada information happens to coincide with the Hopi’s Red Star Kachina prophecy, which happens to overlap quite a bit with findings revealed and speculated upon in the first video. I will also repost a video regarding the Hopi Prophecies, emphasizing that the experience of chaos or liberation appears to be frequency specific in all these prophecies — as well as my own and other contemporary intuitives’ sense. The recent Lee Harris June 2014 Energy Forecast especially comes to mind in this regard.

I hate fixating on dates, but I also like to give people a heads up if I sense “a disturbance in the Force.” Let’s just say, I’m not the only one sensing a disturbance for this time period. In the past couple weeks I’ve come across many channeled, scientific and supposedly prophetic links regarding a window around 6/11-6/14. Will it be some dramatic destruction? I don’t know. Maybe so. But maybe NOT. My dream that emphasized 6/14/14 ended with someone handing me a lotus, still dripping with mud. One could argue we’ve been in the mud since 9/11.

In the event that the world gets presented with an obvious lotus rebirth opportunity, the Matrix will experience some major static. I liken it to changing channels on those very old TV sets — the ones where you needed to get up, walk to the TV and twist the knob yourself. (Yes, I’m older than I appear!) When you turned that channel, a period of weird, twisty, noisy, confusing, wiggly static showed up before the new channel came in clear.

It feels like we may be about to enter a period of weird, twisty, noisy, confusing, wiggly static en route to a much preferred frequency. Those who understand (or vaguely recognize) what’s happening will know not to panic. Yes, things could look mighty freaky — freaky enough that many may lose their minds. The Hopi prophecies predict such a thing, and hey, even the CDC has been openly preparing for “The Zombie Apocalypse.” We laugh, but really, what would happen if the entire program of reality suddenly turned to creepy, stretched out, partially signaled static in the process of finally changing to a far preferred program? I would argue that process has already begun.

Big time. Those people not “frequency specific” — to use a phrase James Gilliland has publicly used, which expresses exactly what I’ve said for years — will become extremely uncomfortable with the new energies. In more mundane terms, imagine an extremely incompatible couple. The opposites no longer attract; instead, they bring out the very worst traits in each person, resulting in such diminished ability to shine that both people feel sick, mean and/or miserable. They may try to stick it out for whatever reason, but there comes a breaking point, in which people must decide to leave now or forever hold your peace. We’ve gone far beyond speaking at this point. We’re at do or die time. No more charades.

In this metaphor of the incompatible couple (used to represent being married to an incompatible reality), both people would feel much happier and at ease “with someone more compatible” — someone with similar values, interests and preferences — or at the very least alone so they no longer compromise their own integrity by living a lie. Neither party needs to be “wrong,” but nonetheless, they can no longer remain in the same stagnant household. Consider the opposite of integrity and integration: disintegration. Decay. Entropy. Versus integrity and integration: bringing together different parts into a unified whole. In yourself. The energies right now support each person, each being coming back into alignment with themselves, regardless of what integration means for anyone else they happen to know and love. No one escapes the cosmic “Are you sure?!”

3Dality on Planet Earth has reached such a do or die state. People are dropping like flies these days, because they cannot embody the new energies while clinging to the old ones. Eventually, the static will drive them insane or disintegrate them to the point of dissolution. Best to choose and choose wisely. No more trying to fake being one way when in your heart of hearts you know you are someone completely different than you’ve tried to be. Just accept who you are and roll with it. If you don’t know, then you’ll want to find out soon, while you can still make an informed decision. The information exists and is so available that no one can say they missed out on it. The Hopi confirm that every single being must decide at this time — not just humans.

