Fear or Flowers? Love in the Time of Transmutation

Pick a headline, any headline: WW3, worldwide famine, corporations poisoning all waters, Civil War, global financial collapse, global warming, global Ice Age, “mutually assured destruction” … you name it, we’ve got it. The question is, what do we intend to do with it?

I recently posted at the end of a gardening article: I truly believe all the challenges facing our world today offer opportunities to return to our Divine connection, spiritual tools and natural abilities. Faery tales — great repositories of truth — describe so many situations in which people with pure hearts receive even the most impossible gifts. People say with scorn, “Oh, that’s just a fairy tale, a myth,” in order to dismiss something as ridiculous. I could not disagree more. Our weakness, disconnection and “need” to struggle are the biggest lies ever told. Faery tales, folklore, ballads, and myths — real ones, not Disney — give us clues and wisdom for a return to more magical lives.

If you want to fill your imagination and creative capacity with disastrous details, symbols and images, then plenty of websites, newspapers and media options will help you do just that. If you want to distract yourself while remaining unconsciously committed to the slaughterhouse path, plenty of “reality” TV shows, smart phone app’s, fashion catalogs and gossip rags will help you do just that.

But what if you want to transmute the negativity into something positive? What if you want to imagine something preferable and supercharge your imaginings into form? I wrote an email to a friend this morning with the title “globally curious.” That email included the following excerpt:

I keep seeing this since 2013, but much more so in the past month — service to self and defiantly ignorant or defiantly abusive people are being given a chance to recognize what they’re doing and to choose to correct the mistake in this moment, with no consequences so long as they truly shift. It’s like the universe is saying, “It’s decision time. Are you SURE you want to go down that path? Are you SURE, because this decision really matters.” As in, the decision creates matter.

It always reminds me of the Hopi Prophecy that every living being will be given a choice before the Red Star Kachina, the purifier, comes. Of all the prophecies, that one seems most to be playing out right now. Those who return to the old ways will find Gaia magically transformed through great chaos, but they will be untouched by the chaos themselves. I just feel this happening, and I see it with clients, stories about their relationships, observe online at [various] sites, and even my David has witnessed some absurdly obvious versions of this at work. El Mundo Malo or El Mundo Bueno.

Which do you choose?

Here in Goshen, while we face an uncharacteristically brutal winter, we’ve got unexpected flowers inside. You can see them reaching towards the outside world — offering glimpses of color and beauty in an otherwise white, grey and frozen land:

flowering geraniums

Inside the curtains, we see lush green foliage and just the hint of those red flowers shining possibility to a barren world. We know the flowers exist, so those outside our faery haven receive even more brilliant flashes to remind them of what’s possible. Does anyone from the nearby apartments ever open their blinds to see those flowers? I don’t know, but for now … in the bleakest winter … those flowers will remain in that window offering an alternative:


I saw this video on Rumor Mill News the other night, and I loved the video, as well as the comments, included below. Fear or Flowers? Love in the Time of Transmutation. All is possible when we remember who we are and allow love to empower our creations:

“With all the talk of war now, this post is very appropriate. Let’s remember who we are folks, we are all one.



Strangers Are Just Friends Who Haven’t Met Yet

“Touching Strangers, it’s the monograph taken by photographer Richard Renaldi (renaldi.com) that is slated to be released by the Aperture Foundation in Spring of 2014. In creating this work of art, Richard roamed the streets of New York City in search of random strangers that he would publicly bring together for intimate photos. As odd as this may sound, some of the end results revealed in this news story may truly amaze you… ”

“Many of you may have been already familiar with this news story or the work of Richard Renaldi as the video has been circulating the internet for over half a year now. I wanted to quickly share it now to share what parts of it truly stood out for me.

“In this world, especially I find in North America, so many of us have become so accustomed to becoming lost in our own world. We walk the streets of busy downtown cores or suburban shopping malls and we choose to isolate ourselves to our electronic devices or even more prominently the perpetual rush – the walk where any form of eye contact with a stranger is unwanted and desperately avoided. What I loved the most about the work of Richard Renaldi was that with each set of strangers that he brought together he directly challenged what so many of us define as comfortable. Even though many verbal and body cues initially showed a level of discomfort and/or nervousness for many involved, this not only quickly faded but never seemed to impact the genuineness of the captured picture.

“For me, this reminded me of the incredible interconnectedness that we all share with one another on the planet. I truly believe that as different as we may be, we all carry within us the ability to connect and be comfortable with even the most intimidating of “strangers.” Be sure to check out and stay posted to Richard’s website for more information on Touching Strangers once it is released. In the meantime be sure to share the video, which the news reporter summed up perfectly when he said,

…He shows us humanity as it could be, as most of us wish it would be, and as it was at least for this one fleeting moment in time. [Source]”

Another reader submitted this comment, with subject line, “This is so cool!”

“Hi, everyone, this is where we are actually going. I’ve been living in a neighborhood for over 3 years and have only met three people in the neighborhood. My next door neighbor and I share lawn mowing and snow duties. My other next door neighbor is rarely seen and even though I have cleared snow from his walk, in three years he has never done mine.

