Planning This Year’s Garden

We’re approaching garden time in the Northern Hemisphere! I just bought an indoor grow light system that we can start in our basement. Last summer, I found that it was too hot to plant many of my fall/winter crops, and with this winter’s brutal temperatures, I want to give my plants a longer indoor start before spring planting. A very sunny window also helps. I started tomatoes, chard and kale indoors last year, but this year our indoor plants have claimed that Southern window space as their own. Here are some good videos and links to whet your appetite.

Click here to estimate your last frost date, so that this video makes sense. The video also includes information on which plants do well with an indoor start and which ones do best waiting for in the ground planting. If you have a cold frame, then you can begin growing earlier and continue later into the fall.

Tips: using cinnamon and/or chamomile tea helps to ensure that plants don’t “damp off” or get fungal growth from the indoors conditions. This video offers some basic seed starting tips:

Preparing to garden in droughts by using ollas (oy-yuh’s):

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