June 2014 Energy Forecast – Lee Harris

Excellent intro by sweet Tania Marie to Lee Harris’s always spot on monthly Energy Forecast. I, too, have sensed (and experienced) the grief and intensities. This line really seems to summarize the energies right now: “People’s patterns are either going into crisis mode or liberation mode right now and you really have to be willing to make some changes if you are experiencing challenge you would rather be moving through to the either side of.”

The crises appear as gateways to the liberation, as long as we can recalibrate ourselves to the changes. I will say that the energies are very strong these days, and going inside ourselves seems to be the easiest, most efficient way to shift trajectory from that crisis to liberation. Honest assessment of where we are in any moment helps the process, and no, even if we’re on a spiritual path it doesn’t mean everything is peachy keen bliss every single moment. El Mundo Bueno and El Mundo Malo are separated by the thinnest of veils. If you find you’ve slipped into El Mundo Malo, recognize it for what it’s worth, and then make the internal adjustments needed to pull yourself back through to Bueno.

Judging by the number of normally upbeat, loving, radiant people making temporary forays into El Mundo Malo these days, we’re either in quite the maelstrom and/or many of those who’ve taken up residence in El Mundo Bueno are purposefully diving into the Malo to see what and whom we can pull back up through our own inner process that ripples outward. We would be wise to remember the rules of secondary drowning, though — oftentimes someone who’s drowning becomes very dangerous to the person trying to pull them out of the water. It takes strong personal awareness, strength and discipline to dive into troubled waters and deal with those pulled down by their inability to handle the energies. Trust yourself if you assess that you cannot safely navigate these waters, or if those drowning in them seek to drown you, too, rather than accept the hand to land.

Tania Marie

A very resonating message this month from Lee with things I’ve been sensing from the collective field.

Lee shares about intensities and grief people are feeling. He shares that if intensities are increasing in your outer experience, including your personal life, the best thing you can do is go inside yourself and find your own center. This is the best way we can be of support to others and everything.

Actually, I had just posted the very same thing on Facebook while I was at the beach reflecting, sharing that the way we work with ourselves will affect others. When you want to know how to bring change to the world, work with yourself – go within. The internal world is key.

Where do you start if you want to do something? Any place you feel a passion for something is a perfect beginning point and see where it leads.

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