Will the final, final “divorce” of dualities occur on or around 6/14/14? I have no idea, and that’s not the reason I wrote this article. I wrote it as yet another cosmic “Are you sure?!” Are you sure about your impending decisions? Have you looked at the ramifications thereof? If your decision results in something unexpected, are you prepared to accept full responsibility for having made your choice — without passing off the buck to someone else? You know what choices you face. I simply suggest increased honesty with yourself at this time. Choices matter. As in: they create matter. They become form. Your choices help determine what that new channel plays. Make sure you choose a compatible channel for your own frequency. Choosing “high vibe natural” if you really want to revel in a different frequency will feel like hell to you, even if it feels like heaven to someone else. Choose your own way of being.

True freedom requires full responsibility.

Do you really need a date and an invisible planet or some kind of external “Apocalypse” (revealing) to choose freedom? If so, check your definitions, because that’s not freedom. Options exist right now. Enough information and sensory/intuitive/heartfelt input is available right now. The universal energies support responsible liberation right now. Take it if you dare … and as my sis says, “Catch ya on the flip side.”

Or not. Go wherever and however you feel led in your heart of hearts. If you don’t know what you seek, then the static could feel “interminably” long, disorienting and destructive. If you do know what frequency you seek, then you’ll pass through that static just fine.

If you watch only one informative video below, then I suggest the Hopi Prophecy of Blue and Red Star Kachina’s — the third one embedded in this post. I don’t buy into the fear of the other two videos, but they do match up with the third one, which gives practical and spiritual suggestions for ensuring you find your new frequency in as timely and non-chaotic a manner as possible. As they say, “This could be a good time.” That holds true for 6/14/14 or for any other date. Seek and you shall find. The final video of Deva Premal chanting Gate Gate Paragate encapsulates my intended frequency of this entire post.

Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha “Gate, the first gate, gone, means gone from the conditioned, gone from the phenomenal world(…) The second gate, the second ‘gone’, gone from even the unconditioned, gone even from nirvana(…)from the concept of Enlightenment as something distinct from this world (…) And then, paragate, gone beyond. Gone beyond the distinction of conditioned and unconditioned, samsara and nirvana, this world and that, defiled and undefiled, etc. Gone beyond all distinctions whatsoever.”

The video sent by my friend today:

The 1999 interview with astronomer Ferrada. Please do keep in mind that his predictions occurred pre-9/11. We have had a tremendous awakening on this planet since 9/11. Not a majority, but we continue to hover around that tipping point that drags huge swaths of collective reality onto preferred timelines:

The Hopi Prophecy of Blue and Red Star Kachina’s:

Gone, Gone Beyond, Gone Beyond the Beyond. … Blessings on the journey, and upon the journeyer…

UPDATE: Recap of 6/14/14

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  2. Awesome post! There has been an overwhelming sense of an impending…something. It feels palpable in the air. Pieces of a huge puzzle have been falling into place for us, but unlike the typical jigsaw puzzle experience, we don’t have the box lid and thus have little if any idea what the big picture will look like.


  3. I feel as if I stepped through a pleiadian portal last week…it was directly the result of a full lifetime of inner light work accomplished…maybe a portent of what’s coming…as if all the older fear patterns are suddenly of no value..


  4. Thanks, Tim and Gordon for the additional insights and experiences. Very true!


  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, Laura. I also like Timothy Glenn’s metaphor of putting together a puzzle without the box top photo for a guide, that really nails it.

    I just realized yesterday that two close friends are traveling from coastal regions to mountainous regions (Peru) during the 6/11-17 time period, and two other friends are coming to “my” mountain area from coastal areas. All of these people are frequency aware.

    So we wait. Patience, Grasshopper!


  6. Interesting, Raven! Now that you mention it, I know several people doing the same sort of travel from coastal to mountainous regions during that time period. We shall see. Or perhaps just sense and wonder, feeling the puzzle pieces with our hands and wondering if we even have them right-side up or not. This puzzle is like one of those puzzles that has two sides to every piece … and an inaccessible box cover.


