Lance White, “Zany Mystic” ~ How to Raise and Validate Vibration

Today we have a guest post by Lance White, aka “Zany Mystic.” He shares some valuable insights and reminders — in particular, that “we are all awakening right now.” “There is no ‘false morality,’ good or bad involved. The choices revolve around the intent. If one’s desire or intent is to fully awaken, then that which we do that keeps us asleep is something that will come up over and over and over, until we thoroughly examine it, process and move on.” I would also add that we each have very different ideas of what constitutes “awakening,” and some processes may be mutually exclusive with both parties feeling extremely grateful for their own, very different chosen path. One person’s definition of “low vibrational hell” may be another’s definition of “enlightenment,” and vice versa. For now. As Lance says, getting stuck in judgment serves no one.

We live in a vast Multiverse, capable of offering all varieties of experiences. Though it sounds like trite philosophy, I was recently reminded again that we cannot assume there is one, definitive, preferred version of reality. Not everyone wants freedom of choice, even if that means liberation from the things they claim to fear. Most people actually prefer fewer options to infinite ones, because accepting responsibility for infinite choices terrifies and overwhelms them to the point of scorn, ridicule, or even rage. For now.

Sometimes the mirroring process Lance describes below simply indicates “not a vibrational match.” That mismatch need not include any judgment either way, but when one or both parties attempts to mediate too large of a mismatch, then both parties lower their vibration.

Soooo, if you find yourself attracting both irate/aggressive/challenging and blessed/joyful/understanding encounters, observe with whom you’re having each type of encounter. Pay attention to your feelings about each person. When your vibration begins to rise/expand, you will often attract the wrath of or betrayal by someone who represents what you’re moving away from, while simultaneously attracting some kind of wonderful validation from someone you’ve long admired. The negative encounters often rattle us so much that we forget to appreciate our Universe’s impeccable timing as we continue to dance and twirl through Life.

“Not a vibrational match” to one thing or person always brings with it the chance to observe what and whom we do match. If we like that new match, then we’re moving in our intended direction. If we receive indications that we’re not a vibrational match with someone who represents what and how we do wish to live, then we would be wise to reevaluate. Do we really want that in our lives? If not, then it’s not a match. Time to move on. If we do still feel deep longing to experience that level of awareness or mode of being, then what areas might need additional release and tweaking? Appropriate action will proceed from this new found clarity.

Here’s Lance:

How to Raise and Validate Vibration
By Lance White, aka “Zany Mystic”


This is one of the most important questions that we can and do have, which was asked in the Galactic History Discussion Group on Facebook recently. Below is my reply, which is a “first blush” response, and by no means can it begin to cover even a fragment; but, it does open the dialogue. Enjoy!

There is so much info describing how to raise your vibration, what are the signs that tell us we have raised our vibration to a higher level?

Good question! One of the ways is to use the “self-referencing system” of mirroring, which the Essenes perfected. The basic idea is this: everything we experience is a mirror of our own “vibration”. The more we release our own dark shadow aspects, the lighter and less dense. Feeding the lower vibrations opens more doors to repeating. Many situations that “recur” or recycle, are there as spirals of similar events we have already been through – on a higher or lower level. In a descending spiral, our lives continue to decline. An example might be addictions – sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. Nothing wrong with those things in themselves, except they can become traps. How many people do we know “trapped” in abusive relationships, horrible jobs, alcoholism, drug abuse, etc. These are all patterns coming up to experience and choose. The problem is the repetition creates a pattern, which becomes a groove, which becomes a descending spiral.

There is a neutral space and a positive spiral, which “ascends” when the person clears and processes lower frequency choices. We usually know when we’re “choosing the higher”, because it’s often the most difficult. Letting go of the mirror of an abusive relationship, one example. The mirror changes for the better, when we learn to love ourselves, the most difficult lesson here, it seems! I’ve seen many with addictions literally turn their lives around, and vice versa. A roller coaster of experiences, to be sure. There is no “false morality”, good or bad involved. The choices revolve around the intent. If one’s desire or intent is to fully awaken, then that which we do that keeps us asleep is something that will come up over and over and over, until we thoroughly examine it, process and move on. If one was abused in childhood, the most common occurrence here, this entails a lot of forgiveness. The easiest way to tell for me is usually how much friction is being mirrored back at me? A day full of angry drivers, mad people at the store, insults or problems, is a warning signal that I need to look at my own vibration and see what I MAY be stuffing that wants to manifest in “the mirror”.

When the mirror is showing me positive feedback, it’s like landing lights on a runway. The “feedback loops” are positive and showing a higher vibration. At some point, by taking the “higher, more difficult road”, the lower fades into the distance. Like walking up a hiking trail, from a busy city, we become “entranced” by the beauty and spirit of nature, taking delight in the smallest of things, as the spirit of life reveals itself to us, along the way…

Joy, bubbling happiness, loving self-talk, energy, flowing synchronicity, productivity, ease, desire to expand in loving ways, inspirations and creativity. Calm. Seeing beauty.

