Tom Lescher ~ Astrology Forecast April 30-May 6, 2014

This Pele Report explains some of what I’ve been hearing from friends and clients about the recent energy of “hurry up and wait.” If you’re raring to go but inexplicably spinning your wheels, it really could be the larger energies — not simply your own internal resistance. I suggest using the time delay to increase inner clarity while balancing the highest good of all involved.

Kaypacha advises to “Speak your truth and assert yourself, but in a loving way. … Talk about your feelings” [as opposed to a rigid judgment structure].

This time period emphasizes “accepting other people’s values. This is the Eighth House. I can be different than you. You can need, or want or value different things than me, and it doesn’t need to be the end. … We can respect each other as different, diverse human beings. I don’t need you to become like me, and I’m not going to become like you.” We can still have a relationship, though.

Boy, am I finding this last one play out in my personal life as I try to accept that the enormous and vocal majority of locals I encounter — even when shown the corporate tentacles and manipulative, oppressive strings attached to various grants and initiatives — become even more determined to turn a blind eye (clamped shut and triple blindfolded if need be) and just take the money, regardless of eventual consequences. I have yet to find anyone who cares enough to scratch below the next meal, next grant or next year … and I find myself in an area with enormous potential to avoid so many of the pitfalls I’ve seen elsewhere — not just accidentally hitting a pothole, but actively inviting in and celebrating eventual sinkholes. I can help people strategize ways to avoid such things, but not when everyone asserts that they believe potholes and their eventual sinkholes are wonderful things.

So yes, Kaypacha, I’ve been feeling the “accepting others’ values” aspect in a very poignant way.

Last night, David and I attended a poetry reading by a childhood friend of his, Julia Kasdorf, and she read from her latest “documentary poetry” collection (not yet released), which focuses on complex issues of fracking in Pennsylvania. She has interviewed and eavesdropped on hundreds of people and interweaves the communities’ practical support for fracking with images of burning wells, unrelenting noise, landscape devastation, and economic exploitation. That same sense of extreme poverty celebrating whatever helps put food on the table now pervades her delicate and bittersweet observations about long term consequences and the history of Penn’s Woods. Having grown up in PA, the poems hit home even more personally than the Beehive Design Collective‘s visual work. Global corporatism and control are marching everywhere — in Mesoamerica, in Goshen, in Pennsylvania — and despite the few resisters, many, many, many people continue to dance and beat the drums of “progress.”

Thank you, Kaypacha, for putting things into their larger astrological context. For some of you, it may be time to surrender and release. For me, it’s time to garden and break out Joanna Macy’s “Active Hope” again, too. Sober Beltane Blessings, as we find ways to celebrate what we can, even as others celebrate the very things that break our hearts ….

From YouTube:

Published on Apr 30, 2014

After the cloudburst and torrential rain,
The clouds disperse and the Sun shines again,
The rivers rise up and flow to the sea,
The more I let go, the more I am free.
Open up and let the sun shine in after the big cloudburst of thes last few weeks….. We can figure that May will be somewhat less frustrating but now it can be like cleaning up after a wild party the night before….. Mercury opp Saturn this Friday is pretty sober so keep the chin up… it will be worth it! Artwork from the last Pele Report by Fulya Kurter and music this week by:\lucere
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  1. Posted by Bo on May 1, 2014 at 4:46 pm

    Impoverishing the people is of course a tried and true method for controlling them. Especially noticeable in the media now is a gloating about the rich and famous lifestyles which implies that something must be wrong with you if you have not attained such wealth. It is saying in so many words, “Look at these people. What is wrong with you that you cannot achieve what they have achieved? It’s your own damn fault.” At the same time it gives the illusion that America is still a land of high wealth distribution. You rarely see impoverished folk in the mass media.



    • Very true. And how do you argue with people who got hit hardest by the 2008 crash, people who had up to 80% unemployment in some areas of town? For them, federal grants and redevelopment money are cause for celebration. I have not starved. I have not watched my own children go hungry, though I have tried to get people to garden and reclaim their sovereignty. In the poems last night, a theme ran through of no one wanting to work on the farms or to do “hard” work. People considered fracking easy money, just as some grants are easy money, right? A little shortcut here … sign on this line here … immediate problem “solved” and who cares about the seventh week, month or year, let alone the seventh generation? It’s such an odd juxtaposition as things in my own life move more into freedom and expansion, while the noose tightens around the singing necks of so many others. What a bizarre time to be alive! I used to believe we could sidestep what I feel is unnecessary devastation, but apparently, most people either can’t see it or don’t care to look invest the time and creativity in assuring they receive what they desire without what they abhor.

      I tell you, that Faery Green Card’s looking better and better. That … the offer of permanent residence in the Faery Realm … was what came out of my Elen of the Ways portal — not exactly a resounding confidence in others’ decisions. It does, however, continue to underscore my own sense that whatever happens, I will personally be fine.

      Blessed Be.



  2. Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:
    Some helpful astrological insights from Kaypacha to help guide and support what you are experiencing. Thanks Laura for sharing and for your own experiences added.



  3. Such a relief to confirm I’m not the only one! I’ve been slacking on my daily “want-to-do” list the past week, and trying not to get frustrated at the disruptions to the usual: sick relatives, sick kid, feeling outnumbered and at the end of the priority list. A friend posted a link to one of those automated single Tarot draws, and all the cards I drew were telling me to rest, stop/restart and sit out the “disruption”. I was flabbergasted and kept checking, but the results kept repeating. (It’s hard for me to accept as someone always trying to find more work/income!) But I’ve always told my guides to keep bonking me with the important messages and it’s looking like they’re insisting on this one.



    • @Janet, definitely not the only one! I have been hearing this enough from people to write about it, which means it’s a worldwide pattern with my friends and clients, anyway.



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