Laura Walker (Oracle Report) ~ The Brighter Side of Eris

This video presents Laura Walker (author of ) giving an introduction/additional insights into her article that I posted yesterday. She talks about the powerful seeding and intention potential of the Eris archetypal energy — an energy that also offers positive and benevolent outcomes. This talk goes right along with my intro to the Oracle Report article, “Mars, Eris and Katy Perry, or How the Illuminati are Poised to Strike and Why They Will Fail (Part 1).” I keep reminding people: “Where there is fear, there is power.” Instead of freaking out and just accepting the negative co-opting of such energies, we can learn how to maximize them for the Highest Good of All.

As I responded to a comment on that article regarding a possible connection between the name Hecate and Katy:

Names and goddess traditions always interest me, because, of course, history comes to us primarily from the victors/controllers. I don’t work with Hecate, but some research indicates that originally she was considered a very powerful and ***benevolent triple goddess. In Celtic mythology, the Morrigan would be the closest, though not identical personage — goddess of sovereignty and the land. One can certainly imagine why conquerors would want to demonize a homeland’s goddess of sovereignty and the land!

Given the extreme patriarchal nature of Christianity, as well as the conquests of the “Holy” Roman Empire, I take descriptions of “the most evil” goddesses with a grain of salt. Fears of retribution or of eternal damnation acted (and still act) as effective guardians to the Mysteries. I don’t in any way condone practicing black magic — imposing control over another’s free will for personal gain, murder, etc. — however, the big, bad, scariest goddesses always interest me in that those writing history were those who clearly derived advantages from separating people from long held faiths and relationships with powerful images/motifs/goddesses. “Where there is fear, there is power” usually does hold true. What one chooses to do with such power makes a big difference.

IMHO, the reason so many of these “Dark” goddesses continue to be associated with black magic is because certain controllers have run smear campaigns in order to monopolize those energies. Thus, they HAVE BECOME associated with black magic, but that wasn’t their original role or intent. As with the spirit of money, the co-opted suffer as well as those deprived of the purer intents. Loving reclamation of our Shadows both heals and purifies.

Laura Walker explains how and why trying to control this Eris energy will backfire on the would-be controllers. “The innate goodness in humanity rises above this and sees through it.”

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  1. Posted by Kieron on February 1, 2014 at 2:44 pm

    Laura, have you ever read Starhawk’s book “Dreaming the Dark”? Or another book of hers, “Truth or Dare”? They’re useful for examining power, its use and abuse, and all its manifestations, and in fact I should re-read them since it’s been 20+ years since I first stumbled on them. Those two books, plus “The Spiral Dance,” were instrumental in prying me out of a generic, comfortable churchianity, and projecting me into an exploration of the ways of my pre-Christian, cattle-rustling ancestors who regarded cows as currency. 🙂 As it happens, I attended a largely Roman Catholic university, but out in the woods and across the lake, there is a little chapel called Stella Maris. On the footpath to the chapel, there was (back then, dunno if it’s still there) a tiny shrine to the Virgin. Underneath the little statue of Mary, someone had written in black marker: God Is A Woman. It was later covered in white paint but you could still faintly see the writing. That was all the initiation I needed. I found “The Spiral Dance” in the campus library, and it was all uphill from there. 🙂

    Happy Imbolc! The days are visibly longer! 😀



    • Hi Kieron, thanks for more of your story and the book recommendations. I have read The Spiral Dance, The Fifth Sacred Thing and also own the Pagan Book of Death and Dying (I think that’s the title). I haven’t read those other two. I did, however, watch the fabulous series, now on YouTube: When God Was a Woman. Very insightful! Happy Imbolc and Blessed Be. 🙂



  2. Posted by brad on February 1, 2014 at 3:16 pm

    “Systems that are based on nature, that are in goodness and beauty, and uphold the values of freedom ….” Sounds good to me, sign me up. Love the way this woman thinks, and glad I heard this. Thanks for posting.



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