Excellent, K! A higher vibrational state shifts us out of feelings like isolation, loneliness, fear, depression, apathy, disconnectedness, etc. We feel connected to everything, loving, peaceful, inspired, motivated, energetic, surrounded by friends that include all life forms seen and unseen, synchronicity appears more frequently, we’re “in the flow”, the world seems to roll out a magic carpet, wherever we go…

This question is vital for all of us, in our “awakening process”. It is a process which has ups and downs, recurring spirals, traps, chutes and mazes! We are not yet Fully Conscious Beings. To clarify: we are all in an “awakening process”, which is a continuum, that is not linear, but is multi-dimensional and through consciousness, ever-expanding. Some are “a bit faster or ahead”, others appear to be closer to walking zombies. In the overall “scheme of things”, relating to larger cycles of time, which are all nested “out of time and space”, the differences are non-existent. Those who become smug at being “leaders or way showers” may not realize the relative insignificance of the timing. We cannot “see” or truly know what the Higher Self of anyone else is doing with the extension that’s in this earthly maze. This is why judgment is impractical – it holds our own frequency down, and keeps us from ascending within. It’s worse, when we’re right, since being right creates false righteousness, an even denser emotion to become dis-entangled with.

I was contemplating other ways to know, and this is part of the “knowing” that one is in a higher vibration: when we can go into nature and be still… without paying attention to the endless chatter in our minds, which is the machinery grinding away relentlessly, the stillness opens us up to the Subtle Vibrations. For example, go into a park or back yard, into nature; listen. Just listen. Be still. Thank the voices for sharing and watch them leave your mind space. Now, tune into the sounds… most likely, if you’re not in a city, this is easy – there are birds chattering! Tune into the sounds of nature and just be with it, listening. Hear the sounds. Do you think that the Blue Jay is speaking Chinese, while the Robin is talking in Latin? All the different voices understand one another. There is no “Tower of Babel” in nature! That is a mind creation. There are no separations between the human heart, right? The heart of a Japanese, a Russian, an American, a straight a gay, etc., all beat to a similar tune and are “fired” by the same Source energy. Period. No distinctions. The same Source keeps a cabal member or banker alive. An open heart “communes” with like vibrations.

Our hearts are aligned with the beating heart of the planet, a living Being having its own process of awakening, which in tune beats to the beat of the Sun, the Galactic Center, etc. What is different is what we are “tuned TO”. The frequencies of higher vibrations cannot be heard with a heart that has no feeling. A being without conscience doesn’t “hear” pain and suffering, as there is no empathy. By tuning, developing Empathy, which requires some stillness and most important, Listening – this is how we can “tune” and hear, without our physical ears, the song of life, the songs of the planets and the Universe. It is subtle. If you’re tuned to building your own Empire, accumulating vast wealth, then that has a certain vibration. It excludes organic, subtle realms. This is why the EU and corporations can literally bulldoze small, organic farms and promote GMO and chemicals. No conscience or empathy. We can directly see what that vibration produces, as “fruit”.

Nature requires certain “protocols or etiquette”. To the nature spirits, we are like bulldozers that stomp through their beautiful creations, unconscious and unaware, tossing cans, bottles and junk out the windows of our cars, which we use to further distance ourselves from all there is to be experienced. Many drive from shopping malls to work, park in huge garages, then go to the store to get processed dead food, to begrudgingly cook for members of our human family that now are a “task” at some level. Work is dreaded, lives have become a horrible movement from one inorganic place to another, in vibrations that assault the senses and shut down the subtle senses. I’m not talking about those here, who know this, I’m saying that for most of the humans on earth, the choices have been reduced to existing, not LIVING fully and communing. This is a process that requires both “doing and non-doing”, but most of all it requires deep levels of honesty and truthfulness within.

So, tune to the birds…they all understand one another and surprisingly, they “get” us too! There are no language barriers in silence. This is where we can meet “in the middle” and strengthen our empathic and telepathic skills! They work in the field of consciousness, so expand your field to embrace, from the heart, all life. We can ask questions, admire, share our heartfelt appreciation…these are ways to commune – which are not attempts to control nature, it is a collaboration with, not a separation from and domination of. But first, we must learn to take our “bulldozer mentality” and energy, which is overwhelming, and bring it down a few notches! Ever notice how nature RUNS and HIDES from us? There’s a reason. Vibration. Like Anastasia, we should be able to walk outside and the birds, squirrels, deer, etc., will come to us without fear. When we have no vibrations of anger, negativity or “wanting something from” within, walking in peace and harmony, that is when nature opens its loving doors and heart to us. Walk softly amongst the spirits… and listen.

