Heads’ Up! Department: Rosa Koire’s Orwellian vision of Agenda 21

I love Ann’s excellent introduction to this video interview of Rosa Koire. I was actually the person who sent Ann her copy of Behind the Green Mask, and I lived in the same Northern CA town (Santa Rosa) where Rosa experienced first hand the Orwellian underbelly of the innocuous sounding “Sustainable Development.” I appreciate Ann seeking the balance between the polarized extremes Rosa notes. May we continue to find truly local, truly natural and truly sustainable solutions. The video covers the Bundy Ranch situation and details the implementation of mega-states and mega-cities to replace local, state and national sovereignty. Very eye-opening for those not aware of the complexities involved in sustainable development and the mega-corporations funding the NGO’s taking over policy and regulations.

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  1. Posted by Kieron on May 14, 2014 at 12:00 pm


    This is the clearest indication yet. In my city, the highrises and condos are going up with breathtaking speed along with light rail transit. I have wondered where the money is coming from for these initiatives, and now I have my answer. Others have started to nervously comment on the number of pricey condos springing up, so there’s some level of awareness. I have mental health clients desperately seeking any affordable housing, and there’s none to be found among the trendy hipster condos we see here. Putting these two scenarios together makes me realize my line of work is becoming an exercise in futility.



    • I know the feeling! Goshen is an extremely low income area with something like a 45% rental rate, with people paying on average nearly 40% of their income on rent. And it’s not high rent by any stretch of the national imagination. This is by far the lowest rent I’ve had except in New Mexico. Anyway, they’ve been doing all these studies on the rental situation here, as well as the food insecurity. So, what’s the proposed solution? More HIGH income housing!

      They are putting in these bizarrely overpriced Agenda 21 style buildings in the prettiest part of town, disrupting the Nature there, using a non-local contractor (so not helping the local economy), and I’m left wondering, who in their right mind is going to rent these things? Thin walls, no yard, and rent 2-4 x higher than for a house?! Exactly where are these people going to come from? They will need to be independent of the local economy, and most people independent of the local economy would probably move to South Bend or somewhere else. I don’t know. It’s just weird to watch what was a very unique town even a year ago try so hard to become California, which is the poster child for A21.

      I am learning to make peace with exercises in futility, because no one wants to hear that all this federal grant $ (and exactly where are the Feds getting the money if we’re in such a “deficit” and on the verge of collapse?) comes with strings attached that no one in their right mind would agree to if they understood. Meanwhile, people continue to mourn “climate change” and “carbon levels” with zero regard for the very real, imminent effects of Fukushima, chemtrails and poisoning of all the oceans and fresh water around the US. Truly bizarre. But I’m the reactionary. I have needed to learn extreme non-attachment and just figure I am on a different path. I tell you, that Faery Green Card looks better and better every day! I contacted Ann about A21 awhile back, because I thought maybe as a state we can make a difference. Clearly, Goshen is not going to lead the way out of this straightjacket. They are too busy celebrating the “progressive” new restrictions.

      Ultimately, I think it comes down to Joanna Macy’s “Active Hope” premise — we don’t know that what we do will make the difference, but in good conscience, we must do what we can wherever we are.

      Blessings continue to abound, just not always the ones we think we’re courting. 🙂



  2. […] try to wriggle out of it once the shackles are on. The TPP takes NAFTA, CAFTA, Codex Alimentarius, Agenda 21, the Monsanto Protection Act, and the Bankers Manifesto of 1892 and puts all of these on GMO […]



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