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  8. Posted by Sophia Sutton on June 5, 2014 at 4:46 pm

    Wow, Laura, that was powerful! Thank you. I felt like you were writing specifically to me and my partner when you wrote about the frequency specific incompatible couple metaphor…except it wasn’t a metaphor. A couple of days ago I felt this overwhelming need to remove myself from our relationship and retreated to my apt.. Yes, we love each other and yes there are some things that are compatible between us but i just keep getting that i need to move on, that it is the highest thing for both of us. We are attached though and so it has been difficult to let go but i can’t keep doing the push me pull you dance kind of thing. I am not sure what is next or where to go. I don’t want to stay here. Well, thank you for your deep sharing…it is much appreciated. Much love and many blessings to you and yours as we walk through this very interesting time. Sophia


  9. Posted by Mitch Mattraw on June 5, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    Very powerful post Laura, really galvanized a lot of what we’re all feeling very acutely right now, it really is like we all have to get into the tub for bath, what we all do in the tub is up to us, fee will but we must get in for a cleaning sort of speak, there is no opt out, well, there is but that choice leads to insanity, disease or death. Being one of the friends traveling from the coast to the mountains, I’m outfitting my car with special flotation devices should the bathtub start to tip, hehe. Awesome comments on here from Tim, Gordon and Raven, very helpful!


  10. Reblogged this on Forever Unlimited and commented:
    Remains to be seen. I take any anticipated events attached to predictive dates with a grain of salt. Everything is in constant flux. Timelines constantly shift, according to individual free will and the collective mass consciousness. However, I do think that dreams can be both predictive and important. I would love to see the 9/11 Truth Genie uncorked from the bottle…for this key event will unleash a plethora of truths that will shake society to its knees. But in the aftermath, we won’t be crawling, we will stand tall and jump for joy at our new found freedoms, and the opportunities for collective healing and transcendence that they bring. ~PB


  11. I have been working diligently on straightening out a cluster of information I have had racing through my head in the past few months so that I can present it in a reasonable manor for people to understand what is happening. Its more of big picture containing bioneurology, cognitive/sub cognitive activity, dreams, genetics, socio-cultural and what i like to call emotional homeostasis rather than the cosmic approach to the shift happening. Ultimately, show everyone how awesome we are because of what we have been building for ourselves behind the scenes of whatever chaos is happening. We are or can be the ultimate decision makers if we allow a different view than the mainstream (and especially dreams)

    I have had the figure 8 patterns in various forms in my head/dreams and took me months to finally translate it onto paper and into my artwork. I know what it all means but again i am still having trouble expressing it properly!!

    I find this also very interesting because after many failed attempts at vacation planning I finally have planned a very long road trip taking me to high altitudes during this week !!

    I couldn’t resist doing a bit of my own interpretation in your dream, im seeing a lot of to double checking or moving finances, being given a choice of two paths and offering a lot of genuine affection and encouragement to the people around you who need it the most.


  12. In addition to my other comment, I have noticed certain people I spend a lot of time with are totally lagging. Like even choices in clothes compared to the season/weather, or just struggling to keep up in conversations or understand how brilliant their young child’s vocabulary is because they can’t actually understand/translate it correctly. (Does this make sense??) Its a different than just being busy in life.

    This is where the emotional homeostasis of our brain and body comes into play because when all you can saturate your time with is stress than its going to lead to some major blockages and illness…. death :/


  13. Posted by Patrick on June 5, 2014 at 8:00 pm

    “It feels like we may be about to enter a period of weird, twisty, noisy, confusing, wiggly static en route to a much preferred frequency.”

    This sums up what I feel about the coming period, and to give you my tuppence worth, for a variety of mainly mundane reasons I’ve felt for a few months now that June 14th is going to be a good date, a time when positive energies coalesce and become more powerful. But feelings often dictate reason, and maybe all along I was sensing something deeper, but was expressing that deeper feeling in mundane terms.

