Learning Spanish with the Pimsleur Approach ~ Update

Some people have asked how I like my Pimsleur Approach Spanish lessons. Muy bien, gracias!

Although I did not learn enough Spanish in 10 days to make my way around a foreign country, I did learn enough in about 30 days. I took the suggestion of exercising for 30 minutes while learning my new language, and I think that may have slowed down my progress a bit. The one time I sat in a chair instead of bouncing on the rebounder, I flew through my lesson. Nonetheless, I love multitasking with the language, because how often can you control your foreign language environment to ideal conditions with zero distractions? Plus, my lymph system and lungs love the winter time exercise.

The CD’s instruct you to listen and repeat until you can follow along correctly at least 80% of the time. I aimed for 95% of the time, which is partly why it took me an average of three repeats per CD to pass. I also skipped a day or two here and there, because my brain got tired in the beginning. If you miss more than two days in a row, you’re supposed to begin again, so I never missed beyond two days.

Overall, I really like the method! I’ve also realized that I knew more Spanish than I thought, just from living in the 21st century US. Hearing Spanish conversations and learning some of the vocabulary has allowed me to plug and play with isolated words I picked up from Sesame Street, attending a high school with 35% Puerto Rican students, getting sucked into the occasional Spanish soap opera while waiting in various offices, and reading bilingual signs on buses and trains in Chicago. David used to fly internationally for work, and he’s taken many flights through Miami International Airport. As a result, he knows passable “travel” Spanish, too, so we can joke around a bit while making dinner or getting ready in the morning.

I also appreciate the Pimsleur Approach coming on CD’s, as I already have requests from local people who’d like to learn Spanish, too. I like that they come in packages that you can loan to friends or colleagues who might not otherwise follow through on their desire to learn another language. I just received my next full batch of Level 1 lessons, and if those go well, then I will likely proceed at least to Spanish Level 2.

I would definitely recommend the Pimsleur Approach. Look around for deals online. Different companies offer different specials, MP3 options and/or CDs, so check around to find the best match for your needs.


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