Cardinal Grand Cross Insights ~ Liberating Potentials from Facing Denied Darkness

Good info on Tania’s blog, along with the click-throughs. I see this playing out not only on the larger stage in Nevada, but also in individuals as some experience major die-off symptoms of old illnesses or previous limitations. Intense, yes! But this same intensity offers enormous potential for real, lasting change. Every time we get one of these loaded astrological moments, those tensions add extra catapulting force to clear intentions. May we all hold fast to the belief in something better and keep our aim on that better feeling as we fly. Blessings, wisdom, and courage to all….

Tania Marie

Cardinal_Grand_Cross_April_2014Out of one of the most difficult astrological alignments emerges the potentials for profound and potent transformational shifts.

I always prefer the perspective of opportunities, presented from any given experience, rather than focus on the limitations.

With the upcoming Cardinal Grand Cross and Total Lunar Eclipse, which we have been experiencing over the months, and will continue to be prevalent, many speculate as to the effects on what this all means.

As always, go into your own heart space and find the answers to how you would like to work with the energy, but there is the potential for some majorly impactful and long-awaited changes that can manifest from your willingness to go to the heart and core of what really matters, and work with all aspects of yourself – especially the fears and shadows.

If you can see through the surface illusions of what the fears are actually, invaluably…

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  1. Thank you so much for this great post. Not only this grand cardinal cross, but the coming lunar eclise is making the road really bumpy!



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