    However, if this positive shift is real then I can see that its unfolding will not be comfortable for everyone, and negative things may come about with it. Yesterday at the local co-op, a friend of mine drew a picture of a lotus flower on the charity box that sits on the counter top. It was a pretty, but the colour she used to fill in the space around the flower didn’t look right, and muddied the composition. After she left I tried to amend this with a variety of crayons, but there was no altering what was a clash of colour, and the image left was simultaneously both pleasing and unpleasing. Desiring it to be perfect, I considered tearing off the picture to start again, but I felt it best not to. This ties in with the lotus image in your dream, it seems that the June 14th could represent a positive shift, but one that could bring about, or reveal, a good deal of negativity also. May the most positive outcomes prevail.

    Great post Laura, thank you. Thanks, also for the the Deva Primal video, it’s really beautiful, that lady has a truly amazing voice.


  14. What’s weird is the first video references the 2004 tsunami, not 9/11 at that point … And yet the message still stands that this could be the flipping over of 9/11. An inversion of the timeline perversion. Weird, as I was writing a nagging part of me said to doublecheck the first video, but the larger part of me said that the 9/11 was the right focal point to be making. Sorry for any apparent inconsistency, but the message holds.


  15. Having watched the video again, I think I was quickly extrapolating from her other project, which she just shows very briefly — the other chart that does mention 9/11 and 6/14/14, along with other dates lining up. LOL, I also would like to know if the date on the other side of Sirius at the far end of the orbit not dated is, in fact, 9/11/01. That’s beyond my math skills, though! 🙂

    Mitch, glad you are heading for high ground and good company. Patrick, thanks for the additional insights and lotus synch’s. Sophia, you are the second person today to tell me this sort of breakup story, and the third this week! Love and blessings…


  16. Thanks for the additional insights, Cece and Phoenixfirebird! Cece, I agree, there is a definite financial component to this as well.


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  18. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Laura! I love this post. I don’t know if the exact date will be dramatic either but I feel that the pointing dedication and commitment to our path are of great import right now.


  19. Posted by brad on June 6, 2014 at 1:38 pm

    Great post, regardless of the date! I have to admit, I hope something breaks lose. I have a birthday on June 13 with lots of synchronicities attached; from a personal perspective, something happening on June 14 would be doubly cool. Thanks for an especially good article, an especially good reminder.


  20. Posted by Ann on June 6, 2014 at 5:05 pm

    Hummm, it could be too that the change is so subtle that most are unware of it. I always enjoyed Octavia Butler’s book Parable of the Sower where the protagonist, living in dystopian LA, proclaims, God is change. Indeed.


  21. Posted by Suzanne on June 6, 2014 at 7:32 pm

    I only want to say Thank You for taking the time to fully explain so many things in this post and to end it with Deva Premal was genius, it felt incredibly sacred listening and experiencing that mantra.
    Many Blessings. . to all and may the lotus bloom in its full radiance within each heart


  22. Thank you for your blog. I talked to my sister about your dream of 6-14-14. She is able to talk to her guides. This day is important.

    There is a solar flare and a spike of energy coming to us to help recalibrate our DNA.

    People should spend an hour in the sun (not looking at the sun) and an hour in the moonlight.

    This will help us move to 5 strands much easier.

    Good luck to all.

    Peace to all, Tiempe.


  23. Thanks, Tiempe. Well, it’s a lovely day so far, with a lovely Full Moon still shining in the wee hours of the morning. In the lives of some people very close to me, today marks the end of a long period of mud … so here’s hoping that’s true for others, as well. Peace! Laura


  24. Brad, Ann and Suzanne, thank you also for sharing what you have here. Sorry, I got a little behind on the comments on this one! Blessings to everyone on this day, whatever it brings. 🙂


  25. Laura,

    I think the “good guys” have won…..they, the dark ones, are being routed…


  26. I was just beginning a post to that effect when your comment came through. 🙂


  27. It has been sooo much easier in my healing practices and meditations…0


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  29. RE: 9/11 is an inside job and Putin knows it … apparently, that intel dump already occurred on 5/20/14: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/05/20/too-classified-to-publish-bush-nuclear-piracy-exposed/

    Sigh … no one seems to care ………….


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