Another heart,

Lance White, “Zany Mystic”

7 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mary on February 27, 2014 at 3:23 pm

    Thank you Laura, as always, perfect timing. Last October I tried to engage with a women’s only group. It had the predictable story arc – scared at first, then great, then horrible. I found myself increasingly overwhelmed with frantic and frazzled energy and the longer I was a part of it, seemed the worse I got. I made a decision to part when I made the mistake of seeking support (I say with some lingering bitterness). It’s a totally repeating thing for me, since day one! I continually attempt to engage in groups hoping that ‘this time it will be different’ in order to re-write my story, but it always turns out the same. I end up leaving feeling 10 times lower in vibration than when I started, isolating, upset.

    Seems like a double whammy of me taking on other people’s stuff (adult survivor of a narcissistic abuser) AND replaying group rejection wound. My inner family of subselves just freaks out, especially if there is anyone there that reminds me of the wounds my family had growing up (which I absorbed into me in an effort to protect myself from them). After a few phone calls I was so deeply triggered.

    Well, after parting, I can say I feel so much better. So much more quiet inside, so much less frantic, like my alarms have quieted. I woke up happier today than I’ve been in a while. No nightmares last night, feeling a good night’s sleep. Is that my parts relaxing because they no longer have to resist growth or is that a validation I made the *right* choice for me? I felt my vibratory state raise up a bit?

    This story keeps bringing up a picture that went around on the internet for a bit of of a poor donkey so over loaded by his cart he is lifted in the air, immobilized.

    I’m not entirely certain what lesson this is teaching me! I know I was advised that group interaction really just isn’t my thing – astrological aspects in my chart strongly point to keeping things on a one-on-one level, the advice suggested I might want to stay in that lane. Am I just trying to force myself into a mold that maybe really doesn’t suit me or am I resisting growth that will allow me to be a participant in a group? Maybe that group wasn’t the right group? Maybe I’m just not cut out for groups? Maybe I’m in massive avoidance? All of the above?

    Thanks for allowing me the space to vent. 🙂



    • Hi Mary,
      Thank you for giving a good example of this internal process and the kinds of questions we might ask ourselves. As per your email, I know you’re posing the questions and brainstorming, not seeking direct answers from myself or others. This IS the kind of self awareness that begins the journey towards peace, self acceptance and eventually self love. Can we love ourselves enough to honor our own preferences and experiences as valid, regardless of what others or society say we “should” feel? A sometimes difficult, but also highly rewarding journey. 🙂 Many blessings! Laura



  2. great post and i felt it mirrored some of what i shared in my birthday post. collective synchronicity again 😉



  3. Posted by Mary on February 28, 2014 at 2:48 pm

    Sharing more of my journey on this… It occurred to me this morning that perhaps I create the dramatic ending, conjuring up unpleasant experiences, where my inner family of subselves throws a massive fit (perhaps that’s the only way they feel heard). Why? Because I’m not sure I’m able to honor my preferences simply because they are my preferences. Like I can’t just say “I don’t care for this so I will allow myself to not participate”, it can’t be as simple as that because maybe somehow I think I don’t deserve it. There has to be the escalation to some blowout, some great offense that happens to *justify* my turning away.

    This makes so much sense to me. I can see the mirror of it. I feel unvalidated and unheard within the group, until I throw a fit, not unlike a few of my inner subselves. Its like this (and many other) situations are a mirror of me not listening to myself, not honoring my preferences or calmly working out why a preference is a preference and if it’s something I need/want to change.

    You know, it’s pretty amazing the idea that we will get a dose of exactly what we are walking away from. Yesterday, two incidents occurred along the vein of others asking something of me I was not really comfortable doing. I almost fell into the same cycle but in the nick of time I was able to recognize what was happening. I quietly checked in with myself, saw that I was not OK with the request, then asserted my preference (at least in the first incident, the second I just didn’t cave but was not able to say ‘backoff’). I still need practice but somehow I think that won’t be a problem. 😉

    I now see an opportunity for me to work with my inner family and to really listen and honor myself. The more I do, the more self trust I can create and, I hope, less fits will be thrown. 🙂

    Thanks again Laura for providing a platform on which I might share parts of my process.



    • Thank YOU, Mary! This idea of not honoring (or even being aware of) one’s true preferences comes up over and over in sessions. Your insight is sooo right on. The times I recognize this most in people are when a) they get fired from a job they secretly hated or dumped by a person they hadn’t allowed themselves to leave, and b) when some major health crisis “rescues” them from a job or lifestyle that their soul simply could not stand anymore. You’re really onto something here. 🙂



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