A Tale of Two Timelines

I know it has become rather vogue to declare that “we’re all on one timeline now” because “we’re all one;” however, from my vantage point, this world continues to polarize in ever more dramatic ways. Clients, friends, family members, people I know through community volunteering — lately everyone seems to be receiving a mega-phoned, “Are you sure?!”

Revelations of betrayals have become so absurdly obvious that the levels of denial now required to ignore them truly boggle both mind and heart. Personal relationships reveal evidence of in-your-face double lives and months or years of deliberate, calculated lies. Companies that have demanded loyalty from good employees reveal themselves as totalitarian versions of the same old, same old, regardless of lip service to their “different way of doing business.” The US government isn’t even hiding its plans to wage war on US citizens: the USDA has now joined agencies like the IRS and BLM, arming themselves with semi-automatic weapons and protecting themselves with bullet proof vests. Leaks from worldwide whistleblowers continue to reveal the sick underbelly of military-industrial complex power and plans.

Yet somehow, even amidst revelations that have grown surreal in magnitude, some people continue to live in complete denial of the importance and responsibility of choosing something better. This choice hasn’t yet affected everyone; I’m not talking about people who are truly too busy to look at anything beyond their own three jobs to put food on the table. I’m talking about otherwise intelligent, reasonably capable and conscious people who’ve had their worldview rocked by what would be a rude awakening, if only that awakening occurred. It’s quite shocking how deep the Pollyanna programming can go, and meanwhile, their world creeps or runs ever closer to tyranny and dystopia.

This theme of betrayal is on the upswing. As Mark Twain said, “It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” Betrayal not only hurts our hearts; it hurts our pride. It begs questions like “How could I have been so stupid?” or “How could I have missed those signs?” It takes courage to answer those questions as real ones rather than rhetorical invitations to self pity and the downward spiral. Approaching betrayal as an opportunity to learn what went awry and how — and as an invitation to troubleshoot for a preferred future — also requires swallowing some humble pie. But the question of “getting one’s just desserts” has become so very urgent in our times!

When the Universe approaches you with a neon lighted, mega-phoned, smack upside the head, “Are you sure?!” please carefully consider your answer. The “elite” psychopaths running rough shod over our planet do engage in their own bizarre code of honor, which requires people give them permission to proceed with their diabolical plans. Through leaks, Hollywood films, best selling novels, symbolic actions, or direct quotes of elected officials, these “elites” broadcast their intentions. Similarly, everyday, run of the mill sociopaths, philanderers, thieves and cheats drop clues via behavior, Freudian slips, circumstantial evidence or those mysterious “can’t put my finger on it” triggers that unsettle our stomach, ring all the anxiety alarm bells, and put our intuition on hyperalert. If we feel ourselves saying and feeling, “Something’s just not right about this,” but we refuse to investigate and discover what isn’t right, then by the psycho’s code of “honor,” we become fair game. They’ve duly warned us; our taking and acting upon the warning is our responsibility, not theirs.

I don’t know how this experiment called 21st century planet Earth will play out. All I can do is observe and extrapolate, but what I see happening worldwide is a sharpening of the divide between realities, not the blending of everything together into what I call the New Age Borg.

Some people — quite a high percentage in my sphere of influence — continue to experience incredible breakthroughs and freedom in areas that previously refused to budge, sometimes for decades. Those who make something of the breakthrough go on to experience exponentially faster and more powerful breakthroughs. By contrast, those who refuse to use the original breaking through of information as a catalyst to major change, become even more committed to the controllers’ trajectory of totalitarian dystopia and a drugged, brainwashed, Pollyanna populous to slave away on behalf of the self proclaimed elite. They continue to excuse those who reject the Golden Rule, and they continue to wonder why life keeps throwing drama at them. What they conveniently edit from their awareness is the reality of that blaring question: “Are you sure?!”

I don’t know when or if the deadline will arrive for making such decisions, but the frequency and intensity of that question seems to indicate that it will, and soon. What kind of world do you wish to live in, and what illusions are you willing to give up in order to embody it? Are you willing to transmute the increased effort it takes to continue lying to yourself and instead turn such efforts into creating a better life and world? Effort is effort. One type of effort maintains dissatisfaction and gives permission for misery and tyranny; the other effort actually generates new worlds and allows you to create a real version of your imagined potential.

A Tale of Two Timelines: which will it be? The choice — and the responsibility — are yours.

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  1. Posted by mary on May 17, 2014 at 4:46 pm

    Makes sense to me. Funny because last night I was pondering ‘Tale of Two Cities’. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”

    Breakthroughs continue to happen here. This last grand cross, as well as other astrological aspects, exposed areas of shadow that were in front of my face yet I chose not to see, for decades. Much of it having to do with making choices out of fear instead of love.

    I can only hope my willingness to see the truth and make better choices moving forward is enough. Issues are clearing up nicely since *knocks on wood*, so perhaps the ship is back on course.

    Fascinating times indeed.



  2. Posted by Cnawan Fahey on May 17, 2014 at 6:15 pm

    I completely agree with your observation that “this world continues to polarize in ever more dramatic ways”. And as it does so, it continues to push to the brink all of the crises that are ominously building ~ environmental, economic, resource depletion, political, military, climate disruption ~ one can only trust that Eckhart Tolle is right in making this beautiful analogy:

    “The closer we get to the end of our present evolutionary stage, the more dysfunctional the ego becomes, in the same way that a caterpillar becomes dysfunctional just before it transforms into a butterfly. But the new consciousness is arising even as the old dissolves.”

    It will take a new consciousness to either forestall the collapse of all that we know or to flourish in the aftermath of that collapse.



  3. Posted by Sharon on May 17, 2014 at 8:00 pm

    Yes, yes, yes, THANK YOU for saying this in this way at this time – high five and a faerie dance!!!!!



  4. “Revelations of betrayals have become so absurdly obvious that the levels of denial now required to ignore them truly boggle both mind and heart.”

    My observation as well. I’ve been flabberghasted of late at the exposure of corruption, arrogance and greed of the politicians in my country–things I always KNEW, but had always trouble convincing others about. Now I don’t need to, things are worsening by the day that make their ineptitude and greed obvious to all but the most stubborn loyalists still hiding behind their pride. For me, much of the info and obviousness of it all has been long overdue, and I’m seeing a lot of people mad as hell. If I ever felt alone in my rage for years, I don’t anymore. Now I’m trying not to drown in the tide!

    Not sure if we’re all on the same timeline but it feels right even if annoyingly so; the political and cultural change still can’t move quickly enough enough for my taste. But watching the realisations others are experiencing at their own pace is encouraging, and I can’t help prodding them along sometimes–how far and wide can their realisations extend? What other powers have they given away that they can take back? What other programming can they shake off? Not all get the hints, but the ones that do? Vrrrooooosssh!! For all the ugliness being exposed, the wonder I get at the awakening ones is a real cause for elation.



  5. Excellent article. Thought provoking. Thank you!



  6. […] laurabruno’sBlog  May 17 2014 […]



  7. Glad this one resonated with so many people!

    “It will take a new consciousness to either forestall the collapse of all that we know or to flourish in the aftermath of that collapse.” Agreed! Even for those of us who’ve developed elaborate coping tools over the decades. Some things just don’t work anymore.



  8. Reblogged this on Forever Unlimited and commented:
    Too many people have become complacent or simply overwhelmed…yet we are on the crux of great change that we CAN co-create! And we MUST! -PB



  9. Posted by Laron on May 22, 2014 at 11:52 pm

    Thank you Laura, reposted with credit on my site http://www.transients.info



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