Love Into Action – Mars Stations Direct in Libra

“The unfolding, as always, is perfect” and so is this right on, must read post by Emily.

virgo magic

mars station direct collage by Emily

Mars – action, passion, desire – starts moving forward again today (6:31 pm PDT), ending his Retrograde journey that started March 1. If you’ve been feeling sluggish, sleepy, resistant and just wanting to hole up and be still, then you are perfectly in tune with the cosmos.

As Mars stations – appears to stand still in the sky as he changes directions – the action principle is suspended, on hold, caught between past and future. A part of us that’s been backstage or on retreat is preparing to reemerge, but not quite yet. We’re completing a process of regenerating vitality, redefining goals and desires, recharging motivation and enthusiasm. As Mars starts moving forward, sparks of inspiration and clarity are now available.

I had intended to start this post on Saturday, didn’t happen, and then sat down to work on it last night. No go. It wasn’t…

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