“This is the America most of experience in these times. If the SHTF tomorrow, we will either turn to each other or run the risk of perishing alone in our homes when the guy next door has a hydroponic farm in his basement that would feed everyone on the block. Get my drift?

“We have to travel in this direction (of making new friends often) even while recognizing that we are living the way the cabal have designed for us. And that should make us angry. Angry enough to shake hands with a stranger?

“Best regards, everyone

I know this world looks bleak to the logical mind, but what about to the human heart? What about to the artist’s inner eye? What about the potential for love and beauty? I had a dream the other week, and at the very end of the dream, someone handed me a lotus blossoming from the mud. As I accepted this lotus into my own hands the alarm beeped, anchoring that vision in my imagination. When I opened my eyes, I saw a pink rectangle of light hovering above my crystals — with no external source of that light. It lasted only a moment, but again, that rosy rectangle has anchored itself in my imagination as a window into a rosier world.

As Jon Rappoport reminds us:

“Many wonderful things can be done with logic. Don’t leave home without it. Don’t analyze information without it.

“But art and imagination are of another universe(s). They can deploy logic, but they can also invent in any direction without limit, and they can embrace contradiction. They can build worlds in which space and time and energy are quite different.

“Magic is nothing more and nothing less than imagination superseding this universe. Magic occurs when imagination takes this reality for a ride.”

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  1. Posted by Debee B. on March 2, 2014 at 6:00 pm

    Thanks Laura for these great blog posts… they keep me on the right track!



  2. Posted by erica on March 2, 2014 at 6:16 pm

    My hand has been drawn to the back of my head recently, to that soft point right above the neck, I think wanting to draw energy up (from a primal center?) to my forehead area. It’s happened many times, sometimes it feels very sensitive. When I do, I sometimes touch a wavelength of comfort.

    I am reminded of a passage from the book Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins about ‘floral consciousness’ as our next evolutionary step. He contrasts the reptilian brain, which he describes as a fearful impetus of self-preservation, with the “floral”, what he describes as our most recent evolutionary development: highly sensitive to light and correlated with states of love and illumination.

    When I put a lavender petal to my ear, I can hear them singing. There is something not only life affirming and loving about flowers, but something very intelligent and aware. A dinosaur in a party hat walks by, not bothering to feed.



  3. You’re welcome, Debee! Glad these posts help. We’ve got so much opportunity right now. 🙂

    Erica, I LOVE your comment! I, too, have felt the urge to hold that part of my neck/head, and I’ve had more flower synchronicities than those I’ve mentioned in this post — perfumers, beekeepers and gardeners for recent clients, plus various books I’m reading. 🙂 I love the last line, too: “A dinosaur in a party hat walks by, not bothering to feed.”



  4. Posted by James G on March 2, 2014 at 11:11 pm

    Awesome Laura! The myths speak but very few can hear them. If like sleeping beauty we could all wake up the female side of our consciousness this world would take a turn for the better. So many myths speak of using your whole conscious not just the male side we are programmed to use. Flowers speak volumes in the myths of both sacred female and male. My yard is full of every flower you can grow in the state of KY and I’m anxiously waiting for spring. We just need to take the myths and listen to them. Use the male wisdom(the sword) and female wisdom(the cup) and use them together. Even in Harry Potter they bring up Nicholas Flamel an alchemist that got the philosophers stone or sorcerers stone;)



    • James, thank you for these great observations! I am loving how others unpack what seem like simple messages and symbols. I look forward too all our flowers, too! Thanks for sharing your wisdom.



  5. Posted by sunshinelaj on March 3, 2014 at 1:07 pm

    Wow Laura! Thank you for sharing this blows my mind away. We are taught from when we were kids not to speak to strangers and here is this photographer capturing a moment of humbleness toward each other and what could be a moment of meeting someone new without fear. A moment of connection and realizing we are all one. The other comments here are very insightful, as well. Thank you! Flowers for all 🙂



    • Yes, isn’t it wild? The more we look, the more we realize that everything we’ve ever been taught is so 180 from how we really are! Flowers for all … what a lovely thought to begin my Monday. 🙂



  6. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:

    Time for this one to go up again. I just received an email that may represent more than just Michael’s feelings right now: “ISIS, are we kidding? … And ‘the POPE’ declares WW III ? W T F ? I am getting more and more confused and lost and was hoping you might be able to suggest something for me to do or read or create or hope for or I don’t know … I am Michael, nice to meet you.”

    Please read the reblogged post from March 2014, especially watching the video that shows humanity AS IT COULD BE. Know that WE have the power to direct our own narratives. The tragic theater in Paris is still theater. What part do you intend to play in this world? Because you do have agency.

    And don’t forget about the TPP. This Paris drama provides perfect cover for Congress and other governments to sneak this into law. May their phones ring off the hook; may their email servers get so many “Vote NO on TPP” messages that they finally realize that WE know. WE know, and we will hold them accountable. TPP is treason. In this time of chaos, exert your own preferred order, not the psychopaths.

    “Magic is nothing more and nothing less than imagination superseding this universe. Magic occurs when imagination takes this reality for a ride.” ~ Jon Rappoport

    May the Force be with you!

    Blessed Be … and be the blessing



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