NaturalNews – S.D. Wells – New Monsanto Non-GMO Strains Of Produce Are A Ploy To Confuse Public Between Hybrid And GMO – 31 March 2014

Important information about Monsanto’s “organic” and “hybrid” ploys. Also, a heads up, and I’ve confirmed this with Burpee: their organic line of seeds is Monsanto’s Seminis brand. Burpee claims to be anti-GMO, but if you buy their organic seeds or plants grown from their organic seeds, then you are indirectly supporting Monsanto. For truly heirloom seeds, I suggest Victory Seeds, Seed Savers Exchange, D. Landreth, Baker Creek ( or individual/small company seed savers who specify their commitment to organic and heritage varieties. Here is Burpee’s official stance on GMO’s and Monsanto: . They are not owned by Monsanto, and they do not sell GMO’s; however, they do state, at the above link: “The list of companies that buy from the garden seed department of Seminis, now a very tiny business activity of Monsanto, is long and includes most of the high quality seed sellers, as well as Burpee.” Just an FYI, in addition to the information in the Natural News article. I, for one, intend to starve the Beast by growing and eating real food with no connection to Monsatan.

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Naturalnews-Logo2 (NaturalNews) The term hybrid , which you’ll often see in seed catalogs, refers to a plant variety developed through specific, controlled cross-breeding between two parent plants. Usually, these are naturally compatible within the same species. This is the kind of hybridization that takes place naturally in the wild. All plant breeders who respect Mother Nature simply “steer the process” to control the outcome. This not a GMO; in other words, this normal hybrid would not be the result of genetic “engineering,” or modification, of organisms for agricultural profits at the risk of human health.

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  1. I have run into internet trolls who are also trying to conflate “hybrid” and “GMO”. On the “Giza Death Star” site (Joe Farrell’s blog) there is an obvious troll who does this, or rather attempts to do it – most of the readers on that site are not that gullible.



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