Why I Cannot Use a Cellphone

This article came through from a reader who prefers to remain anonymous. Her story is not unique, but she offers an articulate description and chronology of wifi and electromagnetic radiation/pollution.

Hi Laura, Here is an article for you to consider sharing. I would prefer that my name not be used, however, for obvious reasons once you read it below. Thanks for your consideration.

Why I Cannot Use a Cellphone

Here is my response to the pending legislation by telecom companies to discontinue landlines. This is being proposed despite the fact that wireless radiation has been classified as a class 2B possible carcinogen by the World Health Organization and a probable carcinogen by the EPA.

I would not be able to function without a landline. Because of the previous cumulative effects of radiation (cell phones and other EMR) on my body from using a cell phone and living 150’ from a disguised cell tower, I can no longer tolerate any sort of prolonged wireless radiation, Wifi or smart meter radiation. I have been forced to live in the outback where there is no cell tower.

I am a PR professional who used a cell phone exclusively for 8 years until it made me dizzy and nauseous whenever I held it to my head. My ear on the side of my head with which I used this cell phone is now permanently numb. I count myself as lucky to have given up this cell phone before I developed a brain tumor. Please note that more and more people are now winning legal battles due to the brain tumor damage they have received from cell phone wireless radiation.

Wireless cell radiation (EMR/RF) is now categorized by the insurance industry as a high risk: A major Swiss insurance industry report featuring emerging risk topics acknowledges recent reports of courts ruling in favor of claimants who have experienced health damage from mobile phones.

People like me are the canaries in the mine shaft. Wireless microwave radiation poisoning has been undeniably shown in 4,000+ peer-reviewed academic studies to damage DNA, destroy the blood/brain barrier, and interfere with the production of melatonin by the pineal gland, along with a host of other effects. Living beings can only handle the effects of radiation so long before their immune system gives out. (See: http://www.EMRActionDay.org/science for a partial selection of scientific studies.)

Because corporate-owned PR firms and media are blocking the flow of this information, I have spent a great deal of time sharing with others the numerous academic studies that prove wireless radiation is toxic. Because of my advocacy work, I have been harassed and threatened by telecom industry shills. However, my ethics and Ivy League education demand that I continue to insist that the truth about cumulative wireless radiation be acknowledged. If we give in any further to this monopoly of money, we will be directly harming the public for all time. You know the tobacco and asbestos stories.

Granted, the companies that make wireless technology are now among the most powerful in the world, making trillions of dollars every year and paying little to no Federal income tax. They use vast PR networks, media/political control, and advertising to hide the proven effects of wireless radiation poisoning from us.

The kicker is that telephone landlines use less than one third as much energy to operate as cell phones do. With 6 billion cell phones, imagine the energy we could save on this planet if we decide to use safe fiber optic hard wiring instead of radiation to communicate with one another.

I am convinced that the unending stream of wireless microwave radiation emitting from millions of cell towers across the planet is contributing significantly to global warming. Now industrial-level WiFi is being installed in the ceilings of classrooms and businesses across America in order to sell massive quantities of wireless technology. However, hard wiring computer technology with fiber optics would be better quality, cheaper to operate, and without the effects of microwave poisoning day in and day out on us and our children.

Alternatives to dangerous wireless technology are disappearing fast. These days it is almost impossible to buy landline phones, cable TV boxes, computer mice and routers, utility meters, etc. etc, that don’t emit wireless radiation. Although there is a large lobby for the needs of the disabled here in America, phone booths are rarely available to the many people like me who have been injured by wireless radiation and cannot use cell phones.

After arriving home recently from vacation, I found out that my mother was on her deathbed. I had tried to check up on her health condition while on vacation, but every phone booth between Southern California and Utah was disconnected or broken. Although I immediately took the red eye to New York to see her, she passed on before I got there. In order to fly to New York, I had to endure a radiation-emitting full body scanner and WiFi emitting from the confines of every airplane. After getting back from my Mom’s funeral, I developed a painful burning condition in my spine for months–another symptom of wireless poisoning.

The phone booths are now all gone. It is inconceivable that the increasing number of people who are being injured by cumulative wireless poisoning could function without landlines. Do not take away the landlines so trillion dollar companies can make a few more bucks. And although cell phones are touted as great for emergencies, landlines are the only device that will still work when the power goes out.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this Laura. I feel fortunate to be an early-onset canary who received plenty of undeniable intuitional nudges a few years ago to ditch my cellphone before it did serious damage. Judging from the reactions I get from others, it will be tough getting people to give them up, especially young people who have never spoken on a “real” phone (hehehe.) But as more and more stories like this emerge perhaps a dent will be made in people’s heads instead of a tumor.


  2. Posted by mia on April 7, 2014 at 12:35 am

    Hello Laura~
    I just went to a very informative film viewing and talk at the University of North Carolina, called ‘Take Back Your Power’:

    They recommended some websites to inform and support people through the process of trying to remove smart meters, and to also become part of a movement:
    stopsmartmeters.org and freedomtaker.com
    At FreedomTaker.com you can download some documents for free, to fill out and send to the utility company, to start the process of trying to have your meter removed. You can also purchase a kit to install your own analog meter.
    Here’s a quick video I found interesting too:

    Maybe you’ve already heard of these resources, but I just wanted to pass along what I have newly learned. Thanks for all the informative and abundant information you share here- this is where I first heard of smart meters. And now I begin the process of trying to get mine removed!!


  3. Posted by mia on April 7, 2014 at 12:38 am

    p.s., sorry if this is too much information to post in your reply section- I am still new to computers and computer etiquette- I was supprised to see these youtube screens and not just a link!


  4. Thanks, Raven and Mia for sharing a bit more here. Mia, it’s not TMI. I’m sure it will help some people, so thank you for including the links/videos!


  5. Posted by Sunny on April 7, 2014 at 7:51 pm

    I ditched my cell phone 6 months ago after watching the documentary Resonance. Our brains are certainly being damaged from cell phones and wireless technology while the info is being kept from us. I agree with Raven that people think it’s crazy not to have a cell phone. It’s going to be hard to wean them but if the Resonance documentary is accurate children are going to be seen with brain tumors from having cell phones at much too young an age. They’ve had access approx. 10 years now so the signs should be appearing. Sad but true. I have gotten an orgone generator to help with my laptop which I am going to replace asap. Thanks for posting this. Knowledge is power!


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