7 Discernment Reminders

This one needs to go up again.

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As the veils come down, more smoke and mirrors vie to take their place. I feel called to post some reminders for people to use when evaluating the truth or intentions of any Movement, press release, religion, financial system or community group — not to make you paranoid, just some reminders to keep your wits about you in this age of coup counter coup.

BTW, “coup counter coup” can refer to government or other authority replacement, but it can also refer to what happens to your brain when it sloshes around your skull causing brain injury even with no external impact. A symbolism worth considering in this psyop infused world… 😉

1) Desperation short-circuits Discernment. If you’re feeling like you need an external Savior, one will likely appear, but please beware that Desperation will cloud your own lie detectors as well as lower your vibration enough to attract less helpful…

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  1. Posted by brad on February 10, 2014 at 6:28 pm

    Great article; sage advice.


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