James Corbett ~ Divide and Conquer: Politics and the Left/Right Fraud

Someone just commented that people should watch this video at least once per month to remind ourselves of what the problem is. With all the recent and frenzied hoopla, now seems like a great time for a repost.

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This report explores both Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party Movements, showing striking similarities, despite major (and quite successful) efforts to spin them off into partisan politics. Viewers might be surprised (as I was) to learn that the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party originally sprang from opposition to George W. Bush and his whitewashing of the 9/11 Commission. Corbett goes on to explore the history of “Divide and Conquer.”

I agree with Ann of Exopermaculture:

This is excellent.

“’The situation would almost be laughable, if it were not so tragic. Either someone is on the same side or they are the enemy. There is no room for nuance, for subtle distinctions, for alliance or cooperation on matters of great import.’

“Or, of course, for digging to the root of what caused the division in the first place.

“’But if you want a bagel, there are 23 flavors.’”

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  1. On my drive into work I heard Ralph Nader on Democracy Now discussing ideas from his new book “Unstoppable”, where he talks about about the new Left-Right Alliance. It’s all about finding common ground, and there seems to be a lot of crossover. Working together on important issues, Progressives and Conservatives just might form a majority. Very exciting!



    • That IS exciting. I remember before the 2012 election hearing a conversation among Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul and Ralph Nader. It was a VERY interesting conversation! They were all willing to work together on things that would have helped us all.



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