NaturalNews – Ethan A. Huff – FDA Unleashes Despotic Food Safety War Targeting Organic Farms – 5 March 2014

Hurray for the Food “Safety” “Modernization” Act that could make one nostalgic for the Dark Ages when serfs could at least garden organically. Yet another Act/Treaty for purging magick/toilet flushing, right up there with the highly related Codex Alimentarius. One workaround to the manure restrictions would be worm castings, which I keep advocating in our town as a solution to the ever encroaching regulations on food. Um, CAFO’s (confined animal feeding operations), which largely get a free pass with the FSMA, are the really dangerous and unethical farms. I don’t see the FDA targeting them. Hmmmm, could it be LOBBIES? Bribes? A criminal desire to control all land and resources, including humans? Well, gee whiz, that sounds like conspiracy theory. No need for theories when you can see this stuff playing out right in front of your eyes. If you’re not already involved in trying to get food sovereignty laws or protections for local gardeners and organic farmers, now would be a great time to do so at the local level. It’s also a great time to network with like-minded people so that you can band together if the FDA comes knocking (oh, right, they don’t knock; they just barge in) at your local farmers’ doors. Whether through city planners, city councils or local rights activists, we need to reclaim our own authority and control over what we grow and what we eat. Enough of this!

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Naturalnews-Logo2 (NaturalNews) The provisions guiding the infamous Food Safety Modernization Act are slowly starting to come into effect, and many small-scale farmers across the United States are discovering that they are the primary targets of an oppressive new food safety war being waged by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) against America’s food producers.

The Los Angeles Times reports that federal agents are now showing up on farmers’ doorsteps and notifying them that techniques they have long used to grow clean, healthy food will soon be prohibited under federal law. Such techniques include using compost and recycled animal waste to fertilize crops, as well as irrigating from open creeks and streams.

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  1. Private comment from a reader:

    Please also instruct your readers that the stupid laws like the “wild swine” law in Michigan protecting CAFO’s has a great deal to do with a Right-wing organization known as the American Legislative Exchange Council, which writes laws it wants passed in “Red” states like Indiana and Michigan.

    I wondered for years why my Indiana state senators and representatives always talked “folksy” yet passed laws that benefited multinational corporations – until I learned they attended ALEC meetings to instruct them in the laws the members of ALEC wanted passed. (That’s a simplified way of putting it, but the facts are there – try looking at the website for Center for Media and Democracy – they have an ALEC-Watch section.)

    Good luck! (I always send a copy of the things my state senator, who is a corporate farmer, sends me as a constituent, to ALEC Watch or similar organizations, to inform them of how laws, like “Right to Farm,” are being presented in Indiana.)



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