Inspired by the opening of the 9/11 museum . . .

The whole sick charade of the 9/11 propaganda “memorial” “shrine of the monstrous lie” happened to be playing in the background at the hotel while I ate breakfast with my parents a week and a half ago. I rolled my eyes and said, “They better not try to pull another one.” “What do you mean?” asked my mom. I nodded my head at the tell-lie-vision and said, “Everyone’s approval ratings are way low. It’s about time to trot out some new atrocity on a stick to try to whip all the sleepers into a fear frenzy so the government can ‘protect’ us from ‘ourselves.’ Listen to this crap they’re spewing on there! Trying to get everyone worked up about the tragedy that our own government at least aided by ignoring warnings, if not outright caused. It’s disgusting how they pretend to care. If they really respected these families, they would stop spreading lies.”

And then I ate a quinoa chocolate bar, drank my licorice tea, and did my best to ignore the idiocy and hypnosis that passes for “news” and “being informed.”

That afternoon I saw the Nataraja statue at the Art Institute and prayed that this time any attempted false flag chaos backfires big time on those who perpetrate it … or better yet that the collective consciousness rises enough to prevent false flags ever getting off the ground, let alone flying in the names of “patriotism” and “safety.” A functioning BS detector, intuition and pineal glad do far more for safety and security than psychopathic “protectors” ever could. Achtung!

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  1. Beautifully said. 9/11 was the real “2012” – just a decade earlier than the difficult to decipher Mayan calendar predicted. It brought in a “whole new era” by galvanizing a generation of people to see behind the veil, and it happened just as the high speed internet was reaching enough people to enable a vast detective agency of citizens that eventually pieced together what really happened. In a way, the internet cut its teeth on 9/11. Sleuthing out the mechanics of one of the nastiest false flags in history has created a vast new group of enlightened planetary citizens.
    Thanks. Laura, for bringing it all up again.



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