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A Little Birdie Told Me

By Lance White

I love birds. I mean, I really love birds! When I was a child, growing up in Santa Barbara, California, my grandparents let me stay with them during the summer months, on their idyllic ranch in Goleta. You can’t imagine a more heavenly, enchanting, magical place for an inquisitive child to let loose creatively through imagination and nature connections. Lance's bird There were acres of walnut trees, fruit trees, berries, corn, pumpkins and squashes, okra, peaches, persimmons and apricots. The fruit was so luscious and abundant that my Grandmother and I would eat till we were full, while picking the ripe ones; the sweetest, most flavorful fruits like none found today in a “super market”. In the mornings, before I awakened, I’d hear the train going by blowing its whistle in the distance, at the end of the ranch. But my favorite sound and language was bird song. Blue jays, especially, entranced me. I’d hear the many voices: delicate warbles, tiny tunes, fluttering wings of hummingbirds, swarming around the lush honeysuckle vines that grew on the posts of the front porch of the cottage. A pot bellied stove simmered in the winter, keeping us warm, adding a “smokey smell” from a variety of woods, mainly eucalyptus. One of my pastimes was collecting Black Widow Spiders in Bell jars. I’d find one, put it in the jar with a stick and some bugs, leaves and just study and talk to it. I never got bitten.

Then, as now, my “best thinking” is often performed in the wee hours in a supine position; meaning, horizontal. Yesterday, while laying in a semi-awake dream state, pondering the many questions floating in space, there was a recurring complaint from the “complaint department”. It went something like: “We never seem to be able to really get close to nature…birds just fly away before we can get close enough.” In that very moment, I heard a noise that seemed to come from outside my open window, just over the head of my pillow. There are louvered blinds and they were “rattling”. I turned my head to see what was out there and was utterly shocked to see a bird sitting on the window sill, in spite of the open louvered blinds. It had apparently heard my complaint and was saying, “You called?” I’ve never had a bird show up unafraid and literally inches from my face, in the very moment I was feeling sorrow from the mind telling me that we can’t get closer! Synchronicity. I shared that story last night on my radio show, with guest Tantra Maat. The energy of the show was also magical. I’ve been reading her book, “The Language of Creation”. It is the perfect information in perfect timing. She includes exercises to restore the ability to function from the Templates. Direct communication without the necessity of intermediaries or “brokers”. More synchronicity.

Lance's bird 2

Today, Easter Day April 20th, there were special energies and thoughts floating around. This blog was one of them; and as it wrote itself in my head, it hit me that I had to get up early and get it down on paper, while it was fresh. If a direct message from nature, the solar system and the cosmos could be directly given to me the day before Easter, I thought that all my old belief systems and “complaints” were probably also incorrect and distorted thought forms, long overdue for tossing out the very same window! After all, if a bird and I can co-create together, telepathically communing, then all sentience is in direct communication and probably blaring new messages over our old, broken down belief systems. Our beliefs are too loud to allow the delicate and subtle nuances of invisible, multi-dimensional messages to break through. A choice has to be made: take the low road and wallow or a higher path, where the lower disappears from view. Many, if not most, of our beliefs are programmed through “direct assault”. We are assaulted by mass murderers: media and marketing ploys, drilling down to nanotechnological thought forms: meme control at best, mind control more likely. Advertising and media is shaping and distorting who we are until there’s nothing left – but to consume our Selves. This is the sad result of consumer-ism. The snake eats its tail, until it vanishes.

This endless consumer meme is created by lifeless corporations which banks of clever lawyers have turned into “people” legally. That means they get special treatment, as if they are living human beings. Notice, I said the “B” word: Banks. Little did we know, being born into a system of unconscious slavery, that the banks were not our friends! The smiling teller, taking our weekly or monthly checks; or our cash from working out in the fields or under the table. We were not told they were the most skilled thieves ever to walk the earth, united in one common cause: to steal the entire world, the planets around us and all future generations. Oh, we heard about someone getting pissed off 2,000 years ago and turning the tables of the money lenders. If that person was alive today, how could he overturn the vast interconnected global network of layered banking institutions and vast monetary controls in every country, town and hamlet? Where to begin?! We did not know about fractional reserve lending or reverse mortgage debt instruments. A cornucopia of “legal theft”, less transparent than the Mafia, is “just another day” in the business world, so that staggering illegal sums could be “laundered” and moved around to destroy the hand that feeds it. Is this vast money laundering operation like taking your shirts to the Chinese laundry and getting them back all white, clean and stiff? I think not!

Bird at window
These things will sort themselves out, as the collapse of unsustainable dying archaic Patriarchal systems end as fast as the Twin Towers and Building 7 fell in minutes, in their own footprint. Now that was a magic act! I’m far more interested in communing with what is Real: nature; the birds, wind, water, trees, grass, bugs and even the occasional bacteria has something of interest to talk about. First, do no harm. Any individual or group that is killing others with any kind of justification, especially religious or “terrorist”, should not be allowed to continue for one moment longer. Wars are a cancer which needs to be healed in the collective body. Within, we can have chats with our cells, organs, blood, bacteria, viruses and so on. In our own Universe, we are God! Imagine the glee from a foot cell when it hears you say, from on High, “Hello little foot cell…how are you?” Still, my favorite communications are birds and their songs. They watch us and are with us, even if it appears they are frightened away by our movement. Is it possible that they are simply going ahead of us to make sure that our way is safe, beautiful and full of magic? Perhaps, they are chirping to our feathered friends in the distance, saying, “Lance is coming! Watch the path…look pretty and play an uplifting tune; he seems sad today”.

Before anyone is “taken” by programmed running beLIEfs, designed to keep us from communing directly with infinite cosmic intelligence, create a new thought today. It doesn’t matter what, where or how. Just shift and see your own little birdy on the window sill. It’s there – just for you.

In Unity and Joy,

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  1. Posted by brad on April 21, 2014 at 10:44 pm

    Great article; resonates with me completely, like reading my own thoughts. Thanks for posting this, Laura.


  2. As if in response to this article, a robin sat right outside our kitchen table window at dinner time. 🙂


  3. Birds get close enough to me. A couple of them built their nest right outside/above my studio! Last night I also dreamed of unexpectedly finding my backyard expanded, and full of caged birds and baby birds. They were all (pet) varieties. The first thought I had was setting them free or taking care of the ones that had nowhere to go. The potential meanings are interesting, especially after reading this (so well timed)! We are “bound” by artificial constructs more than most people realise. But now, the doors are all open.


  4. Beautiful! For some reason your dream also reminds me of: “I know why the caged bird sings.”


  5. I’d never read that before, thank you for the link. Much for me to think about! A dream I’d thought was “random” (and all the subsequent info) has now given me lots to work on!


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    Earthy wisdom and insights help us to fly high and transcend the status quo.


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